Top 5 players who have scored more than 400 goals but yet to ever win the Ballon d’or

Perseverance, hard work and determination; these are the aspects of playing the game. If one has these qualities imbibed in them, success will be at staring at them sooner rather than later. But along with this comes the recognition and fame which tests one’s resolve.

Our players too put in their all to achieve their dreams and do not shy away with the fame and recognition they receive for their achievements. Everyone wants to be a recognized and global superstar of the player but it is that crunch moment where you need to establish yourself to be THE man.

Ballon d’or is one such recognition which attributes to all three of the qualities mentioned above. This is the award for the Best Player of the Year, which everyone wants to get their hands on but only One can. Pushing one self to the limit and progressing upwards from there is what the Ballon d’or means.

We have seen the Messi’s, Ronaldo’s and so many more taking this coveted prize home but there are equally talented and respected servants of the game who even after their toil are not able to cross the line. Today we will speak about those players who have plundered in many goals, created infinite moments but are yet to win that coveted trophy which is a symbol of excellence.


The Swedish dynamite has played for over 20 plus years and has been one of the most respected players to have played the game. He has played for 9 different clubs coupled with under 18, under 23 and the national side appearances.

The striker has scored a total of 572 goals in his career for club and country. An absolute giant in Swedish football and an inspiration to millions. At 39, he is still walking the talk.


The Polish striker came closest to winning the Ballon d’or in 2015 but finished 4th behind Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.

He has scored 538 goals for club and country in over 15 years of professional football. The Bayern Munich forward has played for 6 clubs till date along with appearances for the national side, under 19’s and under 21’s. A beast in front of goal imbibed with all the qualities for a top-class striker. He still makes everyone take notice when he is on the park.


The Uruguayan striker has been active since 2005 and has scored 503 goals in 799 appearances for club and country. One of the all-time greats of South American football. Suarez has played for 6 clubs and the national side alongside appearances at the under 20 and under 23 level.

A prolific striker who can wriggle past his teammates with utmost ease. He is a delight for any manager due to his footballing sense and goal scoring abilities. His aggression can be questioned due to some of his controversies on the field yet his commitment cannot be questioned. An absolute gem of world football.


The Maldivian captain and nicknamed ‘Man of Steel’ who currently plays for Club Valencia in the Maldives league has been on the circuit since 2001 and has scored 464 goals in 544 appearances for club and country. His career spans over 8 clubs, has also represented the Maldivian under 23 side and national side.

A prolific goal scorer, free kick specialist and clinical finisher, he is considered as the best player to have graced the pitch from Maldives.


The Argentine forward who is Manchester City’s all-time top goal scorer is another player who has shined like a diamond throughout his career but has been unable to bag the Ballon d’or for his services.

Sergio Aguero began his career in 2003 and has since scored 432 goals in 783 appearances for club and country. Aguero has played for 3 clubs namely Independiente, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City; he has also represented the Argentina national side along with the under 17, 20 and 23 sides.

Aguero’s career has been a testament to his character, passion and willingness to succeed that has made him one of the giants in world football today.

The great Martin Tyler’s commentry during Aguero’s title winning goal for Manchester City read


This was Aguero’s moment when he won the Premier League in 2012. It still holds true today. The ability to keep going till the last drop is the reason for Aguero’s superlative career.

P.S: The above-mentioned players are active players.


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