WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 04th September 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 04th September 2023

USA Network will air the 1,580th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw tonight live from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. The show will feature several matches.

And segments of interest, highlighting an Intercontinental Championship match pitting Gunther against Chad Gable.

In addition, Jey Uso will make his first appearance on the red brand after his return in WWE Payback.

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Live report WWE Monday Night Raw September 4, 2023

The show begins with a WWE Payback summary video, which reviews the best moments and starting defenses of the event.

Samantha Irvin introduces the new member of the Monday Night Raw roster: Jey Uso, who makes his entrance by going down the stairs of the venue.

While taking a mass bath. The former WWE Unified Tag Team Champion enters the ring in great spirits. After receiving the public’s affection, he picks up a microphone.

Jey thanks them before welcoming them to Monday Night Raw, a phrase he has wanted to say for a long time. The public responds with shouts of “Uso, Uso!”.

Jey points out that he was only gone a few weeks, but he felt like it was much longer. Jey confesses that he was already tired of fighting with his family.

So he gave it all up, but then he received a call from Cody Rhodes. He knows that he has done horrible things in the past, and this has made him.

Many enemies backstage. But he doesn’t care, they already know where he is. Meanwhile, Jey Uso is at his new home. Sami Zayn appears.

On the entrance ramp and, after observing Jey, heads towards the ring. Once there, he picks up a microphone and appears surprised by his arrival at Raw.

Sami points out that, as he has already said, he has many enemies backstage. However, this is between him and Jey. Zayn wants to be the first.

To welcome him to the brand, adding that he feels very happy about it. Sami praises Jey for escaping The Bloodline’s clutches and shakes his hand.

Noting that he is very proud of him. Jey watches him, unmoving. Sami pulls her hand away and decides to leave him alone. However, when he is about.

To leave the ring, Jey stops him. “Hey, Sami, that wasn’t very Ucey of me, was it?” Jey asks with a wide grin on his face. Zayn approaches him and.

They both embrace in a hug while the fans explode with joy. Once the segment is over, Sami and Jey head backstage, greeting some fans along the way.

At that moment, Drew MmcIntyre appears, who confronts Jey. Zayn must intervene to prevent things from getting complicated. The Scotsman continues.

His course towards the ring, at which point Matt Riddle appears, who also confronts the Samoan while Sami tries to remain calm. Matt then decides.

To follow in his partner’s footsteps. Shinsuke Nakamura sends a new video message for Seth Rollins. The Japanese assures that his rivalry.

With the Champion has not ended, remembering that he may have lost his match in WWE Payback, but in the end it was he who was left standing.

Nakamura promises that he will take the title from him. Backstage, Adam Pearce talks to Ricochet, who asks him if he saw his match at WWE SummerSlam.

At that moment, a smiling Seth Rollins appears. Pearce asks him what he’s doing here, especially when the doctors haven’t cleared him.

Rollins responds that he is the champion and, therefore, his duty is to be present at the red brand’s show. Ricochet approaches them and reminds Rollins.

That he shouldn’t carry all the weight alone. Seth insists that he is fine and continues on his way.

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle vs. The Viking Raiders – Tornado Tag Team Match

The bell rings and the four wrestlers start attacking each other. Drew gets rid of Erik before performing a spinebuster on Ivar, who subsequently takes.

A senton from Riddle. Erik returns and launches against the faces. The Viking Raiders combine to attack Drew and Matt, but they manage to drive off their rivals.

Riddle then proposes that McIntyre throw it on them with a cross suplex. Riddle returns to the ring and asks his partner to clear the tables (in true The Dudley Boyz style).

Drew pushes his partner away and repeats the same phrase. They both head to ringside and pull out a table from under the ring before a new commercial break.

Back, we see Ivar placing Matt on a table in the center of the ring. Ivar climbs to the top of the corner. Drew goes after him and beats him up.

Matt joins in and they both execute a superplex, but Erik manages to remove the table, so Ivar hits the canvas. Erik punishes Riddle and places the table in one of the corners.

McIntyre returns and attacks his opponents with everything, which he knocks down with two consecutive neckbreakers.

Drew prepares to execute his finisher on Ivar, but Erik pulls his partner out of the ring. The Scotsman goes after them and rams them before cleaning

The commentators table. McIntyre throws Iivar over the table. Meanwhile, Erik manages to take down Drew, who receives a splash from Ivar.

Matt shows up to rescue his partner. Riddle kicks out the Vikings and sets up the table in the center of the ring. Matt places Erik on the table and climbs.

Over the corner. Valhalla approaches him, surprising him. Erik and Ivar seize the opportunity and prepare to execute their finisher. Kofi Kingston comes.

To the rescue! Kofi launches against the heels, but accidentally hits Matt with a Trouble in Paradise. McIntyre looks at Kofi in disbelief.

The Vikings attack Kofi and then use Riddle’s body to hit Drew as he tries to enter the ring. With the ring now clear, Ivar and Erik perform The Viking Experience on Matt, who smashes the table. 1..2..3.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Valhalla retires, euphoric, along with her companions while Drew watches the result of the fight with a serious face.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance. As usual, the public chants his entrance theme until the Champion reaches the center of the ring, where he stretches.

Out his arms and closes his eyes to enjoy the songs. The Champion welcomes Monday Night Rollins. Seth remembers that Nakamura kept his.

Promise to tear him apart. To such an extent, that there were times when he thought that he would not be able to emerge victorious from.

WWE Payback. Yet here he is, with the title around his waist. However, at the end of the night, Shinsuke walked out on his feet while he had to be removed.

On a stretcher. Saying that, he demands the Japanese’s presence, promising that he will make his dreams come true tonight. Nakamura doesn’t take.

Long to appear with his already classic “The Rising Sun”. Shinsuke stops in the middle of the ramp and looks at the champion with a big smile.

Rollins asks him to enter the ring, since he has a proposal. Nakamura refuses. Seth then decides to give him what he wants…again.

Seth proposes a world title rematch here and now. Shinsuke smiles and walks towards the ring, but stops and steps back. Shinsuke turns and addresses.

Rollins in Japanese. Seth assumes that he is accepting his challenge, so he insists that he enter the ring to start the fight. “No!” Nakamura replies.

“Excuse me?” Seth asks. “No!”, the Japanese replies again. Nakamura refuses to fight again and again. Rollins is enraged and gets out of the ring.

Seth and Shinsuke get into an altercation on the entrance ramp. The Japanese attack the champion’s back while several officials try to stop the fight.

Rollins falls to the ground and Shinsuke approaches to continue hitting him, but Ricochet appears out of nowhere to attack Nakamura and get him.

Away from the champion before another commercial break. Back, we see Seth yelling at Adam Pearce. The officer explains that everything.

He does is to protect him, to prevent him from hurting himself. Rollins disagrees with him and leaves, furious, without saying anything else.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet

Nakamura leaves the ring as soon as the bell rings. Ricochet goes after him and, after hitting him, takes him back to the ring. Once there, Ricochet.

manages to knock the Japanese down with a hurricanrana, but Nakamura turns the situation around after kicking the face when he was about to.

Execute a springboard. Nakamura climbs to the second rope and launches herself at his rival with a knee. Shinsuke kicks Ricochet in one of the.

Corners before executing a sliding German suplex. New ad break. Back, we see Shinsuke applying a submission hold on Ricochet. He manages to escape.

But receives a knee from the Japanese directly to the stomach. Ricochet responds with a handspring back elbow. Ricochet punishes Nakamura.

In one of the corners before launching himself at him with a crossbody, followed by a standing shooting star press. 1..2..NO. Ricochet scales to the.

Top of a corner and launches at Shinsuke, but Shinsuke dodges, leading to an exchange of attacks that ends with Ricochet’s The Recoil. 1..2..NO.

Ricochet misses an attack. Shinsuke does not forgive and punishes his rival with kicks and knees. Ricochet dodges an attack from Nakamura.

On the apron and, after kicking him, launches himself with a cannonball. Ricochet goes after Shinsuke, but he charges into the post.

The action moves to the public barrier. Ricochet throws him over it. Nakamura grabs a metal chair and uses it to punish Ricochet.

Winner by disqualification: Ricochet

Shinsuke takes Ricochet to the ring and places the chair on his head. Nakamura prepares to execute a kinshasa, at which point Rollins appears.

To save the victim from him. Both exchange attacks until security members come to separate them. Seth gets rid of some of them and launches.

Himself at Shinsuke with a butt. The fight continues at ringside, where the Japanese manages to push the champion against the metal stairs.

Nakamura tries to continue attacking him, but Ricochet makes him flee with a metal chair in his hand. Meanwhile, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley watch.

The scene backstage. “Not today,” Rhea tells him. Zoey Stark is interviewed by Cathy Kelley backstage. She asks him about what happened at WWE Payback.

The fighter points out that she had enough of Trish Stratus, which is why she attacked her. Shayna Baszler interrupts her, pointing out that it was time for.

Her to break up with Stratus, just as she already did with Ronda Rousey. Stark reminds her that they still have unfinished business, so she suggests.

WWE Monday Night Raw Latest News:

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Resolving them in the ring tonight. The entire Judgment Day heads to the ring carrying all their championships. Damian Priest demands that.

The audience stand up for them. Dominik Mysterio is the next to speak, but the boos of the audience drown out his words. Finn Bálor congratulates.

Mysterio on his anniversary at The Judgment Day. He also wants to thank Rhea Ripley for being the group’s voice of reason. Finally, he turns to Priest.

Whom he thanks for everything, despite having had a run-in with him. He then thanks JD McDonagh for supporting him over the years and.

Lastly thanks himself for becoming a Grand Slam Champion. Rhea Ripley is delighted with the situation, pointing out that she loves them all.

Like the big family they are. However, the group’s success has been overshadowed by the arrival of Jey Uso. Rhea reminds everyone that The Bloodline.

Fell while The Judgment Day rises. Priest is the next to speak, but JD McDonagh interrupts him. Damian points out that he may already have a good reason.

To interrupt him, especially now that he doesn’t like him as much anymore. JD answers that it is. McDonagh remembers Rhea’s words from.

A few weeks ago, pointing out that he must give up the Money in the Bank briefcase…in exchange for a new design. JD takes a new purple briefcase.

With the legend “Mr. Money in the Bank” out of a black bag. Damian smiles and picks it up. Priest is about to speak once again, but now it is Sami Zayn.

Who interrupts him. Zayn points out that he won’t let The Judgment Day get away with what they did at WWE Payback. Zayn blames Dominik for.

His defeat of him, which is why he challenges him to a match tonight. JD comes forward and reminds Sami that he also participated in the fight.

So he offers to be his rival. Gunther addresses Chad Gable in a backstage promo. After a short introduction in his native language, the.

Austrian assures that his opponent will not stand in his way of creating a legacy, adding that his fairy tale will never make it into the history books.

“Your fairy tale is a passing thing. My legacy will last forever. And tonight, as soon as the bell rings for the end of the fight, I will go down in history.

As the longest-serving Intercontinental Champion in history,” Gunther said. Backstage, Raquel Rodriguez talks with Adam Pearce.

He assures her that he will make her request official. Chelsea Green appears without her partner. Pearce thanks him for showing up even though.

Her partner is injured. Chelsea believes that the titles are cursed. Meanwhile, Pearce informs him that tonight he will confront Raquel, who was still there. “See you in the ring. I’m going to crush you, little girl,” the Texan promises.

Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark

Baszler takes Zoey down. She responds with a dropkick before catching her rival in a headlock on the canvas. Shayna escapes from Stark before applying.

A stomp to her arm. Baszler tries to subdue Stark with a kirifuda clutch, but Zoey manages to escape from her. The action moves to ringside.

Shayna catches Zoey again in a kirifuda clutch. Stark throws herself against the commentary table until her opponent frees her from it.

After that, he returns to the ring only to launch himself at Shayna with a crossbody. Baszler takes the impact and falls to the ground. Zoey yells at her, “I’m the baddest, not you!”

Back from commercial, we see Stark controlling the fight as he yells for Shayna to stand up. Zoey launches with a springboard dropkick.

Baszler responds with a hard kick to her face. Shayna covers her. 1..2..NO. Baszler tries to catch her rival once again with a kirifuda, but Stark gets.

Rid of her with a right hand. Zoey launches with a splash. Stark takes Shayna back into the ring and executes a springboard twisted senton.

Baszler catches her in a kirifuda, taking her to the canvas. Zoey tries to escape from her, even standing up twice, but Shayna refuses to release her. Stark loses consciousness and the referee rings the bell.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Stark manages to stand up with the help of the cornerback. Shayna walks up to her. “You gave me a better fight than Ronda ever did,” Baszler notes. They both bump their fists as a sign of respect.

Backstage, The Judgment Day wonder what to do with Sami Zayn’s challenge. Rhea Ripley decides to give JD McDonagh a chance, asking.

Finn Bálor to take care of it. Finn asks Damian Priest if he wants to give him a hand. Priest nods and they both leave. Rhea then turns to.

Dominik Mysterio, tasking him with making sure this thing with McDonagh goes as planned. Dominik obeys and leaves, leaving Ripley alone, who remains, thoughtful, sitting on a couch.

Chelsea Green vs. Rachel Rodriguez

Raquel observes her opponent with a serious face. She tries to flee as soon as the bell rings. Raquel stops him. Chelsea pleads, but Rodriguez throws.

Her to the canvas. Green tries to kick Raquel, but she responds with a big boot, followed by a suplex. Chelsea manages to hit Raquel with the.

Help of the ropes and launches herself at her with a croosbody. Rodriguez catches her in mid-flight. Green escapes and slaps Raquel. Furious, Rodriguez.

Executes a clothesline. Chelsea dodges it, but she can do nothing against a second clothesline. Rodriguez ends the fight with a Tejana Bomb.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Rodriguez announces that, after speaking with Adam Pearce, she can confirm that next week she will fight Rhea Ripley again for the Women’s World Championship. But this time, Dominik Mysterio will be banned from ringside.

Backstage, Chad Gable responds to Gunther. Accompanied by Otis and Maxxine Dupri, Gable ensures that he too is in the history books.

Without going any further, he has competed in the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, he is prepared to make history again tonight in front of his family.

And friends. “Tonight, the world will see that your desire to keep that championship is no match for my desire to take it from you,” Gable declares.

The Miz makes his entrance before a new commercial break.

Backstage, an enraged McIntyre looks for Koki Kingston. Matt Riddle meets his partner and asks her to calm down. Riddle also asks him to give.

Jey Uso a chance. McIntyre points out that the Samoan will end up making a mistake. So, he will take action on it, just like with Cody Rhodes.

Who was the one who brought him to the brand. Kofi Kingston appears and apologizes for what happened earlier, saying it was an accident.

McIntyre doesn’t seem very convinced and leaves. Kofi asks Matt to check on his partner. We return to the ring, where The Miz welcomes the public.

To a new edition of “Miz TV”. Miz claims that an injustice occurred at WWE Payback and that he didn’t really lose his match, because they cheated.

However, tonight he will solve it thanks to his guest: John Cena! The sixteen-time world champion’s theme song resonates throughout the venue, but no one appears.

The Miz acts as if John is making his entrance until he sits next to him. Miz interviews Cena, accusing the empty chair of having conspired.

With LA Knight. The audience reacts with “Yeahh!” Miz gets a confession from John, at which point he demands that he leave the ring. Cena seems to refuse.

And exchanges shoves with Miz. He takes off his jacket before dodging several attacks from Cena before applying a Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz picks up the microphone and points out that the games and illusions are over. Miz demands a new match against LA Knight, without Cena.

Without traps, where he will end Knight’s fairy tale. And all of that will be possible because he is The Miz and he is AMAZING! Miz bends down to catch.

The imaginary John Cena and throw him over the top rope to end the segment. Backstage, Jey Uso runs into Akira Tozawa before meeting Adam Pearce.

He tells him that SmackDown has something to say about his presence on Raw, so he tells him that a meeting will be held about it.

Tommaso Ciampa is the next to approach Pearce, who shows him into his office to discuss a matter.

Sami Zayn vs. J.D. McDonagh

JD escapes to ringside as soon as the bell rings. Zayn manages to catch him in the center of the ring before throwing him against one of the corners.

Sami receives an attack from McDonagh with the help of the ropes. JD hits him with a clothesline straight to the back of the head before launching.

Himself at the Canadian to continue hitting him. Sami recovers and launches a series of attacks on the Irishman again. The action moves to ringside.

Where JD smashes Sami’s head into the announce table before throwing him into one of the ring posts. New commercial break.

Back in, we see Sami taking down McDonagh with a clothesline. Zayn continues to punish JD, whom he throws into the air. Sami catches the.

Irishman in mid-flight to execute a Michinoku Driver. 1..2..NO. The action moves to the top of the ring. JD jumps, but Sami dodges him just.

Before hitting an exploder suplex. Sami prepares to execute his finisher, but Dominik Mysterio pulls McDonagh out of the ring. Sami goes after.

Him and hits him over and over again. Zayn returns to the ring with the Irishman, at which point Mysterio climbs onto the apron to distract him. JD takes advantage of the situation to get the victory with a roll-up.

Winner: JD McDonagh

A furious Sami goes down to ringside to hit Dom. After taking him to the ring, he executes an exploder suplex and prepares to finish him off with his finiher.

McDonagh prevents it, taking the Canadian out of the ring. McDonagh returns and takes out Mysterio, who he asks to leave. Zayn appears behind.

Him and executes a new exploder suplex that ends with McDonagh hitting the post. Finally, Sami manages to apply a Helluva Kick. The crowd erupts as JD falls to the canvas and Mysterio continues his way backstage.