Rey Mysterio talks about major surprise that current roster does not know

WWE News: Rey Mysterio has surprised fans a time or two in the past. It seems that he is gearing up for something else unexpected.

Forbes recently spoke to Mr. 6-1-9 about a number of topics. He disclosed that Dominik is only getting one free pass during the Royal Rumble match. He also teased a big surprise coming up.

Rey Mysterio is currently in the middle of a feud against King Corbin. The current King of the Ring took out Dominik on SmackDown this week, but Rey apparently has something in store for the former Golden Gloves boxer.

“I have a little surprise that eventually will pop up, I’m just waiting for the right time for that, and the whole SmackDown family will know…we do know that Corbin was a former Golden Gloves boxer, so we might go down that route.”

Rey Mysterio has some pretty impressive friends that he could call. It’s doubtful that Cain Velasquez will show up since WWE released him, but you never know what they have planned.

We will continue monitoring this situation as things continue playing out on television. Rey Mysterio certainly seems like he has something up his sleeves.


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