England or Australia who have beaten India most times in Test cricket at home, check out

Defeating India in test matches on the Indian soil is the dream of every captain’s dream. Because everybody knows that India can’t be defeated on its own soil so easily, you must be best in each department of the game to defeat India.

Here are the top 3 teams which have defeated India on the Indian soil.

1. West Indies
Total matches played – 45
West Indies win – 14
Draw – 20

In this list West Indies tops the list by defeating India in 14 tests out of 45 tests and 20 matches were resulted in draw. They are the world’s top team with maximum wins against India on the Indian soil.

2. England
Total matches played – 63
England win – 14
Draw – 16

After West Indies England is the second most successful team with 14 victories in 63 matches and 28 draws in India against India.

3. Australia
Total matches played – 50
Australia win – 13
Draw – 16

The third most successful team with most wins in India against India is Australia with 13 wins and 16 draws in 50 tests on the Indian soil against India.


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