3 reason why WWE ended Roman Reigns V/S Daniel Bryan match in a controversial way at Fastlane

The Fastlane PPV came up with the most exciting matches out of which certain matches ended up in a not-so-exciting manner such as the cancellation of the match between Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns V/S Daniel Bryan where Roman retained his title as a courtesy made by the Rated R Superstar Edge which makes it seem like it was an ulterior motive made of WWE to end the main event like this. Here are 3 reasons why it happened:

Daniel Bryan V/S Edge

Daniel Bryan lost the match technically as there was no referee in the ring when Roman Reigns tapped out to the Yes Lock. Soon after that, Edge appeared into the ring with a steel chair and hit Bryan with it breaking the submission hold. After another referee appeared, Reigns pinned injured Bryan and won the match thereby retaining his title. Daniel Bryan might come for payback from the Edge as he may have lost his single shot at the WWE Universal Title.

Daniel Bryan V/S Roman Reigns (Rematch):

Daniel Bryan may ask for a rematch for the WWE Universal title from Roman Reigns as everyone knows who actually won the match. Previously Daniel Bryan to Roman Reigns said that Reigns didn’t deserved the Universal Championship and proved it right at Fastlane. But, it was in the lucky stars of Roman Reigns that he was able to retain the title with Edge’s help. Daniel Bryan would burst through flames to get his rematch where he could finally prove who actually deserves the Universal Championship.

Daniel Bryan V/S Edge V/S Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Match- Wrestlemania 37:

As unexpected and surprising it sounds, it still can be true as all the 3 superstars are rivals. We saw Edge helping Reigns at the Fastlane match but there’s a theory for that too. What if Edge only helped Reigns so that he could still face him at Wrestlemania, but for the WWE Championship title? As he already had a match with Reigns at Wrestlemania but if Daniel Bryan were to win, then Edge wouldn’t have gotten a shot at the WWE Universal Title. It feels like this fantasy Triple Threat Match could actually take place at Wrestlemania where these 3 superstars fight each other viciously for the WWE Universal Title.


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