Damian Priest receives applaud from Kane for his sublime performance at Royal Rumble 2021

WWE legend Kane was impressed by Damien Priest during his cameo appearance in Sunday’s Royal Rumble match.

During a post-show chat filmed for WWE’s YouTube channel, the future Hall Of Famer said that ex-NXT man Priest had “a ton of potential”. He also called the former North American Champion a future “impact player” in the company who’d go on to do great things.

Weirdly, Kane appeared for the interview without his trademark mask. Of course, that also meant that he didn’t have long hair either; it’s always odd when WWE do these things, because it kinda’ craps all over the character’s classic look.

Fans obviously know that Glenn Jacobs is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee and not the ‘Big Red Machine’, but it’s worth noting anyway (especially when this promo literally happened straight after the Rumble).

Kane clearly enjoyed mixing it with young stars like Priest, and said, “I think you’re going to see a lot more moments like that from him to come”.

Following a return to action at the Men’s Royal Rumble the night before, Damian Priest was introduced by Bad Bunny for his first meeting within the main cast. Priest battled against The Miz for several moments, managing to overcome him despite the interventions of John Morrison. Thanks to the singer’s response at ringside, Priest managed to connect his The Reckoning over The Awesome for the victory on a count of three.

Does that mean fans could see a Kane vs. Priest match on Raw at some point in the near future? Probably not.


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