RAW Results & Highlights: Monday Night RAW – Full Results, Drew McIntyre beats Ricochet, Bobby Lashley wins and more – 29th March 2021

WWE RAW RESULTS AND HIGHLIGHTS: The current edition of Raw kicks off with the arrival of Drew McIntyre. Sarah Schreiber reminds the former WWE World Champion that he could be attacked by any WWE Superstar tonight, because Lashley offers the person who can kill McIntyre to WrestleMania a title match. McIntyre is ready and promises to give all attackers an old-fashioned Scottish kick in the buttocks.

The Hurt Business step into the ring and MVP promises Lashley will enter and leave WrestleMania as a champion. Lashley mentions his offer: Whoever kills McIntyre, earns a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. MVP wants to know who is ready to move up, but no one shows up.

According to the MVP, there are two men who won’t get this chance. We see a video recap of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin’s defeat last week. Lashley was very embarrassed that they both lost their Tag Team titles last week. He could no longer rely on her and refuses to deliver with incompetence. MVP suspects that both failed miserably.

However, Alexander and Benjamin no longer want to be exposed. Benjamin remembers how they supported Lashley all the time and how he is now champion because of them. MVP tries to mediate, but Lashley beats Alexander down. Lashley is then attacked by Benjamin, but the WWE World Champion makes short work of Benjamin, who has to take a flatliner. Lashley then makes it clear that Benjamin and Alexander are no longer part of The Hurt Business.

Backstage: Sarah Schreiber asks Riddle why Sheamus attacked him with his scooter. Riddle doesn’t know why. Maybe Sheamus had a stomach ache. However, Riddle is very upset about it. Riddle sees Titus O’Neil and wants him to cook a pig for him at Mania. Titus worries about Riddle and examines his forehead. “You checked me out earlier, I’m fine,” replies Riddle. Riddle then thinks he’s hosting WrestleMania too, but Titus makes it clear that this job will be taken over by himself and Hulk Hogan. Titus walks away and Riddle gets a heavy shoulder block from the onrushing Shemaus. Sheamus is really excited to see Riddle in the ring.

Backstage: Alexander and Benjamin confront Adam Pearce. Benjamin wants a match against Lashley tonight and Alexander wants what is left of Lashley in the coming week. Pearce hesitates, which neither of them can understand.

MVP sits down with commentators Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton and replaces Samoa Joe, who is not on site tonight.

1. Match
Non-Title Match
Sheamus defeated Riddle (c) after a big knee strike

After the match: Sheamus is attacked from behind by Riddle and kicked out of the ring. Loud “BRO” chants follow.

Backstage: Kevin Patrick wants to hear from Shane McMahon (w / Elias & Jaxson Ryker) what he wants to reveal about Braun Strowman tonight. Shane doesn’t want to reveal the details, but we’ll find out some interesting things. Backstage: Drew McIntyre is looking for someone who could try to take him off and meets AJ Styles and Omos. Both heels are focused on the Raw Tag Team Championship match against The New Day at WrestleMania, but Styles believes their paths will cross in the future. When Styles and Omos leave, McIntyre is more than ready for his attacker.

Shane McMahon, Elias and Jaxson Ryker are in the ring and Shane claims his knee injury is real. He’s been able to sprint away on the adrenaline last week, however, and will have rallied by WrestleMania to beat Strowman on the biggest show stage.

Shane now presents Braun’s fifth grade report card. He got a 4 in social studies, maths and in English as well as a 4+ in sports. The testimony was signed by a “Mrs. Strowman”. Then Shane makes fun of Strowman with a cartoon-like graphic on which “The Monster Among Men” was shown with the note: 2 + 2 = 5 … “I’m not stupid” …

Strowman comes for his match against Ryker out and Shane and Elias flee the ring.

2. Match
Braun Strowman defeated Jaxson Ryker (w / Shane McMahon & Elias) after a Powerslam

After the match: Strowman grabs a microphone and reminds that he can choose the stipulation for their WrestleMania match and so he confirms a steel cage match. Shane looks a little intimidated before he smiles.

After another commercial break, The Miz and John Morrison present a new edition of “The Dirt Sheet”.

The Miz recalls that Bad Bunny was nominated for a VMA last year but didn’t win. For this, Morrison won a Grammy. The Miz thinks it’s funny and promises to defeat Bad Bunny at WrestleMania. Both continue talking about Bad Bunny before launching their new music video called “Hey Hey Hop Hop”. Both claim the video was recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ultimately, however, the video contains recorded recordings of the WWE audience including scenes in which both are jumping around in their rabbit costumes.

Back at the WWE ThunderDome: Miz & Morrison are booed loudly. However, both heels are proud of themselves.

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest interrupt. Priest makes it clear that Bad Bunny will do the moneymaker at Mania. Bad Bunny shares something else in Spanish. Miz wants to know what Bad Bunny said and Priest functions as a translator: “Bad Bunny will make you his b ** ch!”

The Miz and Morrison leave the ring. Miz tells Priest that he won’t be able to protect Bad Bunny at WrestleMania. But that is probably not necessary, because Priest clears the way for The Miz. The Miz tries to attack Bad Bunny, but Bad Bunny evades and knocks Miz down with a heavy punch. Then Priest and Bad Bunny go into the ring and invite their opponents, but Miz and Morrison stay where they are. Bunny throws two chairs and the painting of the two heels out of the ring.

Backstage: Randy Orton lists some of the legends he has met in his career, but none of his opponents at the time can be compared to The Fiend. He tried to burn The Fiend, but then found that his rival is not human, but an abomination straight from Hell. Now Orton knows what he’s dealing with and can finally put an end to it. Both are cut from the same cloth and he knows how far into Hell he has to go to make sure The Fiend disappears from his life once and for all.

3rd Match
Non-Title Match
Bobby Lashley (c) defeated Shelton Benjamin (w / Cedric Alexander) in the Hurt Lock – before Alexander was chased into the backstage area by Lashley

Backstage: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods meet AJ Styles and Omos. The New Day will have a Game Night tonight because they want to see how well they know each other. Styles does not want to take part in Game Night and only wants to defeat Xavier Woods afterwards. When New Day dub him a chicken, Styles accepts the challenge for Game Night.

Confirmed for the second WrestleMania 37:

WWE United States Championship
Riddle (c) vs. Sheamus

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods are now in the ring with a few games. The first game they play is Charade. Kingston has to mime a certain song, and Woods guesses it right. Styles then mimes “The Lion King”, but Omos can’t guess.

The next game was Pictionary. Woods has to draw a rocket ship and Kingston can guess it. Styles then draws the sun, but Omos didn’t know. Omos shows little interest as New Day celebrate their game victory. Omos has had enough and reminded that all they have to do is win their match at WrestleMania and he will now show both of them what he is capable of. When Styles throws the games out of the ring, Woods says “The Phenomenal One” is acting like a 3-year-old.

Video: A small fan from social media imitated Hulk Hogan.

4. Match
Xavier Woods (w / Kofi Kingston) defeated AJ Styles (w / Omos) by DQ after Omos Woods intervened in the match and attacked Woods – during the match, Kingston was thrown over the ring fence by Omos

After the match: Omos missed Woods a power bomb. Then he puts his foot on Woods and Styles does a symbolic pinfall.

Backstage: Alexa Bliss welcomes the audience to her playground with her wind-up box, which she claims is not an ordinary box. It used to be called the devilish wind-up box. Orton thought he could get rid of The Fiend but he was wrong and now she has her Fiend-in-a-Box. Orton doesn’t know what’s next. But she knows, because the legend killer will die at WrestleMania. Bliss plays with her fiend-in-a-box and giggles. The camera now captures a motionless “The Fiend” next to Alexa Bliss on the swing next to her.

Backstage: Drew McIntyre storms into the WWE locker room and shows himself ready for his attacker, but initially nobody pays him any attention. McIntyre talks to a few superstars until he challenges Braun Strowman, who reminds him that he should be a five-time champion by now. However, at WrestleMania, he will deal with Shane first before devoting himself to Drew McIntyre. McIntyre threatens Humberto Carillo and throws him to the ground. Then Riddle is confronted by McIntyre, but McIntyre is also not interested because he is already busy with Sheamus. Angel Garza tries to attack McIntyre during the conversation, but to no avail. Gulak wanted to attack McIntyre too, but McIntyre knocked him out with a headbutt.

Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose join the commentators for the next match.

5. Match
Naomi (w / Lana) defeated Shayna Baszler (w / Nia Jax) via rollup, previously Baszler kicked Lana from the apron – during the match there were some distractions involving Lana, Jax, Reginald and Dana Brooke / Mandy Rose were

backstage: Asuka is approached by Riddle, who is on the road as usual with his scooter. Riddle talks about his match against Sheamus at WrestleMania and then asks Asuka if she likes his scooter. After that, Riddle looks at the camera and says that he forgot what he just said. The slightly confused Asuka continues.

Now it’s time to sign the contract for the Raw Women’s Championship Match between Asuka and Rhea Ripley for WrestleMania. Adam Pearce stands in the ring and calls out both women.

Rhea Ripley tells Asuka that she’s not going to be a Raw Womens Champion in the near future. Asuka doesn’t let that intimidate her. Rhea and Asuka sign the contract one after the other. When the Japanese wants to loudly declare that Rhea won’t have a chance against her, her rival throws the table in her face.

Then Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler show up. Both heels are speechless because after all their accomplishments they haven’t gotten a match for WrestleMania yet. Because of this, both Rhea and Asuka challenge a tag team match the next week. Ripley immediately accepts the challenge, while Asuka lies on the floor and is visibly in pain.

Before the next match: MVP thinks it’s great that Ricochet wants to fight for a chance for a title match against Lashley, but Ricochet makes it clear that he wants to prove himself more.

The commentators are talking about the WWE Hall of Fame 2021 Class. This year, Kane, Eric Bischoff, The Great Khali, Molly Holly and Rob Van Dam are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

6th match
Drew McIntyre defeated Ricochet after the Claymore Kick – Lashley followed the match on a monitor in the backstage area

McIntyre is attacked by Mustafa Ali. This leads to the next match …

7th Match
Drew McIntyre defeated Mustafa Ali after the Claymore Kick – Lashley also watched the match in the backstage area

After the match: Drew McIntyre picked up a microphone and asked Lashley to come out. The reigning WWE World Champion enters the stage.

McIntyre makes it clear that he will dispatch all of Lashley’s assailants and reclaim Lashley’s title at WrestleMania. Lashley reminds McIntyre of their argument in the Elimination Chamber, but a lot more beating awaits at WrestleMania.

But McIntyre thinks Lashley is scared. Lashley attacks McIntyre, but McIntyre defends himself and throws the “All Mighty” out of the ring.

Suddenly McIntyre is attacked from behind by King Corbin. McIntyre is able to defend himself for the time being, but Corbin gives Drew the Deep Six. Lashley returns and uses the Hurt Lock on McIntyre. Corbin obviously takes a liking to it. Lashley releases the grip and then puts it back on. The third time, McIntyre passes out in the hurt lock. Then Lashley holds up his title alongside King Corbin. That ends Raw.


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