3 unexpected things or speculation Bobby Lashley V/S Drew McIntyre Championship match at Wrestlemania 37 can have

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 37: Bobby Lashley snatched Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship in a really smart manner. Bobby attacked Drew at the Elimination Chamber leading The Miz, the money in the bank winner directly towards the then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Miz cashed in his contract on Drew and won the WWE Championship title. Later on, Bobby faced the Miz for the WWE Championship and won within a matter of minutes.

The rivalry between Drew and Bobby turned exciting after Bobby put a bounty on Drew’s head and Drew’s been attacked thrice since.

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Here are 3 unexpected things that could happen at Wrestlemania:

Brock Lesnar to appear as the Special Guest Referee:

John Cena Sr. mentioned in a tweet that he is expecting Brock Lesnar to appear at the Wrestlemania not in a fight but as the Special Guest Referee for the match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

This could also lead to a future match between the Beast Brock and Bobby Lashley. Lashley expressed his attitude over fighting Brock Lesnar in an interview where he mentioned that he’s looking to fight Brock Lesnar either at MMA or WWE.

No-Disqualification Match:

The WWE Championship title match at Wrestlemania can turn into a no disqualification match which would give an edge to Bobby Lashley since so many superstars are planning on attacking McIntyre since the bounty initiated by Lashley.

But there are certain superstars who can attack Bobby Lashley as well. The Hurt Business i.e. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin faced Drew McIntyre in a 2 on 1 handicap match. The Hurt business was directed by Bobby Lashley to hurt Drew McIntyre but they failed and Drew McIntyre won the match instead.

Following this on Monday Night RAW, Bobby Lashley attacked both Cedric and Shelton due to their failure after which Shelton challenged Bobby for a match at RAW. Shelton made a big mistake by poking the bear and was punished by Bobby Lashley in the ring later on.
This suggests that if there were to be a No Disqualification match, the Hurt Business would be on the side of Drew McIntyre this time.

Gauntlet Match:

The WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania could turn into a Gauntlet match as Drew McIntyre was recently attacked by 2 WWE superstars on Monday Night RAW. Drew, after his match with Ricochet, was attacked by Mustafa Ali, the former United States Champion.

After Drew managed to take Ali off him, he was attacked by King Corbin. This series of attacks on Drew might make it harder for him to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and more harder if the match turns into a Gauntlet match.


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