Top 5 goalkeepers who have kept most Clean Sheets in International football; check out who makes the list

Goalkeeping or Shot stopping is a skill and ability which requires consistent training and special abilities as a result of which goalkeepers are like the artists of an art piece who paint a beautiful picture not only with their hands but also their legs.
The top goalkeepers in the history of football are the ones who have the athleticism, quick reaction, outstanding shot-stopping ability.
They also tend to pick out the perfect man with the perfect pass at critical situations of the match.
As the supposed last defenders, they do not get much credit when a team scores goals as goals are attractive and what entices a result.
They work as hard if not harder to avoid that one blip which turns a clean sheet into a concession.
The attitude and ability to hold off any shots on goal so as to protect the goal is a skill which many players have made perfect throughout their careers.
The top 5 goalkeepers who have the most-clean sheets in international football are the ones who have been there for their sides to deny any goal scoring opportunity with their sheer reflexes and amazing shot stopping skills.
ImageThe England no 1 made his debut for England at the age of 32 and kept 66 clean sheets in 125 appearances for the Three Lions in his career.
He also holds the record for most international caps by a player for England with 125 appearances mentioned above.
Shilton was part of the squad that came 4th place in the 1990 FIFA World Cup.
A tough and gritty customer who did not hold back and is considered as one of the best keepers to have ever graced English Football.
ImageThe Saudi Arabia legend served the national with utmost loyalty and respect making 67 clean sheets in 178 appearances for the country.
He was part of under-17 team which lifted the FIFA World Cup in 1989 in Scotland and is also the winner of the AFC Asian Cup in 1986.
An evergreen and charismatic goalkeeper who always stepped up to the plate when Saudi Arabia required him to do so.
ImageThe Holland and Manchester United legendary goalkeeper was one of the best in his time as he kept 72 clean sheets in 130 appearances for Netherlands.
He was a large, athletic yet slender goalkeeper who excelled at coming off his line to handle crosses due to his physique.
Van der Sar had excellent positional sense and shot-stopping abilities which helped him succeed as a result of which he was effective at saving penalties.
With a success rate of more than 50% as a keeper, he is definitely one of the all-time great goalkeepers across the world.
ImageAn Italian giant of football, Buffon has made 76 clean sheets in 176 appearances for his country and was the captain of the victorious 2006 FIFA World Cup winning squad.
Buffon is known for his passionate and brilliance as a goalkeeper.
His effective play and athleticism helped the Italian side many a times during his illustrious career.
He was a master craftsman as a leader and marshalled his troops in a brilliant manner which also helped his goalkeeping skills in him becoming one of the greats.
Image‘San Iker’ as he is popularly called has kept 102 clean sheets in his 167 appearances for Spain and is also known for his athleticism, shot stopping ability and commanding leadership as a result of which he is widely respected across Spain and the world of football.
He captained Spain in the victorious 2008, 2012 EURO Championship winning squad and completed the cherry on top of the cake by lifting the 2010 FIFA World Cup as Captain once again.
His quick reactions, consistent performances coupled with the desire to make acrobatic and decisive saves are some of the other features which made his goalkeeping mesmerizing to watch.
Iker Casillas’ footwork and position play were so precise that it helped him making the most impossible saves look possible.
He has been rated as the greatest goalkeeper ever by his colleagues and sports fans worldwide.


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