WWE Wrestlemania Predictions: 5 early Predictions for Wrestlemania 37

WWE Wrestlemania Predictions: WWE Wrestlemania 37th is all set with the match card almost completed. The 2-day event will bring out a lot of hot rivalries from RAW as well as Smackdown.

The first night will witness Drew McIntyre reaching for the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley whereas night 2 will witness Roman Reigns defending his WWE Universal title against Daniel Bryan and Edge.
The 2 day event will include lots of chaos to digest which is why our suggestion is to sit back and enjoy.

Here are 5 predictions for Wrestlemania 37th:

Drew McIntyre reclaims the WWE Championship:

This Wrestlemania, Drew McIntyre might reclaim the WWE title and become the three time WWE Champion by defeating Bobby Lashley. Drew McIntyre proved to be a worthy opponent after his wins against the mighty Beast Brock Lesnar and also Goldberg.

Bobby Lashley, out of spite, put a bounty on Drew’s head and asked the RAW roster to attack Drew McIntyre where the winner would be awarded with the WWE title match at Wrestlemania against Bobby Lashley.

Following the bounty, Drew faced Ricochet in a one on one match at Monday Night RAW after which he was attacked by Mustafa Ali and King Corbin after that which made it clear that these attacks would continue till before Wrestlemania.

Drew McIntyre may finally put a full stop on this rivalry by winning the WWE Championship in his dominant fashion at the Wrestlemania.

Braun Strowman defeating Shane McMahon:

Braun Strowman has waited long enough to take his revenge from Shane McMahon since Shane called him “Stupid” and thrashed him on the commentators table.

The match between Strowman and McMahon got cancelled at Fastlane 2021 due to the fake imposed injury by Shane on himself after which Strowman had to take his hands on Elias.

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Later on Monday Night RAW, Shane McMahon again humiliated Strowman by bringing Strowman’s 5th grade mark sheet and reading it out to the audience. By the way, Strowman’s mark sheet was full of D’s.

Strowman finally got his chance to thrash Shane in a steel cage match at Wrestlemania which will showcase Strowman’s brutality on Shane. Our bets are on Strowman winning the match at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns retaining his WWE Universal Title:

Daniel Bryan got his spot confirmed at the Wrestlemania against Reigns and Edge for the WWE Universal title in a triple threat match. Meanwhile, after Daniel’s defeat at Fastlane because of Edge, he might be too focused on Edge during the match at Wrestlemania.
This suggests that Reigns might cunningly retain his title by putting one of the other two wrestlers down after their brawl.

Moreover, it is crucial that Roman Reigns retain his title as Daniel Bryan will be restricting his work at the WWE and shifting to part time work which means that even if Daniel Bryan wins, he would not stay the champion for too long.

The stakes at the Wrestlemania are high as the WWE Universal Championship title is on the line. Stay Tuned!

Sheamus- The New WWE United States Champion:

Sheamus defeated Riddle on Monday Night RAW in a non title singles match in a dominant way. Sheamus was in the public eye for the whole duration of the match. Riddle fought back but not as hard as The Celtic Warrior did.

Sheamus lost his shot at the WWE Championship after losing to Drew McIntyre at the Fastlane PPV which is why he needs to show his worth to the WWE by claiming a new title. The predictions suggest that Sheamus is the upcoming WWE United States Champion.

Rhea Ripley- The New RAW Women’s Champion:

Rhea Ripley and Asuka’s RAW Women’s Title match at the Wrestlemania got confirmed at RAW this week where both the superstars signed the contract. Rhea Ripley, the latest addition to the WWE RAW women’s roster will be All In during the match.

Rhea Ripley dominated at the NXT and was the NXT Women’s champion which is why she’s at the WWE at such a young age. It looks like Asuka would not be a match for Rhea in the ring at the Wrestlemania 37th.


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