WWE Wrestlemania: 5 superstars who could participate for the last time in Wrestlemania

WWE Wrestlemania: 5 superstars who could participate for the last time in Wrestlemania. It takes superstars their whole life to make their career big at the WWE universe. WWE, a serious an entertainment sport is still highly dangerous and requires a certain level of fitness that is associated with its wrestlers.

Hence, the wrestlers after reaching a certain level of age couldn’t cope with the required fitness levels and risk tolerance due to the sport being entirely physical.

Here are 5 superstars whom we might see for the last time at the Wrestlemania this week:

Rey Mysterio

The 46 year old high flying athlete is part of WWE universe for quite a long time or say more than 2 decade. Mysterio has had a very successful career at the WWE and he is passing his legacy onto his son Dominik Mysterio now.

The master of 619 Mysterio has been the Royal Rumble winner and won almost every championship at the WWE thereby setting up a standard for his son Dominik.

Rey Mysterio will not fight at this year’s Wrestlemania and frankly has done his part which means now it’s time for his son Dominik Mysterio to take the Mysterio name forward. Hence, we might see Rey retire soon.

Triple H

The Game Triple H did not fight any big match with the WWE for almost 2 years. His last Wrestlemania match was against The Animal Batista at Wrestlemania 35th at the Show of the Shows where the Game was undefeated. Since then, Triple H has been involved more with the WWE’s NXT.

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The Game has undoubtedly achieved great heights at the WWE Universe during his reign. Triple H has faced legendary WWE superstars like the Undertaker, John Cena, Roman Reigns and many more.

Being uninvolved with the WWE for so long, The Game might announce his retirement from the WWE and set part from the WWE universe and move on to his next adventure.


Kane is an inductee at the WWE Hall Of Fame 2021 and will be part of the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony which will be aired live on 06th April. The 53 year old has achieved a lot during his career at the WWE universe.

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Kane is also one of the WWE superstars who has been at the WWE for 3 different decades. Since 2018, Kane didn’t appear at the WWE until his recent surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble.

It makes sense for the Big Red Machine if he decides to retire at this age and be part of the Wrestlemania 37th as his last Wrestlemania event.

Titus O Neil

He will be the host of the Wrestlemania 37th alongside WWE Hall Of Famer and Legend Hulk Hogan. O’Neil didn’t achieved as much as a wrestler as the other WWE superstars in the list but Titus has been associated with the WWE universe for far too long as its Ambassador.

Titus can be associated with the WWE even after retiring as a wrestler which would be better as Titus has displayed himself better at being the WWE Ambassador as the WWE wrestler.

Shane McMahon

He will face Braun Strowman at the upcoming Wrestlemania event this week in a Steel Cage match. McMahon hasn’t been a full time wrestler at the WWE for so long.

Shane, being a part of the McMahon family can be associated with the WWE as a authority figure in the long run than a wrestler. He is 51 years old and might look for a change in his position at the WWE after his match against Braun Strowman this Wrestlemania.


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