Friday Night SmackDown Results 02nd April 2021: Daniel attacks Reigns & Edge, Logan Paul & Zayn, Street Fight and more

WWE SmackDown Results and Highlights: They broadcast a repetition of what happened in Fastlane 2021 in the fight for the Universal Championship.  As well as everything that happened last week.  Adam Pearce included Daniel Bryan in the Universal title match at Wrestlemania.

Edge makes his entrance on the way to the ring.  “We all saw what happened at Fastlane and last week, it wreaked havoc,” Edge shoots.  Edge says that Daniel Bryan intruded on his way to Wrestlemania and has meddled in his plans.  Edge says that now he wants to destroy him when weeks ago he wanted to team up with him.  Edge says Bryan was brave in his proposition last week, and Adam Pearce was wrong in the end.  “I’ve reflected, and I finally loved what I saw. I loved seeing that Edge do whatever it takes to get what he wants,” says Edge.

Edge says he doesn’t expect Bryan and Roman Reigns to understand what he did last week.  Edge claims that he went crazy and woke up.  “I am the man that Bryan and Reigns aspire to be, I am a member of the hall of fame and the most opportunistic,” says Edge.  He clarifies that what happened last week will happen again, and when it happens, this time no one will be able to stop him.  Edge leaves while he watches the poster for the Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania on the titantron.

It is announced that Daniel Bryan will face Jey Uso in a Street Fight tonight.

Edge is interviewed backstage and asked about Daniel Bryan’s match tonight.  Edge says Bryan shouldn’t face Jey tonight because he could be at a disadvantage.  Finally Edge says that he will enjoy the fight.

Otis and Chad Gable are in the ring.  Gable says that in recent months he has changed Otis and is now a machine of destruction.  Gable says that next week they will win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.  Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, Smackdown Tag Team champions make their entrance into the ring.  Rey and Dominik Mysterio arrive in the ring.  They finally make their entrance to The Street Profits ring.

Otis, Chad Gable, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs. The Street Profits, Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Dominik and Ziggler begin the match.  Dominik’s DDT and Roode enters but Rey throws him out of the ring.  Ford and Rey throw Otis and Gable out of the ring while Dawkins does the same with Ziggler and Ford throws himself from the third rope on them.  After commercials, Otis hits Dawkins with a Lariat and Ziggler gives him the tag.  Otis repeatedly punches Dawkins dominating the match.  Roode enters the encounter with a Suplex on Dawkins and gives the relief to Ziggler.  Otis takes over and continues dominance until they both collapse in the center of the ring.  Ford and Gable come in and hit everything.  Ford’s dropkick to the champions to apply a Powerbomb followed by a Stanging Moonsault on Gable.

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Rey and Ziggler enter, Roode distracts Rey but he throws her over the barricade.  Dominik throws Ziggler out of the ring and Ford takes over to look for a Splash on Gable who reverses.  Tag Otis, German Suplex followed by Otis Splash from the corner to win the match.

Winners: Otis, Chad Gable, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode via pinfall.

Adam Pearce talks to Sonya Deville backstage and is interrupted by Paul Heyman, who complains about Daniel Bryan’s introduction to the Universal Championship match.  Heyman asks to be removed from combat but Pearce says he does not intend to do so.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance to the ring.  Cesaro is in the ring, along with Corey Graves who will act as an intermediary.  Graves asks Cesaro how he feels about having his first singles match at Wrestlemania.  Cesaro affirms that he will achieve victory because he says that he has fought a lot to get here … Seth interrupts him and says that it is his turn.  Corey tells Seth that Cesaro has applied the Cesaro Swing to him multiple times.  Seth says he’s unstoppable and he’s Mr. Wrestlemania.  Seth says that he is one of the biggest superstars of Wrestlemana like Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold.

Graves tells Cesaro that he does have a lot of pressure.  “I know I can beat Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania, I know I am going to avenge him,” says Cesaro.  Rollins berates him and Cesaro says he recently made him go 22 laps.  Seth sends Graves out of the ring.  “You’re all the way down and I’m up,” Seth shoots.  Seth says that at Wrestlemania he will see what it means to shame and humiliate him over and over again.  Seth says that he doesn’t want to wait and wants to rip it apart right now.  Cesaro challenges him to do so and the two face each other, until Seth retreats pissed off while Cesaro smiles triumphantly in the ring.  Finally both are obversed from a distance.

Nia Jax and Reginal join the commentary table.

Shayna Baszler (with Nia Jax and Reginald) vs.  Natalya (with Tamina)

Key exchange between the two until quickly, Natalya looks for a rollup and wins the fight.

Winner: Natalya via pinfall.

Carmella watches from the TV backstage and with no time to anything, Nia and Shayna attack Tamina and Natalya with everything.  Ruby and Liv appear and attack the champions.  Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose make an appearance and apply joint moves to the champions.  Lana and Naomi now come to the ring and both jump from the third rope on Nia and Shayna.  Lana and Naomi apply a Facebuster to Mandy and Dana.  Finally, Natalya applies a Suplex to Lana and Tamina a Superkick to Naomi to be triumphant in the ring.  Carmella continues to observe all of her backstage and Billie Kay hands her a picture to work with, which Carmella takes from her.

Sami Zayn is at the start of the red carpet in the sneak peek of his documentary and Logan Paul arrives in a car.  They both head to the arena.

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Sami Zayn makes his entrance on the red carpet until he reaches the ring.  Sami says that today we will see a preview of the company’s conspiracy against him.  Sami says they want to end his career and we’ll all see them.  Finally, Sami introduces Logan Paul.  Logan asks about his career and Sami says that everyone wants to sink him and finish him off.  Sami says that he admires her and asks her to also be his guest at Wrestlemania, to which Logan accepts.  Sami says that at Wrestlemania he will destroy Owens, but that doesn’t matter now.  Sami shows a preview of the documentary of the conspiracy against him.

It will be called “justice for Sami” and will be issued very soon.  Sami tells Logan to speak his mind and Logan says there is a lot to see.  Logan says that Owens talked to him and told him that he was paranoid and delusional.  Sami tries to make Logan side with him.  Sami tells Logan that Owens wants to poison his mind.  Logan tries to speak but Owens appears and applies a Stunner to him.  Owens grabs a microphone and tells him to keep talking nonsense, but he will make him see reality at Wrestlemania.  Owens pushes Logan out of his way and leaves.

Edge now appears in the dressing room of Adam Pierce, who is still with Sonya Deville.  Edge says that he will accept that Daniel Bryan fight in his match at Wrestlemania, but he also warns him that tonight he will be watching everything.

Kevin Owens is going to be interviewed but does not allow it and says that what happened tonight will be nothing for what happens at Wrestlemania.  Sami Zayn appears and hits Owens with everything to throw him against some metal pipes on some panels.

The rivalry between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair is shown in the face of the fight for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania.

Carmella vs. Bianca Belair

With no time for Bianca to enter the ring, Carmella repeatedly knocks her out of the ring and throws her against the metal steps.  After commercials, Carmella applies a lock on Bianca followed by a Doube Knee in the corner.  Carmela ties Bianca’s braid on the rope to hit her repeatedly.  Chloteslam for Bianca to turn the tables with several Dropkicks followed by a Punt Kick and look for a Splash that Carmella invests with a Superkick and the count is 2. Bianca impresses Carmela with the KOD to win the fight.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall.

With no time to anything, Sasha Banks appears and makes a pretense of attacking Bianca but they end up facing each other.  Sasha retires with the championship while Bianca points to the Wrestlemania logo.

They show Jey Uso in the dressing room of Roman Reigns, who advises him for his Street Fight against Daniel Bryan tonight.

They announce matches for next week in the special “Wrestlemania” Smackdown:

<span;>Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Fatal 4-Way Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (c) vs.  Otis and Chad Gable vs.  The Street Profits vs.  Rey and Dominik Mysterio

In addition, they announce that in WWE RAW, Baron Corbin will face Drew McIntyre.

Apollo Crews is backstage and states that he is not afraid of Big E. Apollo says that this time they will do the right things and in his style, and challenges Big E to a Nigerian Drum Fight at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship.

Paul Heyman meets Edge backstage.  Heyman tells Edge that everyone wanted to see him take on Roman Reigns.  Heyman says that Bryan shouldn’t be in the Wrestlemania match but Edge tells him to fall down and do what he has to do, since he’s going to watch the match now.  Edge joins the table of comnetaristas.

Street fight
Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Bryan runs into the ring and hits Jey all the way until he reverses and throws Bryan out of the ring.  Jey throws Bryan over the barricade repeatedly.  Bryan returns to the ring and wants to throw himself at Jey with a Suicide Dive but Jey hits him with a chair.  Jey uses the chair to attack Bryan’s ankle, goes up to the corner and launches with a Splash but Bryan moves away and repeatedly hits Jey with the chair.  Roman Reigns makes his entrance and sits in a chair at the beginning of the ramp into the ring.  After commercials, Bryan repeatedly kicks Jey into the corner until he reverses and throws Bryan onto a chair placed in the corner.

Jey pulls some chains out from under the ring and hits Bryan.  New blow from Jey with the chain on Bryan followed by Splash in the corner and the count remaining at 2. Jey throws Bryan out of the ring and throws him against the metal steps.  Bryan reverses the situation and applies a Suplex to Jey from the steps.  Bryan grabs a chair and hits Jey repeatedly and then applies a Missile Dropkick in the ring followed by the count remaining at 2. Bryan dominates the fight with kicks and grabs the chain to repeatedly hit Jey’s body.  Yes Lock and Jey surrenders.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via surrender.

With no time to anything, Bryan launches himself on Edge at the commentary table with a Dropkick.  Bryan repeatedly throws Edge against the cornerback poster and looks at Roman Reigns.  Bryan goes to Reigns but he throws the chair at him and Bryan avoids him to apply the Running Knee to Reigns followed by the Yes Lock.  Reigns vanishes and several referees arrive to separate Bryan who returns to the ring to celebrate in the corner.

End of the show.


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