WWE Wrestlemania Rumours: Top 5 rumours that you need to check for this year’s Wrestlemania

WWE WRESTLEMANIA RUMOURS: WWE Wrestlemania always comes up with an unexpected series of events which makes it more interesting for the viewers to watch. With 2 weeks remaining for the Event of the events to come up, there are lots of rumours among the fans.

Here are the top 5 rumours for the 37th Wrestlemania event:

Drew McIntyre wins the WWE Championship?

Drew McIntyre has waited for a long time to get his shot at the WWE title and this might be his last and final shot. Bobby Lashley, the current WWE champion attacked Drew McIntyre at the Elimination Chamber after which the Money In The Bank winner, The Miz cashed in his contract and won the WWE Championship from McIntyre only to lose the championship to Bobby Lashley a week later.

Drew McIntyre will face Lashley at the Wrestlemania where he’ll finally be able to hit 2 birds with one stone: Take his revenge and win the Championship title.

Goldberg’s Return?

Goldberg made an astonishing return in 2016 where he made Brock Lesnar his rival. Goldberg fought Brock at WWE’s Survivor Series 2016 where he defeated the Beast in a few minutes and stole Brock Lesnar’s Spotlight spontaneously.
Last year Goldberg lost to Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble and hasn’t been in the public eye since but what were to happen if Goldberg might be seen this Wrestlemania? Look out for the 54 year old wrestler as who knows who’ll be The Next?

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Sheamus- The New WWE United States Champion?

Sheamus took his eyes off the WWE Championship after losing to Drew McIntyre twice. The Celtic Warrior is now looking on to the WWE United States Championship and will face Matt Riddle at the Wrestlemania 37th for the Championship.

Riddle will face Sheamus at Monday Night RAW in a non title match before facing him at the Wrestlemania. Would Sheamus be able to regain his lost image in the WWE by
adding a new title to his record?

Edge- The New WWE Universal Champion?

Roman Reigns has been the WWE Universal Champion for too long, is it time for the WWE for announcing a New Champion? Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan who just earned his spot at the Wrestlemania for a triple threat match against Edge and Reigns is looking to step down from the WWE and work on a part-time basis.

This makes Daniel Bryan’s chances at the title quite zero. Edge has been the most aggressive player out of the 3 till now and is determined to win the championship at this Wrestlemania main event.

Firefly Funhouse Match- Randy Orton and The Fiend?

The rumours suggest that The Fiend and The Viper Randy Orton will face each other in a Firefly Funhouse match at the Wrestlemania. This prolonged rivalry took on a new page at the Fastlane PPV when the Fiend appeared out of nowhere and attacked the Viper. Meanwhile, the Viper might be angry over his loss against Alexa Bliss who won with the help of the Fiend.


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