WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 27th March 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 27th March 2023

USA Network will broadcast the 1,557th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw tonight live from the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ.

The event will feature several segments and fights, highlighting a confrontation between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa, a new edition of “Miz TV”.

With Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus as guests and a special segment, where Brock Lesnar and Omos will undergo a weigh-in prior to their match at WrestleMania 39.

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So far the coverage of this week’s Raw episode


Rhodes yells at Paul Heyman as he leaves, smiling, down the entrance ramp


Cody Rhodes defeats Solo Sikoa


The Usos break into ringside. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens appear, causing Jimmy and Jey Uso to focus on them. The four men start a fight that takes.

Them backstage. Meanwhile, in the ring, Rhodes tries to execute the Cody Cutter, but Solo stops him mid-flight. The heel then prepares to.

Execute the Samoan Spike, but his rival is now the one who avoids it, just before applying a definitive Cross Rhodes. 1..2..3


Sikoa manages to get to his feet, only to fall to a Cross Rhodes. The face covers it. 1..2.. NO. Sikoa rests one of his legs on the first rope. Cody kicks Solo.

Before getting on the corner. After signaling Heyman, Cody launches with a moonsault, but Sikoa dodges, causing the face to hit the canvas.



Sikoa punishes the face’s shoulder in the center of the ring. The face manages to get up and tries to lift the Samoan, but he does not allow it. A series of attacks.

Lead the face towards the cornerback. Sikoa continues to punish him with several punches. Cody reacts, executing a series of attacks that end with a Cody Cutter.


He only manages to expel Cody from the ring before the last commercial break


Cody tries to apply a headlock, but Solo shakes it off. Rhodes launches against his rival, but he manages to stop him with a samoan drop.

The fight moves to ringside, where the face manages to throw his opponent against the metal stairs.

Cody punishes Sikoa’s leg on the post before returning to the ring, but Solo manages to stop him with a slam.


Cody Rhodes vs. Sikoa only


Only Sikoa is the next to appear, accompanied by Paul Heyman



Cody Rhodes makes his entrance to the ring.


Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser enter the ring and accompany Gunther as he sends a message to Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

His rivals at WrestleMania. The Austrian points to Ziggler, assuring that this is what awaits them when they face him in the great event.


Gunther defeats Dolph Ziggler


Gunther applies a headlock on Ziggler. He breaks free and executes the Famouser, but the Austrian manages to avoid the referee’s count.

Dolph goes for the ZigZag, but Gunther avoids it with another massive chop. Gunther’s German suplex, who continues his offensive with a powerbomb and a final powerslam.


Gunther sends a strong message to McIntyre and Sheamus at the expense of Ziggler



Ziggler surprises Gunther with a DDT. The Austrian responds forcefully. After a tremendous chop, the heel drives his opponent into one of the.

Cornerbacks, where he uses his leg to crush Dolph’s head before launching him to ringside. Gunther climbs onto the second rope and reaches behind his back, posing as the broadcast enters a new ad break.


gunther vs. Dolph Ziggler


Passionate Kevin Owens promo


Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens perform a backstage promo. Zayn remembers that this last year has been very emotional for both of them.

And the city of Los Angeles is special to them. Owens says that every time they have fought together or even with each other, it has allowed them.

To evolve. Kevin raises the tone of his speech by ensuring that at WrestleMania he and Sami will win the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships.


Gunther makes his entrance



After a short video about Andre the Giant and the battle in his honor, we see Johnny Gargano, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson excited to be in battle.

Rick Boogs appears and sees his name on the list of participants. Boogs can’t help but scream with excitement. Elias is the next to appear. After seeing his.

Name, he advises Rick to take notes, because victory will be his. However, after turning around, he is met by.

Dexter Lumis, who is staring at him, and later by Bobby Lashley, who is also part of the battle. “The All Mighty” wishes you luck.


Dominik and Damian continue to attack Rey until Legacy of the Ghost bursts onto the scene to save him, preventing the heels from snatching Rey’s mask in the process.


Rey Mysterio defeats Damian Priest by disqualification


The fight reaches the top of the corner. Rey executes a hurricanrana. Damian is once again at the mercy of 619. Rey manages to carry out the attack.

But when the face goes up to the corner to put an end to the fight, Dominik gets on the apron and attacks his father, who wins by disqualification.


Rey and Damian start the fight during the commercial break. Rey manages to surprise the heel thanks to his agility, but Priest stops the Mexican.

Thanks to his greater forcefulness. Rey manages to throw his rival against the ropes, but when he tries to execute the 619, he is stopped by a tremendous clothesline



Damian Priest vs. Mistery King


Dominik criticizes his entire family in perfect Spanish. “What kind of father hits his son and what kind of mother allows it?” Declares the heel before.

Confessing to Rey that he would have wanted his real father to be Eddie Guerrero. The audience boos him and Rey finally makes his entrance.


Harsh words from Dominik Mysterio


Dominik turns to his father, criticizing him for hitting him, for hitting his own son in front of everyone.

However, once Priest finishes him off tonight, he will have to deal with him at WrestleMania.


Cathy Kelley interviews Paul Heyman backstage. The counselor ensures that Cody has shown that he is not ready for WrestleMania.

Rhodes must be ready to lose tonight and, once he tastes defeat, he must go to SmackDown to meet Roman Reigns once again. And, finally, at WrestleMania he must be ready to recognize “The Tribal Chief”



Damian Priest makes his entrance with Dominik Mysterio


Tag for Candice, who jumps on the heels with a crossbody. The face gets rid of Sonya with a dropkick and.

Combines with Yim to punish Chelsea. However, an intervention by Deville from the apron allows Green to execute his finisher.


Sonya and Michin start the fight. The face manages to drop his opponent with a dropkick, but Deville manages to stop him before the face continues.

His offensive. A combination of the heels ends with them preparing a double suplex on Mia, but she avoids it, executing a double neckbreaker.

WWE Raw Result Latest News:

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Qualifying match for the women’s WrestleMania Showcase match – Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville vs. Michin and Candice LeRae


Theory’s message for Dinner



We see an Austin Theory promo in the center of the ring, with the stadium completely empty. The fighter addresses John Cena, remembering.

Their last face-to-face meeting and how the face decided to make this something personal. Theory indicates that he is in the middle of an empty.

stadium because it does not matter if he is in front of a stadium full of people or alone, as he assures that he does not do this to be John Cena himself.

The champion promises him that at WrestleMania he will not only make Cena believe in him, but that he will also make the public stop believing in the 16-time world champion.


We watch a video about Bianca Belair. Her passing through NXT and her breaking into the main roster. Corey Graves, Montez Ford, Beth Phoenix.

Molly Holly, Cody Rhodes and Kevin Owens share their thoughts on the Raw Women’s Champion and her match against Asuka at WrestleMania


A new promotional parody for WrestleMania 39 is shown, this time starring The Bloodline


Cody Rhodes is interviewed backstage. He this assures that he has earned the opportunity for him to get as far as he has gotten. He knows that.

Tonight he will face the enforcer of The Bloodline. They’re both undefeated, but he doesn’t care, because he knows Solo isn’t ready. And at WrestleMania, Roman will realize the same.


A disgusted Otis leaves down the entrance ramp with Chad Gable and The Viking Raiders, to which he looks straight. Meanwhile, Maxxine Dupri continues to watch from backstage.



The Street Profits, Braun Strowman and Ricochet defeat Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders


The match turns into chaos, with Strowman ramming all of his opponents at ringside. Back in the ring, he performs a spinebuster on Erik before landing a running powerslam.

Braun takes over from Ricochet, whom he assists to execute his finisher. The next to jump is Montez Ford, who rises above Strowman to execute a tremendous and definitive frog splash.


Otis’s turn, who takes off his shirt before executing a leg drop on Montez, which he dedicates to Maxxine Dupri, who watches the fight from backstage.

Montez pairs Otis before handing over to Angelo. He launches an offensive against Ivar, but a Gable intervention allows The Vikings to combine to punish Dawkins.


Back from publicity, we see Erik punishing Ford while Gable silences the public. Erik takes over from Ivar and they both unleash a relentless series of punches on the face before combining to kick him.


The two teams start an altercation until only Ivar, Strowman and Otis remain on the ring. The former manages to eject Braun from.

The ring, only to fall to a slam from Otis. Gable enters the ring and congratulates his student before a new commercial break.



Chad Gable and Angelo Dawkins start the fight. Both start with key. The public encourages the face. Dawkins takes Chad down before they both.

Trade armdrags. Ricochet receives the tag, but Gable traps him in an Ankle Lock. The face is replaced with a dropkick before handing over to Strowman. Together, they combine to punish Chad.


The Street Profits, Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. Alpha Academy and The Viking Raiders


Finn Bálor sends a message to Edge. The Irishman points out that the Canadian will be unleashed within Hell in a Cell. There, he will meet the demons of him.

However, he makes one thing clear to him: “I don’t have to call my demons. They are always with me. Can’t you see them? Take a closer look.

Finn says as we watch The Demon Bálor’s painting show itself for a few seconds. moments on the skin of the Irishman.


We watch a video about Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley’s rivalry before Byron Saxton interviews the latter backstage. Rhea assures that Flair’s legacy.

Will not be able to cope with her fate. Ripley points out that she is destined to be the biggest female superstar in WWE and there’s nothing Charlotte can do to stop it.


Lesnar interrupts the segment without waiting to be introduced. On his way to the ring, he takes off his jacket and hat. The Beast launches himself.

Repeatedly at the Nigerian, trying to take him down, but fails. Lesnar takes the scale and tries to hit his rival, but he stops him with a big boot.

Brock ends up ringside as Omos holds the scale over his shoulder. The Beast backs up the entrance ramp with a worried face.


Becky Lynch defeats IYO SKY


Becky and IYO try to get the victory through roll-ups, but finally it is the Irish who manages to execute her finisher.


Becky’s suplex, which goes up to the corner. IYO goes after her and kicks her from her making her fall to ringside. Subsequently.

She executes a Moonsault springboard on the Irish. The audience shouts “This is amazing!” On the ring, SKY executes a new moonsault, but Lynch dodges it.


Back from commercial, we see Becky superplexing IYO for another nearfall. Previously, the Japanese had executed a missile dropkick on the Irish. SKY applies a bridge suplex, but Lynch escapes the referee’s count.



Several clotheslines and a dropkick take the Japanese to ringside, where she receives a kick from her face, followed by a diving meteor.

The Irish takes her rival back on the ring, but she manages to reverse the situation. IYO crushes her face with a double kick, but Lynch escapes the referee’s subsequent count.


Bayley and Dakota Kai support IYO SKY


Becky catches Bayley’s hair, a moment that IYO takes the opportunity to kick her rival. Back on the ring, the Japanese dominates the fight.

A dropkick knocks Becky down. IYO and Lynch exchange attacks until the second manages to knock down the heel once more.


Becky starts taking down IYO as soon as the bell rings. After continuing to hit her in the corner.

The Irish applies a suplex. Lynch tries to execute a leg drop on the ropes, but Bayley and Kai manage to get her partner out of her ring.


Becky Lynch vs. IYO SKY



Lynch now addresses Bayley, stating that her fight in a Steel Cage should have put an end to their rivalry, but it did not, so a fight at WrestleMania is.

According to her, the only way to end it. this story. The two groups face off in the ring as the broadcast hits its first commercial break.


Bayley assures that, in other circumstances, a few years ago, fighting against two legends like Lita and Stratus would be a dream.

But not anymore. Becky interrupts her to address IYO and Kai, being especially hurtful towards the Japanese.

Reminding her that since her promotion to the main roster she has done nothing, and all because she is Bayley’s secondary.


Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY enter the ring and face the faces. The Damage CTRL leader points out.

That Lita and Stratus are no longer part of this place. Lita replies that her championship doesn’t say the same.


Lita assures that she does not feel like a reinforcement, but rather as a part of the Champions.

However, Damage CRTL interrupts the segment, telling The Miz to shut up, since he has something to say.

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Miz asks Becky why, being “The Man”, he needed to call in Lita and Stratus as reinforcements to take on Damage CTRL. The Irish woman accuses.

Him of being insecure. The public makes fun of the “balls” of the heel, which ensures that they are “massive”.

When The Miz assures that his wife knows it very well, Becky bets that Maryse hasn’t been with many men before him.



Lynch and Lita show their titles to the public and point