3 reasons why Daniel Bryan is supposed to win at Fastlane 2021 against Roman Reigns

WWE Fastlane 2021: The most awaited match The Yes Lock V/S The Spear is here! Daniel Bryan earned his shot at the WWE Universal Championship Title by defeating Jey Uso in a Steel Cage match where he made Jey Uso tap out to the Yes Lock.

Further the heat between the match ignited when The Rated R Superstar Edge challenged Jey Uso for a match on Smackdown where the winner gets to appear as the Guest Enforcer for the match between Reigns and Bryan. The winner recently came out to be Edge and he would now appear as the Guest Enforcer probably making it a Triple Threat Match.

3 Reasons:

1.) Do or Die

Daniel Bryan , on social media, recently said that his days as a Full Time WWE wrestler are numbered and he’d further be focusing on being a full time daddy and make WWE his part time job. So, this might be Bryan’s one last shot at winning the title.

2.) Edge V/S Roman Reigns

Edge and Reigns have cultivated a rivalry amongst them for quite a while which makes it probable that the focus of the match becomes Edge and Roman Reigns. If that happens, Daniel Bryan could just swoop in and pin Reigns when the match reaches a dead end and both Reigns and Edge have exhausted each other.

3.) Roman Reigns becomes prey to the Yes Lock

Daniel Bryan was the first ever opponent that Roman Reigns faced and at the time Daniel Bryan managed to make Reigns tap out to the Yes Lock. Obviously, the stakes this time are high but it can’t be improbable that Reigns fall prey to the Yes Lock. Moreover, what happens if Edge and Bryan team up on Roman Reigns? Or Edge does Daniel Bryan’s work for him?

Only few hours to Go !


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