Top 5 WWE superstars who have joined AEW or other competitive brands

With the WWE wrestlers sensing the decrease in competition and recognition on the platform, many of the wrestlers shifted to other wrestling platforms such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW), ROH, TNA/Impact, New Japan Pro Wrestling etc. Here are top 5 WWE superstars who have joined these platforms:

Dean Ambrose (AEW)

On being asked the reason for leaving WWE, Jon Moxley most commonly known as Dean Ambrose from WWE said that he was having certain disagreements from the WWE CEO Vince McMahon who once presented Ambrose with a promo he didn’t wanted to do which involved Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose also mentioned that he once had a heated argument with Vince McMahon which made him angry.

Chris Jericho (AEW)

At an interview, Chris Jericho mentioned that Vince McMahon once swapped Jericho’s match without informing him. Chris Jericho were to face Kevin Owens in Wrestlemania main event but Vince McMahon swapped the match and put Brock Lesnar V/S Bill Goldberg in place of it. When Chris realized this, he felt disrespected and urged to leave WWE.

Big Show (AEW)

The Big Show signed a contract with the WWE in 2017 which ended in 2021 after which he joined the AEW. The 7 foot athlete was unhappy with the way he was being treated in WWE and also had received humiliating comments from Randy Orton, or so he claims. After leaving the WWE, Big Show also removed all WWE related posts from his Social media.

Cody Rhodes (AEW)

Cody Rhodes joined the WWE in 2007 and in his initial years, he was seen with Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase where he gained much public attention. After that, Cody Rhodes managed to create his sole identity in the WWE as “The Dashing Cody Rhodes” and won the intercontinental championship. But after new appearances in the WWE, Rhodes’ role got minimized and his next character “The Stardust” like his brother Goldust wasn’t receiving much acknowledgement due to which, Rhodes was prompted to leave the WWE.

Jack Swagger (AEW)

Jack Swagger said, ” So, it was a tough decision– one that my wife and I thought about for years. I’m very thankful for the career that I had in the WWE. Getting out there and seeing different cultures was a really big perk for me. When it came down to it, I just feel like people had lost each other– communication wasn’t where it needed to be. We’d both started this path together ten years ago. But I just feel like I needed a change, and they needed a change. We can always possibly get back to it down the road. But for me, I was lucky to come out of college and go straight into the developmental programme. So, there’s a lot of wrestling from me across the world to see still. It’s very exciting– the opportunity is just immense.


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