5 WWE superstars with the most PPV wins in a year

WWE Superstars face each other every year at different PPV events. The last such event to take place was the Fastlane PPV 2021 where many of the fan favourite matches took place. Here are 5 WWE superstars with the most PPV wins in the last year:

Kevin Owens: 3 wins

Kevin Owens cultivated a rivalry with Seth Rollins in the end of 2019 after which both the superstars faced off each other at the Wrestlemania 36th in 2020. Kevin Owens won that match via Disqualification as Seth Rollins attacked Owens with the ring bell in between the match.

Kevin ensured Rollins that there would be consequences to Rollins vicious attack on Owens when he further challenged Rollins to a No Disqualification match to which Rollins accepted. Kevin won the No Disqualification match fair and square.

After Rollins, Kevin went after Murphy, Seth’s disciple and faced him at Extreme Rules. Kevin won the match against Murphy too making it the last PPV event where Owens fought. Kevin would next be seen against Sami Zayn in a singles match at the Wrestlemania 37th.

The Undertaker: 2 wins

The Undertaker fought the last 2 of his PPV matches against AJ Styles winning them both. The Undertaker appeared out of nowhere in the Gauntlet Match at WWE Super Showdown and beat AJ Styles to score his victory.

AJ Styles grew bitter after his defeat at the PPV and messed up with the wrong opponent when he insulted The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool. The Undertaker got a Boneyard match against AJ Styles at the Wrestlemania 36th where he finally buried AJ Styles and shut his mouth again.

Becky Lynch: 2 wins

Becky Lynch who was defeated by Asuka at the Royal Rumble 2019 took her revenge from Asuka by defending her title against her and adding a win score to her PPV bout. Her next PPV match was at the Wrestlemania 36th.

Becky was attacked by Shayna Baszler on WWE RAW after which she scored her opportunity to fight Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania by winning the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Unfortunately, Shayna wasn’t able to score a victory against Becky at the Wrestlemania PPV.

Roman Reigns: 4 wins

Roman Reigns has been the WWE’s underdog since his debut. Reigns scored 2 of his last 4 PPV victories against King Corbin after which Reigns developed a rivalry against Goldberg. Reigns were to fight Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title but pulled out of it due to the pandemic situation

Finally at the WWE Payback, Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman and won the WWE Universal Title and scored his 3rd victory. The last victory of Reigns was scored over his cousin Jey Uso at the WWE Clash of Champions.

Drew McIntyre: 6 wins

Drew McIntyre has been the king of the year 2020 at the WWE. He won the Royal Rumble 2020 scoring his first victory. Then, Drew fought the Beast Brock Lesnar at the Wrestlemania 36th for the WWE Championship where Drew McIntyre won his first WWE title.

Drew, then successfully defeated Seth Rollins at the Money In the Bank PPV and retained his WWE title after which Drew went on to battle Bobby Lashley at WWE Backlash. Drew scored yet another victory over Bobby Lashley too before facing Dolph Ziggler at WWE Extreme Rules.

The last 2 of Drew’s PPV victories were scored over the Viper Randy Orton. First at Summerslam 2020 where Drew defended his WWE title against Orton. Second at WWE Clash of Champions where Drew defeated Orton in a Ambulance match scoring another victory over the Viper.


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