WWE News: Cody Rhodes and The Usos lead WWE merchandising sales

WWE News: Cody Rhodes and The Usos lead WWE merchandising sales

The sale of official merchandising represents a large income for wrestling promotions, especially for large companies, such as.

WWE, which make a large volume of products available to fans, from classic t-shirts to action figures, passing for more modern or digital products, such as NFTs.

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Of course, the most popular wrestlers are the ones that drive the biggest numbers in terms of sales. A topic that is very interesting, and turns.

Out to be very useful for companies, since they can obtain clues about those talents that are beginning to enjoy greater interest among fans.

In this sense, the specialized medium Fightful has inquired more about the sale of WWE merchandising, noting that Cody Rhodes is currently the.

Talent that occupies the first place on the sales lists, sometimes with several of his items among the five Best sellers. For their part, The Bloodline has.

Undergone a major change since the faction fractured after WrestleMania. With the departure of Jey and Jimmy Uso, they presented their own.

Merchandising, independent from the stable. Despite this, the outlet points out that The Usos have done incredibly well, selling more than.

WWE Cody Rhodes and The Usos Latest News:

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Any other talent, not counting Cody Rhodes. In the case of Seth Rollins, the World Heavyweight Champion consistently appears in top 5 lists.

Same case as Roman Reigns and Rhea Ripley, who are also fixed on the lists to which the medium has had access. “Generic WWE.

Merchandise is almost always the top seller on these lists, meaning belts, tour jerseys and the like. Toy belts in particular sell incredibly well.

Cody Rhodes belts and jerseys’ We The Ones’ by The Usos have been huge sales successes for WWE,” the outlet wrote.

LA Knight gains importance through online sales

“For those asking about LA Knight, we’re told that a large portion of their sales come digitally through partnering with third-party outlets. On those lists.

We’re told that Knight has individual jerseys that are up there with Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns However, the lists we often see emerging from.

The best-seller look don’t take into account live events, where Cody, Roman, and the names mentioned above see their merchandise move strongly.

In fact, we have learned that there has recently been a point of internal contention regarding the lack of merchandise for LA Knight at certain live shows of late,” Fightful wrote.