WWE News: WWE fires Dana Warrior

WWE News: WWE fires Dana Warrior

A new and striking dismissal takes place in the administrative sector of WWE. News portal PWInsider has confirmed that Dana Warrior has ended.

Her nearly decade-long employment relationship with the company. The news comes as a result of the personnel cuts that TKO Group.

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Holdings is carrying out within WWE after its official founding a few days ago. In addition to Dana Warrior, a large number of employees within the.

Administrative sector have been removed from their jobs in the last few hours. The layoffs have not spared names with several years of experience.

WWE SmackDown Latest News:

With the company, as has happened with Dana. Dana Viale began working with WWE in 2014, shortly after the death of her husband James Brian Hellwig.

Better known as The Ultimate Warrior. Under the name Dana Warrior, the former wrestler and model made contributions as a WWE ambassador.

Including the creation of the Warrior Award, a recognition that the company presents at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to names who performed notable.

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Work beyond the competition between the ropes. In addition to her role as an ambassador, Dana Warrior was also part of the creative team.

For WWE programs. Her contributions extended until her departure from this department in 2022.

Since then, Dana focused on the community sector of the company, which she integrates to this day.