WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 21st August 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 21st August 2023

USA Network will broadcast WWE Monday Night Raw episode 1,578 live tonight from the Center Videotron in Quebec, QC. The show will feature various bouts.

And segments of interest, highlighting a fight for the Intercontinental Championship that will pit Gunther against Chad Gable.

Live Reporting WWE Monday Night Raw August 21, 2023

The show begins with a summary of the latest events within The Judgment Day, with the heel faction unleashing a brutal attack on Sami Zayn and.

Cody Rhodes to send a loud and clear message to the WWE roster. Sami Zayn opens tonight’s episode. The Canadian is received with a standing.

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Ovation from the public in his native country. The fighter advances towards the ring with the two tag team championships of the brand on his waist.

Zayn sits in one of the corner seats to enjoy the warm welcome before picking up a microphone. The fans continue to chant Zayn, who is visibly excited.

Sami celebrates effusively, further cheering the fans. Zayn smiles, unable to speak as the chants continue. “Ole Ole ole!” and “Sami, Sami, Sami!”.

Finally, Zayn welcomes the audience in French. Once this is done, the theme song from The Judgment Day blares through the venue and the entire heel.

Faction makes its entrance. The four heels surround the ring. Sami asks them to wait, pointing out that they can do whatever they want, but he wants to.

Ask them something first. “You know we’re in Quebec, right? Do you really think that out of all the places in the world, I would come here alone?” KEVIN OWENS returns to Monday Night Raw!

Kevin heads towards the ring, getting rid of Dominik Mysterio and Finn Bálor at ringside. Damian Priest tries to attack Sami in the ring, but Owens.

Comes to the aid of his partner to apply a Stunner to “Mr. Money in the Bank”. The champions gather in the ring as The Judgment Day retreats.

To the entrance ramp. The public goes crazy. Kevin picks up a microphone and reminds them that he hasn’t played a fight in a long time.

That is why he challenges two members of Judgment Day to a fight in pairs tonight. The fans applaud with delight while the heels show their discontent with what happened.

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle (GlasBro) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Kofi and Xavier are the first to make their entrance. Matt Riddle is the next to appear just before his partner does, who appears with her claymore sword.

Xavier and Matt start the fight. Woods taunts Riddle before kicking him with a dropkick. Xavier tags in to Kofi, who executes a spinning splash.

Matt escapes from his rivals and takes over from Drew. Kingston tries to prevail over the Scotsman, but receives a suplex. Xavier enters the scene.

And launches against McIntyre, but only manages to receive a suplex. The members of New Day end up at ringside. Matt walks over to his partner.

And hugs him, but Drew also suplexes him, launching Riddle onto his opponents. A surprised Riddle stands up and smiles. Back from advertising.

We see The New Day dominating Matt. Kofi catches Riddle in a submission key. Matt tries to get to his corner, but Kingston stops him.

The New Day combines to punish his rival. Xavier catches Riddle’s left arm. He manages to escape, but receives a facebreaker from Woods followed.

By a splash from Kofi, which hits Matt’s back. 1..2..NO. Riddle tries to get to McIntyre, but Kofi keeps stopping him. A direct knee strike to.

Kofi’s face almost allows Riddle to tag Drew, but Xavier prevents it. The action moves to the top of one of the cornerbacks.

Matt manages to apply a superplex on Woods. Matt kicks Woods and goes to his corner, but Erik tackles McIntyre. Kofi receives the relief and applies a Trouble in Paradise on Riddle to end the fight. 1..2..3.

Winners: The New Day

The Viking Raiders and Valhalla storm into the ring to attack the victors before setting their sights on Riddle. However, Drew returns to the ring and.

Applies a Glasgow Kiss on Erik and a spinebuster on Ivar, who he expels from the ring with a clothesline. Drew and Matt rebuke The Viking Raiders.

Who have withdrawn on the entrance ramp. After McIntyre and Riddle we see The New Day recovering from the attack received. Jackie Redmon interviews Finn Bálor and JD Mcdonagh.

The interviewer asks JD if she thinks his presence is affecting The New Day. McDonagh points out that it isn’t. He and Finn have known each other for many years and he believes.

They are closer than ever now. Bálor rebukes Redmon, assuring that he only wants to cause tension with his question. However, he reminds

Him that thanks to JD last week they were able to take down Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio interrupt the interview to.

Take Bálor, as they must decide who will face Sami and Owens tonight. JD tries to follow them, but Rhea stops him, pointing out that this is a matter

That only concerns The Judgment Day. A promotional video of Shayna Baszler is shown. The fighter assures that she is not a hero. She’s here with.

The goal of survival, so she doesn’t mind letting the world burn. Gunther addresses fans through a previously recorded video. The Austrian welcomes.

Viewers to a historic moment. The champion remembers the words of Chad Gable, his rival tonight, who assured that time is playing against him.

However, Gunther believes the opposite, pointing out that, with each passing day, he continues to cement his legacy. Finally, he promises to beat Gable to.

Continue reigning as Intercontinental champion. “Your fantasy story will end tonight!” Gunther exclaims. Backstage, the members of Alpha Academy are interviewed before.

Chad Gable heads to the ring. Otis and Maxxine Dupri have only words of encouragement for their mentor, with the latter ensuring that.

Gable is capable of making the impossible possible. Chad thanks them for these comments with his classic “Thank youuu!” and the three head to the ring.

Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Gunther (c) vs. Chad Gable

Both are observed as soon as the bell rings to start a first trial phase. Chad applies a quick chop on Gunther, who responds with a lock to his opponent’s left arm.

Gable tries to escape, but the champion knocks him down. Chad manages to escape to knock down the champion, but he recovers and throws.

The challenger to ringside. Gable returns to the ring, but receives a tremendous chop from the Austrian. Gable is lying on the canvas just before a new commercial break.

Back, we see Gunther kicking Chad off the apron. The Austrian goes down to ringside to catch his rival, whom he drops over the public barrier.

Gable drags himself back to the ring. There, he receives a vertical suplex from the champion. 1…2…NO. Gunther throws his rival against one of the.

Cornerbacks. The Austrian tries to repeat the play, but Gable collapses halfway. Gunther approaches him, but Chad seems to recover through several kicks.

Chad catches Gunther’s arm with the help of the ropes. The referee forces him to release it. Gable launches at his opponent, but receives a chop from.

The champion, followed by two clotheslines. 1..2..NO. Gunther charges back, but Chad catches him by surprise. 1..2..NO. Gunther catches.

Gable with a slepper hold. Chad gets up carrying the champion. Gable launches several attacks on Gunther, who traps him in a sleeper hold again. Gable gets rid of the Austrian with a suplex.

Chad tries to execute another suplex, but Gunther kicks him out. A second kick ends with Chad catching the champion with an Ankle Lock.

Gunther kicks Gable to escape, but Gable applies a spear to knock the champion down. Chad launches several attacks on the Austrian before applying.

His bridging german suplex. 1..2..NO. The audience chants “This is amazing!” Gunther knocks Chad down, ejecting him from the ring. Gunther goes after.

Him and hits his rival with everything. However, Gable dodges a chop from the Austrian, which slams his hand into the corner post.

Gable throws his opponent against the post before executing a German suplex that sends Gunther over the crowd barrier. Chad returns to the ring just before the referee’s count reaches 10.

Countout Winner: Chad Gable

An enraged Gunther pays it with the commentators table. His teammates, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, meet with his leader as Samantha Irvin declares that Gunther is still Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage, The Judgment Day discusses who will fight tonight. Both Finn Bálor and Damian Priest believe that it should be them with Dominik Mysterio.

When asked for his opinion, Dom says that they’re both amazing, so he asks Rhea Ripley. She is unhappy with the situation, blaming Damian and.

Finn for not fixing their problems. Rhea says that she has her own problems, so she hopes that once she and Mysterio return, Bálor and Priest have.

Made up their minds. Otherwise, she will. Backstage, Gunther rebukes Vinci and Kaiser. Gunther walks off, noting that he’s already tired of them.

Ludwig assures that he will take care of this. “What will you do?”, he asks his partner before leaving. Cody Rhodes is interviewed by Byron Saxton backstage.

However, the wrestler grabs the microphone and heads up the entrance ramp to speak directly in front of the fans. Cody curries the public’s.

Favor by welcoming them in French With that being said, he would also like to welcome the new Raw commentary team. Rhodes remembers that.

The Judgment Day always plays with his numerical superiority. Cody assures that tonight he will witness the fight of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Against The Judgment Day, predicting the rise and fall of the heel faction. In a video recorded in advance, Shinsuke Nakamura indicates that he knows.

Seth Rollins and his weaknesses very well. Shinsuke knows that fans have been wondering this week what he said to Seth to make Seth so shocked.

“I whispered to him, ‘I know what’s wrong with your back,'” says Nakamura. The Japanese assures that Rollins lives daily with back pain.

He is not even able to take his daughter in his arms without feeling discomfort. Now, he fights to keep his title while he fears losing quality of life.

Shinsuke assures that the World Heavyweight Champion also carries the weight of his own vanity. “Are you satisfied, Seth? Because I won’t be until.

I take that weight off your shoulders,” says a smiling Shinsuke. “Watch your back,” he exclaims to end his promo.

Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae

Ripley appears accompanied by Dominik Mysterio. For her part, Candice makes her entrance along with Indi Hartwell. Ripley doesn’t take long to launch.

Herself at Candice as soon as the bell rings. She manages to recover after throwing Ripley against the post. Dominik tries to distract LeRae.

But Indi goes after Mysterio. Candice launches at Ripley, but she catches her in mid-flight before trying to apply her finisher.

However, Candice reverses it into a DDT before sentoning onto her opponent’s back. The action continues and Rhea traps LeRae in a Prism Trap. Candice gives up.

Submission Winner: Rhea Ripley

Raquel Rodriguez appears from the entrance ramp. Walking with the help of a crutch, she advances towards the champion, who mocks her.

However, Rodriguez throws down the crutch, showing that she is fine, and heads towards Rhea. Both start a fight that reaches the ring.

There, Raquel applies a suplex on the champion, followed by a clothesline. Dominik helps his partner out of the ring. Rodriguez picks up a.

Microphone and addresses Rhea. Raquel tells her that she already has a medical discharge and that, after speaking with Adam Pearce, they will both.

Face each other at WWE Payback, where Raquel promises not only to give her everything, but also to take the Women’s World Championship from her.

The Miz makes his entrance to the ring dressed to fight.

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa recalls that he returned to Raw 9 weeks ago. Since then, he has done nothing but try to find his place. He knows what it.

WWE Monday Night Raw Latest News:

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Feels like to have the focus, and he’s looking forward to getting it back. He’s not here to play any game, he’s here to take over the game.

Back on the ring, The Miz mocks the fans, who ask for the presence of LA Knight. The heel reminds them that he is not here, trying to silence the.

Criticism that blames him for costing him a starting opportunity for the United States Championship on SmackDown. The Miz assures that he is not a fashion.

Because they come and go. He will be remembered as one of the greatest. However, LA Knight will be remembered as a talent that simply passed.

Through the company. The Miz assures that LA Knight is not at his level. That is why he has asked Adam Pearce to bring him a fighter to match him.

Akira Tozawa makes his entrance. The Miz makes fun of him, remembering that he is a former 24/7 champion, a title that is part of history, as will happen.

With LA Knight. Tozawa yells “Yeaahh!”, angering Miz, who kicks the Japanese before the referee rings the bell.

The Miz vs. Akira Tozawa

LA Knight makes his entrance. The public goes crazy. The Miz gets distracted and receives a kick from Tozawa, who sends him to ringside.

LA Knight grabs some tissues and throws them at Miz as he makes his way to the announce table. The Miz returns to the ring, only to be ejected again by.

The opposite side. Akira hits his rival against the commentator table. LA Knight approaches him to dedicate a “Yeaah!” before a new ad break.

Back, we see The Miz executing a clotesline on Akira in one of the corners before launching himself on him. The Miz kicks the Japanese while.

He rebukes LA Knight, who is commenting at the commentators table. Tozawa tries to react, applying a hurricanrana, followed by a running knee.

Tozawa tries to climb up one of the cornerbacks, but receives a kick from The Miz. Miz goes after the Japanese, but he uses the commentary table.

To lean on and execute a new hurricanrana, which throws his rival against the metal stairs. Back on the ring, Tozawa executes a senton, but Miz receives.

It with his knees. The Miz tries to make fun of Knight, but Akira takes advantage of it to surprise the heel with a roll-up. 1..2..3.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

The Miz argues with the referee while Akira celebrates with LA Knight. He goes up to the ring and catches Miz by surprise to execute his finisher.

Knight throws a new bandana next to his enemy’s face before walking off down the entrance ramp. Backstage, Matt Riddle tries to convince.

Drew McIntyre to stay together. The Scotsman points out that there is already too much drama. At that moment, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

Appear, who assure that they should not separate, because they have seen that they have something, something solid, and they have shown it tonight.

In fact, they’ve come up with the perfect name for the team, McRiddle. Out of jokes, The New Day informs them that next week they will face the Viking Raiders.

To solve their problems. After that, they will be able to fight again in a rematch match. The four fighters unite and The New Day leaves. Riddle insists to.

Drew to stay together, but he leaves without saying anything. “That wasn’t a ‘no,'” exclaims a grinning Riddle.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance into the ring.

Backstage, Damian Priest informs Rhea Ripley that she has not been able to agree with Bálor, who has made it clear that she still does not trust him.

Ripley is furious and assures that they have not left her any other way out, so she will be the one to make the decision. Ripley walks off, leaving behind Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

We return to the ring, where Becky Lynch welcomes the public to Monday Night Raw. The Irish remembers that she will face Trish Stratus in a Steel Cage.

Becky assures that this rivalry that has been going on for several months is about the legacy. Becky points out that her legacy of her will be defined by.

Her survival of her. Lynch remembers that she always comes back and that she always gives her all of her. The Irish girl again focuses on.

Trish and Zoey Stark, at which point they make their appearance. Trish is grateful for the reception of the public in her country from her, even though.

Quebec City means nothing to her from her. The public boo the heel. Stratus and Stark go up to the ring. Trish takes off her coat from her, revealing.

A T-shirt with the text “merci Beaucoup, Trish”. Stratus admits to being afraid of fighting his first match in a Steel Cage. But he was also afraid to get.

Into a ring at the age of 24 and also to star in a Monday Night Raw show. But he did. Just as she will enter the Steel Cage in Payback and walk out victorious as always.

Stratus goes directly to Becky, assuring that she is the one who should be afraid. Trish is about to leave the ring, but first she wants to know what.

Becky had to say about Zoey. The Irish informs them that next week she and Stark will meet in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Lynch’s theme song blares.

Through the venue as she grabs Trish’s hat and puts it on to taunt the Hall of Famer, who is stopped by Zoey before she can start a fight with the Irishwoman.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Chelsea Green and Piper Niven. Chelsea points out that she was in charge of ensuring that her.

New team de ella was accepted by management, adding that she and her partner de ella get along very well. Niven does not believe a single.

Word from Green, which she orders to move to march to the ring. A promotional video for Piper Niven is shown.

Chelsea Green and Piper Niven vs. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Chelsea tries to explain something to her partner as they wait for her opponents from her, but Niven pushes her away from her. Chelsea and Katana.

Start the fight. She knocks the champion down with a dropkick before combining with Kayden to attack Green. However, she manages to get rid of her.

Rivals with ease. Piper takes over- Katana and Kayden continue the fight without realizing it, with Katana executing a beautiful splash with.

The help of Kayden. Piper disposes of Carter at ringside, throwing her rival against the announce table before returning to the ring.

Katana approaches her, but is punched. Piper executes a powerful splash to end the fight.

Winners: Chelsea Green and Piper Niven

Piper picks up the two belts and walks over to her partner de ella, who is still sore in her apron de ella. Niven puts the load on her shoulder from her and carries her backstage.

Jackie Redmon interviews Seth Rollins backstage. The Champion asks for a moment so that the public can chant his theme. The fans respond to Rollins’ request.

Who smiles before continuing the interview. Redmon asks him about the Shinsuke Nakamura promo. Seth admits that the Japanese’s words took him by surprise. Seth confesses.

That he has been dealing with problems and injuries to his back for four years, acknowledging that he doesn’t know how much longer he can continue.

To maintain this level. However, this is part of this job, just like mind games. However, he will not tolerate the Japanese mentioning his family.

Rollins gives Nakamura another chance, inviting him to appear next week to show everyone that he is a warrior. There, he will wait for you while the audience sings his song.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come on stage. Carrying their unified tag team titles, the Canadians head to the ring. The champions are received with a standing ovation.

Damian Priest makes his appearance, followed by Finn Bálor, whom Rrhe Ripley drags along. Rhea orders them to stop being childish and join.

Forces to take down her rivals. Priest and Bálor burst into the ring, starting a fight that goes all the way to ringside. Sami takes Damian back to the ring and the match begins.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor and Damian Priest)

Damian hits Sami with a straight punch to the face. Sami responds with a suplex and takes over from Owens, who enters with everything. Kevin attacks his.

Rivals inside and outside the ring. Kevin throws himself at Damian with a cannonball and with a Swanton Bomb on Bálor inside the ring.

Kevin tries to apply a Stunner on Finn, but Finn responds with a slingblade. From ringside, Damian tries to get Bálor’s attention, to whom he intends.

To throw his briefcase. Sami jumps on him, avoiding him. JD McDonagh appears out of nowhere and picks up the briefcase to throw it at Bálor, but Kevin intercepts him and hits the Irishman with it.

Winners by Disqualification: The Judgment Day

The entire Judgment Day launches an attack on Sami and Owens. Cody Rhodes bursts in with a belt in hand, knocking Mysterio out and forcing.

The faction to retreat. Cody picks up a microphone, pointing out that this can’t stay like this. Now, it will be a three against three. Adam Pearce appears and confirms Rhodes’ words.

Damian Priest, Finn Bálor and Dominik Mysterio (The Judgment Day) vs. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes

The fight begins during the commercial break. Sami executes a suplex on Mysterio, who takes over from Finn. He throws his rival against the cornerback.

But receives a clothesline in response. Zayn tags in Owens, who knocks down Bálor before executing a senton. Kevin taunts his rivals.

Finn tags in Dominik, who punches Kevin in the stomach before catching him in a headlock off the canvas. The public makes fun of Mysterio.

Dominik ejects Owens from the ring before launching himself at him, but the Canadian receives him with a punch. Priest and Bálor hit Kevin at ringside.

Before Rhea executes a bodyslam. The Judgment Day celebrates while the public boos. Owens tries to recover, but receives a clothesline from Priest. 1..2..NO.

The broadcast reaches the last commercial break of the night. Back, we see Finn kicking Owens around the ropes. Kevin tries to catch his.

Breath at ringside. Finn goes after him, but is caught by the Canadian, who drops him on the announce table. They both return to the ring. Bálor takes over.

From Priest, who does not allow Kevin to reach his corner. Finn goes back in, catching Owens in a headlock. Kevin manages to escape and.

Executes a superkick on Finn, who hits Rhodes, making him fall to ringside. Sami Zayn takes over, as does Damian Priest. They both exchange attacks.

Sami applies a clothesline on Damian before attacking Dominik and Finn is his corner. Zayn elbows Priest before applying a chop and a tornado DDT.

1..2..NO. Zayn goes up to one of the cornerbacks. Rhea orders Mysterio to deal with him, but the Canadian kicks him. Rhea decides to take.

Advantage of a distraction from the referee to go up to the apron and make Zayn fall. Damian approaches him and executes a South of Heaven. 1..2..NO.

Kevin prevents the defeat of his team. Owens hits Finn, who was trying to enter the ring, only to receive a clothesline from Damian.

The action continues and Dominik is relieved. Mysterio launches with a frog splash, but Sami intercepts it with his knees. Cody rejoins his.

Corner and is tagged in by Zayn. Rhodes executes a Disaster Kick on Mysterio. Priest enters the ring and Rhodes applies a double Cody Cutter on both of them.

Rhodes covers Mysterio. 1..2..NO. Cody tries to execute his finisher on Dominik, but Finn intervenes, only to receive a Cross Rhodes! Cody returns.

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For Mysterio, who this time does receive the finisher from Rhodes. Mysterio manages to reach his corner. Cody takes over from Sami.

He does the same to Owens and launches into Dom with a Helluva Kick before leaving the heel at the mercy of an ultimate Stunner from Kevin. 1..2..3.

Winners: Kevin Owens, Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn

The three victors celebrate with the public as The Judgment Day retreats up the entrance ramp. Sami picks up a microphone and exhaustedly.

Taunts the heels. “Good luck next time!” Zayn notes before addressing the Quebec audience in French. Zayn thanks them for everything.

Dedicating his tag team championships to them. Sami, Kevin and Cody embrace in the center of the ring to end this week’s episode.