5 WWE superstars who will get their first inaugural Wrestlemania match this year

WWE Wrestlemania 37th edition is on the way with 5 superstars who might make their debut this year. Omos, Bad Bunny, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest are the 5 possible debut making superstars this year. Now the question is who of these superstars are fighting at Wrestlemania this year? Let’s take a look at the scheduled matchcard:

AJ Styles & Omos V/S The New Day (C)- RAW Tag Team Championship:

AJ Styles and his new partner, who will be making his debut at the Wrestlemania, Omos will face the New Day at the Wrestlemania for the RAW Tag Team Championship. AJ Styles and Omos challenged the New Day as soon as they won their titles back from the Hurt Business i.e. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander to which the New Day aggressively accepted as they have been the champions for so long. At Wrestlemania, we’ll find out who manages to take the Tag Team titles home.

Bad Bunny V/S The Miz:

Bad Bunny and his friend Damian Priest were having a talk in the ring when they were interrupted by John Morrison when unexpectedly , The Miz arrived from behind them and hit Bad Bunny with a guitar nearly breaking the guitar. After this encounter, The Miz challenged Bad Bunny to a one on one fight at Wrestlemania to which Bad Bunny accepted. Bad Bunny will be making his debut at Wrestlemania this year but there are no confirmed matched for his friend Damian Priest yet.

Rhea Ripley V/S Asuka (C)- RAW Women’s Championship:

Rhea Ripley, on Monday Night Raw made her debut at WWE and without wasting a single bit of time, she challenged Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania 37th after Asuka had just defeated Peyton Royce. The former NXT champion Rhea Ripley might be making her debut at WWE, but she mustn’t be misunderstood by Asuka for a second as she is an experienced wrestler. Asuka accepted her challenge on Monday night RAW and both the superstars will face each other at Wrestlemania.

NOTE: Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio- No matches scheduled as of now.


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