EPL: Racism in Football – The Blot on the game of beauty

How long can this go on? Seriously. We ponder as to how is this problem ever going to be tackled. Football is a beautiful art and the players- the painters yet the painting always has a dark spot created by the gallery(audience) who are hell bent on creating a friction for their happiness and joy.

Social Media is a medium for expressing your views but not to humiliate others for a natural cause. We can understand the aspect of fans pouring in during games, having their emotions on the line as the heart pumping, excitement gives us all a kick but what we do not decipher is the simple reason that footballers are humans and utilising provocative, cheap, disgusting gestures, words with respect to one’s colour to vent out frustrations cannot be taken lying down.

One of Europe’s celebrated leagues in the English Premier League has always celebrated diversification which is the reason for its success as a host of players from across the country and abroad provide their services by wanting to be a part of the league and express their talent to become inspirations for youngsters all over the world.

It makes the game stronger and healthier when cultures meet and exchange ideas, views and live like a family but racism creates nothing but friction.

A host of players in the English Premier league keep facing online abuse in the form of racist messages which affects them mentally and does not let them enjoy their life and sport.

This sort of abuse is where the associations, clubs need to come together as one in unison with the Human Rights organisation to educate fans, raise awareness, making reports of such miscreants and adhere to strict measures as to the treatment needed to doled out to such people. This is what needs to be done quickly if we want to see our game keep blooming.

Racism not only pulls down the sport but also affects the morale and reputation of players.

Marcus Rashford, Reece James, Alex Tuanzebe, Anthony Martial, Romaine Sawyers and so many others have faced the wrath of online abuse via Racism. This can be termed as nothing but ‘despicable’.

The Premier League post the Black Lives Matter movement have begun the No Room for Racism Action Plan which formulates that there is no place for Racism on and off the pitch, at home, streets, stands. The taking of the Knee was the start, but there is more to go.

This is a plan to eradicate racism from all spheres of football, life and is a moral right which needs to have the backing of all in question and it does.

The EPL, EFL, FA, PFA will work in tandem to tackle racism and promote equality, diversity and inclusion across all areas of the game with this plan.

A wish to see all sports take up this objective and help eradicate the menace of Racism from our society and sport.




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