5 top things that we have learnt from the latest episode of WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: Friday Night Smackdown 02nd April 2021 addressed major clashes between the WWE superstars before the Wrestlemania 37th.

The night started with Edge appearing into the ring expressing his attitude and form over his Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania and ended up with Edge himself being thrashed into the ring pole by Daniel Bryan.

Here are the Top 5 things that we understood from the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown:

Edge is on Full Rage

On Friday Night Smackdown, The Rated R Superstar Edge begun with describing his anger over Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns in a feisty manner. It seemed like Edge is ready to chew and spit out both the superstars at the Wrestlemania main event.

Edge also mentioned that he was “this close” to breaking both the superstars last week when he Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and even Jey Uso in the ring with the steel chair. Edge is all set to face Reigns and Daniel in the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania for the WWE Universal Championship with his Rage mode on.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode along with Otis & Chad Gable set the bar high for The Street Profits & The Mysterios

This Friday Night Smackdown, the current Smackdown Tag Team Champions Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler along with Otis & Chad Gable faced The Street Profits and The Mysterios in a 8-Man Tag Team match.

Throughout the match, Dolph and his team went on to dominating the Street Profits and The Mysterios. In the end, Otis made a jump from the top rope on Kenneth Crawford to which he couldn’t kick out.

All the 4 teams are set to face each other in a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match on the next episode of Smackdown next week which would be held for the Smackdown Tag Team championship titles.

Sami Zayn loses Logan’s support

On the latest episode of Smackdown, Sami Zayn brought Youtube Influencer Logan Paul as a part of a ceremony to promote Sami’s documentary which he is working on. Sami also showed his documentary’s trailer to the WWE universe after which Logan implied that Sami was losing his mind.

Later on, Kevin Owens appeared out of nowhere and attacked Sami Zayn and conveyed that these attacks would never stop. More or less, it appears as if Sami Zayn is actually losing his mind.

King Corbin ready to face Drew McIntyre

On Friday Night Smackdown, King Corbin got his match with Drew McIntyre which would happen on the next episode of WWE RAW. Last week, King Corbin attacked Drew McIntyre out of nowhere after Drew defeated Ricochet in a singles match on WWE RAW.

King Corbin made his attack on McIntyre to show his support towards Bobby Lashley, the current WWE Champion who put a bounty over Drew’s head. Drew would finally get his answers from King Corbin and send a message to Bobby Lashley on the next episode of RAW.

Daniel Bryan sends a message to the WWE Universe

Daniel Bryan, on the latest episode of WWE Smackdown faced Jey Uso in a singles No Disqualification match with Edge at the commentator’s table. The fight between both the superstars was cutthroat throughout the match. In between the match, the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made his surprise entry and just enjoyed the match sitting on a chair away from the ring.

Daniel Bryan managed to win in the end via submission after which he immediately attacked the Rated R superstar Edge with the high knee. Daniel then, kept on attacking Edge brutally and hit Edge multiple times on the ringside steel pole.

After this, Daniel went on to attack Roman Reigns after Reigns threw his chair onto Bryan. Bryan, after dodging the chair, caught Reigns in his “Yes Lock”. Daniel, then moved back in the ring and stood tall among all the 4 superstars sending a message to the whole WWE Universe that he is prepared for his upcoming match at the Wrestlemania 37th.


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