Real Madrid beat Atalanta by 3-1(4-1) on aggregate, qualify for UCL quarterfinal

Real Madrid beats Atalanta: Without major inconveniences, the Real Madrid cast ended up staying with another of the places to be present in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, this by winning a resounding 3-1 against the Italian team of Atalanta de Bergamo.

Being forceful from the start, the Madridistas would stay with the classification, thanks to the annotations of the Frenchman Karim Benzema (34 ′), an element that opened the account, which was expanded after a launch from the penalty spot executed by Sergio Ramos (60 ′).

Atalanta in something put the series in trouble, when the Colombian Luis Fernando Muriel (83 ′), would be in charge of the discount, but Asensio (84 ′) put definitive figures.

In this way and with the 4-1 overall, the Real Madrid cast was left with one of the spaces to be present in the next instance of the long-awaited ‘Orejona’.


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