Tammy Sytch Released: Sytch must return to prison despite being released on bail

Tammy Sytch Released: Sytch must return to prison despite being released on bail

Former WWE employee and part of the Hall of Fame, Tammy Sytch, must return to prison after a motion filed by the State of Florida.

The alleged homicide caused by driving under the influence, even though a bondsman paid 10% of his bail to be released.

Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza filed a motion on May 9 so that the defendant for homicide under the influence of alcohol.

At the wheel in Ormond Beach, Tammy Sytch, be put back in prison until the trial against her, agreed for May 31 .

Sytch was arrested on May 6 for causing the death of a 75-year-old man (Julian Lasseter) while she was driving drunk on public roads.

According to the police toxicology report, Sytch had more alcohol in her blood than is allowed:

More than triple, since a half-drunk bottle of vodka was found in her vehicle after the incident.

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As mentioned earlier, a bondsman paid the state 10 percent of the $227,500 cost of Sytch’s probation, even her boyfriend had put up her house.

As collateral to make the payment. However, after the presentation of the prosecutor, Sytch will return to prison.

A few days ago, former WCW and WWE fighter Bill DeMott had declared on social media that.

Tammy Sytch should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for her actions. Given this, Sytch defended himself in his networks

Attacked DeMott, claiming that she is being accused very quickly and ruining her image, while DeMott is envious.

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Because he was never inducted into the Hall of Fame, but that he was busy harassing women and denigrating men in his work for WWE.