Top 5 football clubs in the world with most Social Media fans, check out

Social Media has become one of the most important tolls for the success and understanding of football clubs. The connect with the fans, constant give and take between them and the club is another way of bringing the faithful closer to the club through a social rather than physical connection.
This sort of media has brought the popularity factor, admiration factor into consideration as well. The know-how, updates on recent events; Social media has become the one-stop shop for daily news and analysis in today’s footballing world.
Football clubs are no strangers to this form of connection as they build their image and popularity via social media. The regular podcasts, interviews with our favorite footballers, managers, upcoming events, ticketing concerns are a way of connecting with the fans which are what keeps us updated about the club’s functioning.
The followers of these football clubs make a massive shoutout when the club requires their support during the ups and down and this is a key stat to indicate the passion for the club.
The top clubs across the world have millions of followers which brings in keen interest from the fans.
ImageThe Los Blancos have a massive following across the globe via social media. On Twitter, they have a resounding 11.9m fans while on Facebook and Instagram their followers are 110m and 95.8m respectively. Real Madrid is not a club but an institute in itself.

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The Blaugrana is another team which is followed widely on the web and have a resounding success due to their ability to attract the faithful.
On Twitter, Lionel Messi and Co have a following of 35.7m while on Facebook and Instagram they have 103m and 94.3m followers.
The enigma that is Football Club Barcelona has created an aura for itself which very few clubs have across the globe.

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The Blue half of Manchester has been a late arrival in here and within a few years have become one of the widely known clubs in Europe and all over the world.
City have a following of 9.2m on Twitter and their fans continue to throng other networks like Facebook and Instagram where they are 22.7m and 40m respectively.
ImageThe Old Lady have always been a well known and followed club but with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, it is surely enhanced its opportunities to grab the attention from fans and with 2.3m followers on Twitter, 44m on Facebook and 47.3m on Instagram, the club has got a grip on their fanbase.
ImageThe Reds have always had a fanbase for long as it is one of the oldest clubs in the world. 16.6m, 37m and 30.1m are the number of fans worldwide who follow Liverpool Football Club on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
A rich history with an invaluable number of followers makes this club have one of the biggest support systems- its fans.
Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United celebrates with team mates (l - r) Alex Telles, Fred, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial after scoring their sides sixth goal during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Leeds United at Old TraffordThe Red Devils in all its might has to be easily the most recognized, followed clubs in world football today. Manchester United’s history and charisma has always ensured a huge fan support not only at Old Trafford but also outside the pitch.
The Red Devils have a following of 24.7m on Twitter, 73m on Facebook and 39.5m on Instagram, making them one of the most followed clubs in the world. A United Fan Army for Manchester United.


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