3 Intergender matches that surprised WWE Universe, check out the list

WWE started Intergender matches years ago but “Intergender” as it sounds wasn’t much appreciated by the viewers and was considered Taboo. Finally after 2 decades, the scenario is normalized now. Here are 3 Intergender matches that surprised WWE:

Randy Orton V/S Alexa Bliss (FASTLANE 2021):

Randy Orton is facing Alexa Bliss this 21st March, Sunday at Fastlane where he’d finally be able to understand the voices he hears in his head. When Randy Orton burned the Fiend Bray Wyatt alive, Alexa Bliss started playing her dark mind games with the Viper initiating the rivalry. on the 15th edition of the Fastlane event, Alexa Bliss challenged Orton for an Intergender match and finally put an end to the voices in Orton’s head. This match would also trigger the comeback of the fiend Bray Wyatt who’s been a ghost for the last 3 months.

Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey V/S Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (Wrestlemania 34):

The match started with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon making a grand entrance riding motorcycles displaying their privilege as being in relation with the CEO of the WWE. After the opening bell, Stephanie started shoving Ronda into the corner and after a while Kurt and Triple H faced each other in the ring. Triple H was succeeding at connecting his signature moves on Kurt but Lucky Kurt took advantage of a miscommunication between The GAME and his wife and tagged Rousey. After a while, Ronda faced Triple H in the ring and to the audience’s surprise, Ronda had the foot on Triple H until Stephanie arrived in the ring to save the GAME. The match ended with Rousey making Stephanie tap out and winning the match ultimately.

Becky Lynch V/S James Ellsworth (WWE Smackdown):

It started with James Ellsworth appearing the Becky Lynch’s matches and distracting her ending up in Becky’s bucket list after which Becky challenged James for a match. The match turned out as expected with Becky Lynch cornering James Ellsworth and taking her revenge smoothly piece by piece. Becky Lynch, also known as “The Man” made Ellsworth tap out to her lock “Disarm her”. After that, Carmella whom Ellsworth considered a friend gave him a sidekick breaking the so called “friendship”.


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