5 WWE superstars who have WWE Title in NXT, RAW & SMACKDOWN; Check out

WWE SUPERSTARS TITLE WIN: WWE has produced a list of wrestlers who have managed to win championship titles at NXT, RAW as well as Smackdown. Some of these superstars have went on to succeed at WWE and managed to add a certain number of titles to their belt.

Here are 5 superstars who have won championships at all the three WWE shows:

Drew McIntyre:

Drew McIntyre won his Intercontinental championship back in 2009 which was also the year in which Drew McIntyre left the WWE. Drew came back to the WWE in 2017 after which he won his NXT title.
Drew McIntyre turned the tables when he defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship at the Wrestlemania 36th. Drew hold the WWE championship for a while before losing it to the Miz who then lost to Bobby Lashley.

This Wrestlemania 37th Drew will face Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship and possibly get his title back.

Kevin Owens:

Kevin Owens started fighting at the Ring Of Honor where he made a massive image as a wrestler after becoming the World Champion. Owens then moved on to the NXT where he won the NXT championship.

Now, the feasible and the obvious choice was to move on to the WWE which Owens did. At WWE, Kevin won the Intercontinental Championship twice, The Universal Championship once and the United States Championship thrice making his mark at the WWE too.

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Charlotte Flair:

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair was the one who replaced Paige at the NXT after becoming the NXT women’s champion and holding the title for 258 days. At WWE, Charlotte won the RAW women’s Championship 4 times and the Smackdown Women’s Championship 5 times making her way.

Currently, Charlotte fights at the NXT where she is the badass and has been the NXT Championship holder for 11 times.

Big E:

Big E who’s fighting in singles now has been the former NXT Championship holder back in 2013. At the WWE, Big E has won the Intercontinental title in the same year later on.

His career carried on at the WWE along with The New Day i.e. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods where Big E gained a wide fan base. Apart from single championships, Big E has also won RAW Tag Team championship twice and the Smackdown Tag Team Championships for 6 times with the New Day.

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Luke Harper:

Luke Harper started fighting at the NXT in 2012 as a part of the Wyatt Family along with Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan where he won the NXT Tag Team Championship.

After The Wyatt Family’s separation at the WWE, Luke Harper went on to the singles lane where he managed to win the Intercontinental Championship in 2014. Luke Harper also won the Smackdown Tag Team Championship with Eric Rowan during his career at WWE.


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