WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 06th March 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 06th March 2023

USA Network will broadcast the 1,554th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw tonight live from the TD Garden in Boston, MA. The event will.

Feature several segments and fights, highlighting the return of John Cena to the company’s programming, the appearance of Logan Paul and two.

New confrontations within the rivalry that The Bloodline maintains with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

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So far this week’s coverage


The show ends with Rhodes protecting Zayn while the members of The Bloodline look on defiantly.


Jey takes sides… for her family


However, at that moment, Jey superkicks Sami! The audience shouts “Holy Shit!” Jimmy yells at Zayn before returning him to the ring, where his.

Sister throws herself at him. Jimmy angrily pushes him away to personally punish the Canadian.

Only Sikoa returns and joins his brother, but they are interrupted by Cody Rhodes, who appears like an exhalation to defend the face.


Jey Uso goes up to the ring and stands in front of his brother. Jey puts her hands on Jimmy’s shoulders before fisting his shirt. After looking at his brother sadly.

Jey leaves the ring and sits next to Sami, with whom he hugs. They both raise their index fingers as Jimmy looks stunned at the scene.



Sami Zayn defeats Jimmy Uso


Sami goes back up to the corner, but when he jumps on Jimmy, he receives it with a superkick. Suddenly, the public goes crazy. Jey Uso makes his entrance!

Jey steps up to the announce table and yells “let’s go!” Jimmy smiles, but falls to a surprise roll-up from the Canadian.


Usage is reset during the next ad break. The heel leads Sami towards one of the corners from where he tries to execute a superplex, but Zayn reacts, applying a powerbomb for a new nearfall


A crossbody from Zayn almost finished off his rival, but he reacted by expelling the Canadian from the ring. Only Sikoa stands behind him and prepares.

To execute the Samoan Skipe. However, the referee notices and sends him off ringside. Sami takes advantage of Jimmy’s distraction.

Who is arguing with the referee, to apply a Blue Thunder Bomb, but the referee’s subsequent count stays at two.


Back on the ring, the Samoan executes two running Umaga in two of the corners. Zayn reacts and both exchange attacks until the Canadian manages to execute a DDT tornado.



Jimmy manages to dominate the early stages of the match, attacking Sami with a suplex in the ring apron before throwing him against one of the posts.


Jimmy Uso vs. sami zayn


We see Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa backstage as they head towards the ring


Several fights and segments are announced for next week:

Edge and Finn Bálor will have a confrontation

Elijah vs. Bronson Reed

Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green


Bayley confronts Lynch, but finally chooses to leave. However, she soon realizes that she is surrounded. Her faces are thrown at her, but IYO and Dakota intervene to get her partner out of her ring and to safety.



Bayley accuses them of being selfish before threatening Lita and Trish to withdraw them for good. Stratus challenges them to a team match.

Bayley accepts without thinking twice before the puzzled looks of IYO SKY and Dakota Kai.

The Japanese and the New Zealander launch themselves against the WWE Hall of Famers, but end up being expelled from the ring.


Lita thanks Lynch, but Lita acknowledges that there is someone else she has to thank. She plays the Trish Stratus theme song and she makes.

An appearance of her. Stratus points out that he will always be there for her. However, when she starts talking about Damage CTRL, the heels make an appearance.


Becky and Lita are presented to the Boston public as the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Lita points out that, when they had the opportunity, they took advantage of it. “The audience screams “You deserve it!”


Becky Lynch and Lita make their entrance to the ring


It’s official: Seth Rollins will face Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39



We see a new promotional video of WrestleMania 39 starring The Miz and Maryse while they parody “Top Gun”


We see a video summary of the stellar event last week, where Lita and Becky Lynch were crowned new WWE tag team champions


Chad Gable defeats Baron Corbin by submission


Corbin throws himself at Gable as soon as the bell rings. Baron catches his opponent and punishes his back as he presses her against his shoulder.

Gale responds with a German suplex before going up to the corner and executing a moonsault.

However, Baron dodges it before applying a backbreaker. Gable quickly recovers and traps the heel with an Ankle Lock, forcing him to submit.


Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin



Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage. The Canadian regrets the decision of Kevin Owens, whom he once called “brother”. However, now he has.

No choice but to continue fighting alone against The Bloodline, because he will not stop until he kills the group. Sami sends a message to Jimmy Uso, assuring him that tonight he won’t be able to beat him.


John Cena accepts Austin Theory challenge


Cena accepts the match before pointing out that Theory has made the biggest mistake of his career. The face leaves the ring, but before reaching.

The end of the entrance ramp, he introduces Cody Rhodes. “The American Nightmare” appears and both merge into a hug to end the segment.


John Cena replies that if he has rejected his offer, it is for his own good. Because if they both face each other at WrestleMania, Theory will lose.

Win or lose, the heel will lose. If he loses, he will lose everything. If he wins, he will have to go out in the ring, alone, the following Monday on Raw.

Where the entire roster will want to take down the fighter who beat Cena. However, now that he’s in the crowd, he’s left with no choice but to ask Boston if he wants to watch the fight. The public shouts yes.


John Cena wants to give him a gift in his name and in Boston’s. “Shut up, turn around and leave the ring. And so we’ll let you go in peace,”.

Says the face. Theory refuses, mocking the face for his baldness problems. John removes his cap and shows his crown without complexes.

Austin explains that Cena is a disappointment. “Never meet your idols, because they will only disappoint you,” says Theory.



John points out that Theory has no heart or soul. And that is the reason why the public does not believe in him. However, he acknowledges that.

He has good things. For example, his name. Cena assures that he has the best name in the company’s history: Austin Theory, which he also describes perfectly, because “it is nothing more than a theory”


“No,” Cena replies. The face refuses to accept his gift because he claims that he has not earned the right to be respected. Cena points out that.

He doesn’t care, just like the public. “And we don’t love you because we don’t believe in you. And we don’t believe you, because you don’t believe in yourself,” Cena says.


Austin acknowledges that John was the person who inspired him to be a wrestler. That is why he only has respect for him. That’s why he comes.

With a gift for him, a personal gift. The audience interrupts with chants of “Dinner!” once again before the heel offers him a title match at WrestleMania 39.



Cena can’t say a single word, as Austin Theory’s music plays immediately. The audience chants “Dinner!”



John Cena makes his entrance to the ring


Backstage, Elias tries to continue teaching Rick Boogs. The guitarist tells him that he must do something himself. It’s the only way to make a name.

WWE Raw Result Latest News:

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For himself, just like he did. That’s why he proposes to approach Bronson Reed and tell him “I want to fight you.” Boogs approaches the Australian.

And he goes towards Elias. “Do you want to fight me? I’ll see you next week,” Bronson says to a surprised man. He points out to Rick that he has a lot to learn.


Piper Niven defeats Nikki Cross


Cross takes off her jacket and slaps her against the canvas as he waits for Niven to return. When she does, Nikki charges at her again, but her heel only needs one chance to take down her opponent and finish her off with a final splash.


Nikki attacks Piper during her entrance. Cross focuses on the face of the Scotsman, who must retire to ringside. Upon returning, Cross throws himself at her with a crossbody.



Piper Niven vs. Nikki Cross


We see a video recorded last week where Piper Niven attacks Candice LeRae backstage. Her face hurt her shoulder, which will keep her out of action indefinitely.


Backstage, Edge challenges Finn Bálor to face him without the presence of his Judgment Day teammates.


King and Queen of the Ring announced for May 27. The event will take place from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia




A summary video of the confrontation between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns is shown in the last episode of SmackDown


Edge costs Finn Bálor the fight


Edge goes up to the ring and prepares to execute a spear. Finn gets up with difficulty, and receives the finisher from the Canadian, who leaves the ring satisfied.


Johnny Gargano defeats Finn Balor


The Judgment Day intervenes to distract the face, which launches on Damian Priest. Back in the ring, he is attacked by Finn, who is preparing to execute.

The Coup de Grace. However, Edge’s theme song plays! Dominik and Rhea head towards the ramp, but Edge appears after the Irishman.

Whom he pushes into the ring. The heel is at the mercy of a definitive Tornado DDT from Gargano.



Both rivals exchange attacks. A clothesline knocks down Bálor, who later receives an enziguri. Johnny concludes with executing a spear from the apron. Finn stops his rival’s offensive but falls to several kicks.


Gargano catches the arm of his rival, but he manages to get away. The Irishman leads his rival towards one of the cornermen, but a.

Series of kicks from Gargano send him out of the ring, where he meets a menacing Lumis. While the heel is distracted, Johnny launches at him with a suicide dive before reaching a new commercial break.


Bálor is the first to hit. Johnny tries to recover, but ends up being run over. Meanwhile, The entire Judgment Day support their leader from ringside. For its part, the face has the support of Dexter Lumis.


Finn Bálor vs. johnny gargano


Backstage, Heyman indicates to Jimmy that he will be in charge of ending Sami Zayn. Paul warns him that, after that, he will have to bring back.

His brother Jey. Paul knows it’s a lot of pressure, but he reminds him that if he doesn’t make it.

Roman Reigns will hold him directly responsible. Jimmy is visibly concerned about such a burden on his shoulders.



MMM they talk about someone special. Baron Corbin approaches them and thanks them for his words. He assures that it is something that suits.

Him very well in these difficult moments. Maxxine Dupri, ma.cé and mansoor indicate that they are not talking about him, but about Otis who appears in the background with Chad Gable.

However, Maxxine acknowledges that Baron has qualities before asking him for a favor: that he get rid of Otis’s partner, Chad Gable. “Give it done,” Corbin replies.


MVP goes up to the ring and, microphone in hand, addresses Brock Lesnar. “Didn’t you want me to sell a great match at WrestleMania?”

Exclaims an energetic MVP before pointing out the Nigerian as an unstoppable beast that will finish him off in the great event.


Dolph tries to climb on the Nigerian, but he gets rid of him. A big boot, followed by a big slam quickly ends the face.


Dolph Ziggler vs. hear


Mustafa Ali appears in the audience with an “I love Dolph” sign while a pre-recorded video is shown where he informs Dolph Ziggler that he got him a match against Omos



Logan Paul gets away with it again


Rollins executes a superkick on Miz, which allows Logan to hit Rollins with a punch in the face, who falls knocked out on the canvas.

The youtuber picks up a microphone and points out that he will wait for Seth’s response. “Bye, bitch,” exclaims a more than satisfied Paul before leaving.


Miz tries to stop them both from fighting. Paul assures that if Seth wants to fight, it’s okay for him. But he won’t do it tonight or in front of the Boston crowd.

However, on a bigger stage, like WrestleMania. The Miz informs the youtuber that, as the host of the great event, he can get that fight.

Seth throws Miz to ringside only to receive a kick from Paul. He tries to execute a Stomp, but Rollins dodges it before taking the heel towards the corner. The Miz returns to separate Seth from Logan.


Seth points out that if he and the public don’t like him, it’s because he’s the biggest piece of trash on the face of the earth. “We don’t want you in our house!”

Rollins points out before reminding him that the public is here to see him. Seth indicates that the time to talk is over. Now it’s time to fight, Rollins points out as he removes his jacket.


Rollins formally introduces himself to Paul. He replies that he knows very well who he is: the clown whose plans.

He ruined twice. Logan claims that he is better than Seth at his job. The youtuber points out that he is better in a natural way.



Seth decides to end this entry by welcoming Paul, who smiles. The public boo the youtuber. “Logan sucks!”


They both stare at each other while Rollins rejoices at the audience’s chants. The Miz raises his hand, demanding silence from the public. Rollins covers the

Microphone as he encourages the fans to keep chanting. Paul is now the one who tells them to shut up. The public korean with more zeal.


Miz tries to shake the youtuber’s hand, but he ignores him and goes directly to one of the cornerbacks to greet the public. Rollins does not take long to appear.


The Miz is presented as the moderator of the confrontation between Rollins and Logan Paul. “If someone has a problem with that, they wouldn’t have used my cell phone for this,” Miz says before introducing Paul.




We see a summary of the “Miz TV” segment from last week, where Seth Rollins invited Logan Paul to meet him on Raw


A video of Rhea Ripley is shown where her domination of the ring is evident. The fighter assures that she will leave WrestleMania as a champion.


Owens “still in his thirteen”


Sami Zayn meets Kevin Owens backstage. Zayn asks her to join him one more time. Sami reminds him that they won’t be able to take down The Bloodline alone.

They must unite. Owens tells him that he doesn’t need it. He will do this himself. Kevin recommends that he go back to Roman Reigns.

He can ask for your forgiveness and try to be accepted again. But as far as he is concerned, he will continue to fight the stable on his behalf. Discouraged, Sami has no choice but to leave.


Asuka protects the opponent from her at WrestleMania



Chelsea Green attacks Bianca after the match. Carmella doesn’t take long to join her. But at that moment, Asuka’s entrance theme plays.

The Japanese heads towards the ring. Carmella hides behind Green, who receives Asuka’s Blue Mist. The heels leave the ring while the champion and challenger look at each other. There are no words between them.


Bianca Belair defeats Carmella


Belair throws a series of punches on the heel before throwing her towards ringside. The champion then goes after Chelsea Green, whom she throws.

Over the public barrier. Back on the ring, Carmella tries to win with a roll-up, but she only manages to fall before a final KOD.


Carmella keeps Bianca caught with a headlock flush with the canvas. The champion manages to lift her onto her shoulders, but Mella.

Escapes from her as she knocks her down after pulling her braid. Carmella goes up to the corner and jumps over the champion with a crossbody.

Belair catches it before executing a slam. Chelsea distracts the face from her, causing Mella to recover.


Belair goes up to one of the cornerbacks, ready to continue her offensive, but Mella manages to push her into the ring, causing the champion’s face to hit the canvas just before a new commercial break.



Bianca leads Mella they bring the fight close to the canvas while exchanging headlocks. Belair makes her greatest agility effective

But Mella manages to reverse the situation with the help of the ropes. Bianca quickly recovers before taking down the heel.


Bianca Belair vs. ccarmella


During a backstage interview, Carmella criticizes Adam Pearce’s treatment. Chelsea Green appears to position herself next to Mella, claiming.

That she is not happy with the WWE official either. Carmella then proposes that he accompany her in her fight tonight, where she assures that.

She will defeat Bianca Belair. Green accepts and the two begin to talk while indicating to the interviewer (Byron Saxton) that she no longer has anything to do there.


Lashley is disappointed by his visit to the blue mark. He claims to be tired of Bray Wyatt and plays games with him, demanding that he behave like a man and come face to face with him.


A summary video of the events of the last episode of SmackDown is shown, where Bobby Lashley stopped a surprise attack by Uncle Howdy.



Owens still doesn’t accept Sami’s help


Jimmy and Solo continue to attack Owens, who they take to the commentators table. Sikoa prepares to jump on him, but Sami Zayn comes to the rescue!

Zayn attacks his enemies, who he flees with a metal chair. After that, he goes up to the ring and approaches Owens, who is exha


Owens recovers again and tries to knock Solo down. After several attempts, the Canadian manages to do it with a clothesline.

After which he executes a senton. However, when he tries to apply a Swanton Bomb, Solo escapes to ringside.


Sikoa kicks the face in one of the cornerbacks. Kevin tries to recover as he launches a punching attack. Sikoa stops him with a new kick.

Owens complains of having received the impact in his lower part. Sikoa launches on his rival with a headbutt.


Back on the ring, the fight officially begins. Kevin throws himself at Solo, but the heel manages to quickly recover. An accurate kick knocks down Owens, who continues to receive attacks from the Samoan.


Owens attacks Sikoa as he enters the ring. The Canadian tries to punish the Samoan at ringside, but Sikoa manages to escape before throwing his opponent against the ring posts twice.



Kevin Owens vs. Only Sikoa


The show begins with the arrival by car of Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman. He reminds Jimmy that he must solve the problem with Sami Zayn, just as Sikoa must do the same.

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With the problem with Kevin Owens. As the Samoans march into the compound, Heyman picks up his cell phone and calls Roman Reigns. However, the segment ends before we learn the content of the subsequent conversation.


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