WWE Wrestlemania: The most Iconic Wrestlemania matches of all time Part 2

WWE Wrestlemania Part 2: In the first part, we came up with 3 Iconic Wrestlemania matches but it doesn’t just end there. Wrestlemania is the flagship event by the WWE and has came up with the historical matches of all time. Wrestlemania 37th is down the road with only 5 days left.

Here are the most Iconic Wrestlemania matches of all time:

Triple H V/S The Undertaker- Hell In A Cell match with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels

Triple H fought The Dead Man Undertaker at the Wrestlemania 28th in a Hell In A Cell Match with the HBK Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee. The match was called “End of an Era” as it was a Do or Die match for both the superstars.

The match started with The Dead Man asserting complete dominance on The Game until Triple H took control of the game. Triple took full advantage of the match being a No Disqualification match and beat up the Undertaker with the steel chair destroying both the chair and the Dead Man with it.

The Game wasn’t satisfied even after the steel chair assault on the Undertaker. Triple H then brought the Sledge Hammer with which he was about to hit the Undertaker when Shawn Michaels stopped him.

Michaels took a lot of beating in the match from both the superstars as well due to the unstoppable heat between The Game and The Dead Man. After a while, The Undertaker took control of the feud and landed 2 Tombstone Pile drivers onto The Game thereby winning the match via pinfall.

Brock Lesnar V/S Roman Reigns V/S Seth Rollins- WWE Championship

Originally, the match was scheduled between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 31st. The tables turned when at the end, Seth Rollins, the then Money In The Bank Contract holder appeared out of nowhere and cashed in his contract making it a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship.

Roman Reigns made a huge mistake at the start of the match by letting his aggression get the better of him thereby falling prey to The Beast’s F5 at the beginning of the match itself. The Beast, then made no mistake and took The Underdog Reigns to The Suplex city.

Reigns received an uncountable number of Suplexes ranging from Belly To Belly Suplex to his iconic German Suplex. Brock was in full control of the match until Reigns pushed him towards the steel pole after which The Beast started bleeding.

Roman Reigns, then got his shot at laying down the Beast. Brock was the recipient of 3 Superman Punches and 2 Spears in a matter of minutes yet The Beast still managed to kick out. Reigns went on to landing another Superman punch on The Beast failing to which Reigns got another F5.

With both the superstars down, this was the perfect opportunity for Seth Rollins. Realising this, Seth appeared at the speed of light in the ring and cashed his Money in the Bank contract.

Brock got his hands onto Seth but was interrupted by Reigns with his spear after which, Seth curb-stomped Reigns and won via pinfall. Seth Rollins broke a lot of heart as he won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career.


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