WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Possible reasons why Women’s Elimination Chamber will not take part this year

WWE Elimination Chamber is going down on February 21st, but that event might be missing a match that a lot of fans have come to expect in recent years. The company already confirmed one signature Elimination Chamber match for the men on Raw, but what about the women?

Diggingsports has learned that the company is currently not talking about holding a women’s Elimination Chamber match this year.

No mention was made of a women’s Elimination Chamber chamber match during Raw this week, and this caused us to ask around about the subject. It seems that the company is not talking about the idea.

A tenured member of the writing team told us that this match might be in the minds of “Vince, Bruce, Koskey, maybe Callahan, maybe HHH? Maybe.” Nothing has been sent down to the creative team regarding a women’s Elimination Chamber match yet.

Vince McMahon can always change his mind on a dime, but we confirmed this morning that there are currently no discussions on the table for holding a Women’s Elimination Chamber match in 2021. As of this writing, it’s not on the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view grid.

The company still has two weeks to plan for the event, but right now a women’s Elimination Chamber match is not being discussed. This is very interesting as the road to WrestleMania has included a women’s Elimination Chamber match since 2018.


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