5 players and key battles to watch out for Free Fire World Series 2021| Check All & Earn Millions

5 players and key battles to watch out for Free Fire World Series 2021| Check All & Earn Millions. 

Free Fire World Series 2021: It is only a matter of days until finally the 2021 Singapore Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is held. The tournament has started from 28 to 30 May 2021, and is the desire of Free Fire players around the world.

Bringing together 18 of the best Free Fire teams around the world. They will compete for a total prize of up to USD 2 million (around 14, 48, 20,000 crore rupees).

Two of them are EVOS Divine and First Raiders who represent Indonesia to fight in FFWS 2021 Singapore.

Being the biggest Free Fire tournament in 2021, there are 5 other reasons why you must watch FFWS 2021 Singapore. Immediately, consider the following points.

1. Supporting the Indonesian Representative’s Struggle

Two Indonesian representatives will fight in FFWS 2021 Singapore. There are First Raiders who started from the Play-Ins round, and there are also EVOS Divine waiting in the Grand Final round.

Both have one goal, to give the best for the name of Indonesia. Of course, we must support their struggle so that the two Indonesian representatives can play more optimally and give their best in FFWS 2021 Singapore.

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2. Can get Gun Skin P90 Phantom for free!

For those of you players who are always eyeing for free, the FFWS 2021 Singapore event also presents various attractive prizes. You can get it for free, one of which is the P90 Phantom gun skin.

To be able to get the P90 Phantom for free, you only need to put 30 kills on a special mission. Where the mission will only be available on the peak day of the FFWS 2021 Singapore event (29/05).

3. Free to choose 1 character and other prizes free

One of the other reasons why you should watch the Singapore 2021 FFWS tournament is that there is a prize if the target audience breaks.

If the live streaming of the Grand Final of FFWS 2021 Singapore later penetrates more than 400 thousand viewers at the same time, then you can choose 1 of the 27 Free Fire characters for free.

In addition, there will be a Gloo Wall or Emote prize that you can also have if you exceed 400 thousand pairs of eyes.

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4. Becoming a Witness Who is the Best Free Fire Team in the World

Having been absent in 2020, this time the Free Fire tournament again has the opportunity to bring together all teams from all over the world on one stage. Of course, this will be one of the ways to prove who the best Free Fire team is in the world.

All teams flying to Singapore have certainly prepared their best. You will witness which team will proudly lift the Singapore 2021 FFWS victory trophy.

5. Watch the Top Class Fights of the Best Free Fire Team in the World

Not only bringing together the best teams in the world, the FFWS 2021 Singapore event certainly promises a quality battle.

With a high level of game mechanics, which you may not be able to see in the near future.

In addition, various battles that are presented in the FFWS 2021 Singapore performance can also be imitated later to support your Free Fire game.


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