Monday Night RAW Live Results & Streaming: WWE Raw, Rhea Ripley & Asuka and more – 29th March 2021

WWE Raw Live and Preview: Monday Night RAW 29th March will take place at 8pm ET and 6:30 AM IST, at St. Petersburg, Florida and be aired live on the US Network. The matchcard for Monday Night RAW is finally ready as the superstars get ready to take on each other before Wrestlemania. Here is the confirmed matchcard and events:

Matt Riddle V/S Sheamus:

Matt Riddle will face Sheamus on Monday Night RAW in a one on one Non Title match before finally facing each other at Wrestlemania 37th for the United States Championship bout. Sheamus took his eyes off the WWE Championship after losing to Drew McIntyre twice and is now focusing on the WWE United States Championship.

Sheamus might be all in this Monday as this maybe his last shot at a WWE title and to regain his lost image after 2 consecutive losses against Drew McIntyre.

Rhea Ripley and Asuka contract signing:

Rhea Ripley will face Peyton Royce whom Asuka just defeated in a one on one match on Monday Night RAW after which Rhea Ripley will have a contract signing with Asuka for their match at the Wrestlemania for RAW Women’s Championship title.

The match would be made official with a hint of a feud among the two after the contract signing. Rhea Ripley who just made her debut might want the fans to know who has the upper hand and show the fans who’s better.

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Bobby Lashley’s Bounty on Drew McIntyre:

On the last episode of RAW, Bobby Lashley approached the WWE Locker Room and directed the wrestlers present to take shots at Drew McIntyre so that Bobby Lashley doesn’t have to face Drew McIntyre at the Wrestlemania 37th. Bobby Lashley offered the other wrestlers a WWE Championship title match against himself at the Wrestlemania for any wrestlers who manages to injure Drew McIntyre.

Another Event taking place would be The Miz & John Morrison’s “Hey Hey Hop Hop” which suggests the possibility of a brawl made by the appearance of Bad Bunny and Damian Priest who were previously scheduled to fight The Miz & John Morrison at the Wrestlemania.


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