The Unsung Hero Of Indian Cricket

When team scores he also scores but when team struggles to score, this man then also performs.

The man who scored 41 runs in fielding in 2019 ODI World Cup despite the fact that he played only 2 games but his presence was in the whole World Cup in the field.

He built a match winning partnership with Hardik pandya in the 3rd ODI when the top order failed against Australia. He scored 44 runs in just 23 balls in the first T-20 against Australia with the strike rate of 191.30 and took the Indian score to 161 smashing balls out of the ground.

The big difference between a top order batsman and finisher like him is that they besides building the scoreboard they also score runs for themselves, but finisher needs to smash out of the ground as he enters to bat because he plays for team and he never thinks about his individual score. He has to respond according to the situation.

And why we are not recognising his contribution because we are stuck in kohli and Rohit, and that’s his scores of 40s, 30s nobody sees.


The man who took Indian fielding to another level. He breaks partnership with his balls, he breaks stumps from the distance of 65 metres from the pitch. When the captain is behind the over rate he calls Jadeja for his quick spell who completes his over in the blink of the eye.

No matter where he is fielding the wicket keeper collects his rocket throw in just one bounce.

Ravindra Anirudh Singh Jadeja the man for whom only the form of game changes but his performance only enhances.

The man who is improving himself with time.

May you always rock as usual and make India proud.


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