5 WWE superstars who have their YouTube Channel

WWE SUPERSTAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: What fans would’ve never imagined is if WWE superstars also have their own Youtube channels. Having one’s own steady source of income is a viable option for a WWE wrestler as WWE has a history of changing its focus from one superstar to another.

Here are 5 superstars who have their own Youtube channel:

Xavier Woods:

The New Day team member and the current RAW Tag team champion Xavier Woods is one of the WWE Superstars with his own Youtube channel. To the audience’s surprise, the content posted by Xavier Woods on his channel includes gaming.

Xavier’s channel name is UpUpDownDown which symbolises keys of a computer keyboard which are more often used while gaming. Xavier publishes content about his participations in certain global gaming events and also features WWE stars in his videos.

Xavier Woods channel UpUpDownDown has around 2.25 million subscribers on Youtube which makes Woods a successful Youtuber.


Yup! Sheamus also has his Youtube Channel where he posts his own Gym workouts as well as his workouts with certain WWE superstars. Sheamus’ channel, “Celtic Warrior Workouts” most often presents Sheamus working out with WWE superstars like Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch, John Cena etc.
Sheamus has always depicted a great physique and shows his fans how he maintains that kind of physique through his Youtube content.

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R-Truth has currently became the face of WWE’s 24/7 Championship title by winning it for 14 times since 2019. Truth also has his own Youtube channel with around 42000 subscribers where he posts the “Behind the scenes” of his life.
The focus area of R-Truth’s Youtube videos has been the WWE 24/7 championship chase since its origination which has helped Truth gain more subscribers.

The Rock:

After parting with the WWE as a full time wrestler in 2001, Dwayne The Rock Johnson made his career in Hollywood which he succeeded in. Since then, Dwayne Johnson has been the Highest paid actor in the World as per Forbes.
The Rock also has his Youtube channel named “The Rock” with about 5.5 million subscribers which features The Rock’s life adventures and the Behind the Scenes of his Hollywood movies.

Ronda Rousey:

Ronda Rousey’s Youtube channel is basically a vlog channel through which Ronda communicates with her fan base by uploading her life’s documentaries. Ronda also uploads her “Ronda on the road” videos which include Ronda’s travel in various cities where certain WWE events are scheduled.

Some of her videos also include Ronda’s interaction with her fans which really show a deeper page of Ronda Rousey’s book.


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