WWE Wrestlemania: The most iconic Wrestlemania matches of all time

WWE Wrestlemania Iconic Matches: WWE Wrestlemania is the Show of the Shows and the flagship event hosted by WWE every year. WWE Hall Of Fame is the ritual ceremony presented by new WWE legends every year few days before the Wrestlemania.

WWE Wrestlemania depicts the best of all time and fan favourite matches contributing to immense fan experience and engagement.

Here are some of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time:

The Undertaker V/S Brock Lesnar: Wrestlemania 30th

The “Dead Man” Undertaker was known for his unbeatable winning streak at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker had a winning streak with a score of 21-0 at the Wrestlemania which came to an end at Wrestlemania 30th when he faced Brock Lesnar.

The match the Undertaker asserting dominance on the Beast Brock Lesnar but even after a series of a choke slam, last ride and the Tombstone Pile driver, the Beast managed to kick out. Brock managed to injure the Undertaker’s right foot and took advantage of it the whole match.

After both the wrestlers were exhausted, Brock Lesnar landed his iconic series of Suplex on the Undertaker and landed F5 for the 3rd time on the Undertaker to which The Dead man couldn’t break the pinfall.

Brock won the match fair and square and asserted complete dominance on the Undertaker throughout the match thereby putting an end to the undefeated streak of the Dead Man.

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Shawn Michaels V/S The Undertaker: Streak V/S Career- Wrestlemania 26th

Wrestlemania 26th presented one of the best non title matches ever in the history of the WWE. Shawn Michaels faced the Undertaker in a match which implied that if Michaels lost, he would have to leave the WWE.

The match started with Michaels attempting to hurt The Undertaker’s left foot in a futile manner. Failing to this, Shawn Michaels then got in the hands of the Dead Man after which the Undertaker asserted complete dominance on Shawn Michaels.

Shawn, undoubtedly gave a tough fight to the Undertaker. Shawn was prey to the Undertaker’s Tombstone pile driver thrice, twice to the choke slam and once to the Last Ride. The Undertaker received a significant amount of beating from the high flyer too.

After kicking off to the second Tombstone pile driver, Michaels humiliated The Undertaker by slapping him and imitating the Undertaker style of depicting that his next move will be Tombstone pile driver. After this The Undertaker, out of control, landed his finisher on Michaels and won the match ending Michaels career.

The best moment of the match was when Michaels and The Undertaker shook hands at the end of the match and appreciated each other’s efforts.

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The Rock V/S John Cena: Wrestlemania 28th

The Rock faced John Cena at the Wrestlemania 28th in a singles match. The match started with both the superstars trying to run each other in the corner of the ring. After a while into the match, John Cena gave the Rock his series of moves from “You can’t see me” to the Attitude Adjustment.

The Rock was down for quite a while after John Cena’s brutality on him. John Cena even managed to make The Rock unconscious for a while during his STF lock. The Rock then, out of nowhere, regained his consciousness and grabbed the rope forcing Cena to break the submission lock.

After that, The Rock landed a Spine buster and his iconic “People’s Elbow” onto John Cena to which Cena kicked out. John Cena regained the control of the match after landing another Attitude Adjustment on the Rock to which the Rock kicked out again.

Cena made a mistake by imitating the Rock and trying to “People’s Elbow” the Rock at which the Rock outmanoeuvred Cena and gave Cena the Rock Bottom thereby winning the match.


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