WWE News: Chris Jericho describes Bray Wyatt as a true visionary

WWE News: Chris Jericho describes Bray Wyatt as a true visionary

The death of Bray Wyatt has caused quite a stir in professional wrestling. The WWE superstar died in the last hours due to a heart attack, derived.

From complications that arose with a contagion of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year. The community reaction has been tremendous and.

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Countless wrestling stars have offered their condolences on social media. One of the most prominent messages has been that of Chris Jericho.

Who shared the ring on several occasions between 2013 and 2017. Jericho has explained that he was always fascinated by talking to Bray Wyatt.

Because of his mentality about wrestling.”From the moment I met #WindhamRotunda, I knew he was special. A true visionary, his.

Unique ideas spilled from a never-ending creative stream that was constantly coursing through his brain. We worked with each other all over.

The world and I literally trusted him. him with my life many times.I always enjoyed talking to him as he was always one step ahead of most..and.

Enjoyed trying to guess where his stories were going before his big reveals.Thank you great man,for always keeping me safe in the ring… and for.

Being my friend outside of it,” Chris Jericho wrote on Facebook. In addition to the companies and personalities that have manifested themselves.

On social networks and that we have previously published, below we leave you with other reactions that we have been collecting over the hours.

Braun Strowman

“You were there for all of my ups and downs as I was for yours. You taught me so much in the business that we share and love and you taught.

Me so much in life. You truly made me a better person. I was humbled the day I found out that you were going to have Knash and you asked.

Me to be his best man. Windham you were one of a kind with a great mind and an even better soul. The world has lost an amazing man.

My heart goes out to the Rotunda family, JoJo and all babies know that love you guys so much. See you on the road buddy. Give Brodie a pat on the ass for me when you see him. I know this isn’t goodbye forever.”

Saraya (AEW)

“I can’t believe I’m writing this. But RIP Windham. I met you on day 1 of moving to America, you were the greatest love.

And everyone who knew you loved you I’m in shock…sending all my love to the Rotunda family.

Roderick Strong

Roderick String, AEW fighter, has published a very emotional video, imitating the entrance of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt with his son at home.

WWE Bray Wyatt Latest News:

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“#RIPBray thanks for the memories! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family,” he wrote on Twitter.

DDP (Diamond Dallas Page)

“I just found out that Bray Wyatt has left this earth… It breaks my heart. An incredible human being in and out of the ring. My time with.

Him was memorable. My condolences to his family and friends. We have lost a another BIG one. God bless you Windham! You will be sorely missed. RIP bro. DDP.”

Mick Foley

“RIP BRAY WYATT. This is terrible news, terribly sad for his family, friends and fans. I thought of Bray Wyatt and was very flattered when he started.

Using the Mandible Claw for his finisher. He was a true visionary; one of the presences convincing wrestling has ever seen”.

Sean Waltmann

“I send all the love I have in me to the Rotunda family. I know too many people who have lost a child. I can only imagine the pain.

I remember Windham and his brother used to go to shows with their father when they were kids. Absolutely devastating news.” .

big e

“Uncle…the first uncle who took me under his wing when I was signed in 2009. We spent a lot of our adult lives together. Praying for Jojo.

Praying for his children. I will miss your laugh and boyish charm my friend Goodbye, Windham.”


“My heart breaks for Windham and his family. You were always so kind to us, Windham. Ever since we were kids, we would go trick-or-treating together.

Following in our father’s footsteps. You were always relatable, kind and humble. We will always be so grateful.” for your presence in our lives.

Tyson Kidd

“You will be sorely missed my friend. You always brought a lot of laughs to the locker room. I am grateful for so many special moments.

We shared in my ring last year. I cannot believe this. The world only saw a glimpse of your creativity. This loss is immeasurable.”

Dax Harwood

“Life isn’t always beautiful. Words feel useless. I’ll never forget your laugh. I’m jealous that you can be with Brodie. Rest in peace Windham. Everyone, love his loved ones.”