5 WWE superstars who have visited in India or have met Bollywood celebrities

WWE Superstars In India: India has always been a major market for the WWE network with a lot of Indian fans being die hard WWE fans. Here are certain WWE Superstars who visited India or have met Bollywood Celebrities.

Sheamus & John Abraham

Sheamus firstly visited Jaipur, Rajasthan before he met Bollywood Star John Abraham in a promotional event of John’s movie Force 2. Sheamus also challenged John Abraham for a singles match and was impressed by John’s physique.

Sheamus during that time, tweeted that John Abraham would make a great tag team partner of his and mentioned Cesaro who was Sheamus’ tag team partner at WWE then in the tweet as a joke.

Charlotte Flair and Varun Dhawan

Former WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte visited India as a branding act by WWE to celebrate Children’s day with younger WWE fans in India. She also met Bollywood Celebrity Varun Dhawan during her visit.

Charlotte also got to learn some Bollywood dance moves from the actor Varun Dhawan during her visit which Charlotte showed to her fans by uploading a video of her and Varun dancing on Instagram.

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After her visit, Charlotte tweeted “I have fallen in love with India. I could feel the strong sense of family, the love for celebration and the people’s generosity.
Thank you to everyone who made my visit special; the cuisine, Bollywood dancing and learning to drape my own saree. I will have these memories forever!”.

Kane and Akshay Kumar

Kane visited India in 2009 and was invited by Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar to visit his house. Kane accepted the invitation and actually visited Akshay Kumar’s house where both the stars got to know each other.

Kane compared Akshay Kumar with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone while Akshay Kumar with his family presented Kane with a wide variety of Indian snacks.

Braun Strowman and Salman Khan

Braun Strowman appeared as a Guest at the Indian show “Dus Ka Dam” hosted by Legendary Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Braun’s visit was all over Social media with hash tags like #IndiawelcomesBraun and #DumdaarWeekend.

Braun Strowman surprised the Indian audience present at the show by squashing a frying pan with his bare hands. Before expressing his gratitude to the Indian audience, Braun also tried certain Indian catchphrases for sparking public interest.

Dolph Ziggler, Charlotte Flair and Virender Sehwag

Dolph Ziggler visited India along with Charlotte Flair in 2016 when WWE had organized a couple of live shows in India. During their visit Dolph Ziggler and Charlotte Flair met Indian Cricketer Virendra Sehwag.

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Sehwag was seen teaching the WWE Superstars India’s favourite sport, Cricket in videos which were all over the social media sites during that time. Both the superstars performed well at cricket and impressed Virendra Sehwag.


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