Which MLS Teams Have Won the MLS Cup? All You Need To Know

Which MLS Teams Have Won the MLS Cup? All You Need To Know

MLS Cup: The MLS Cup is an annual competition between the Eastern and Western Conference champions. It has a rich history and has had many MLS Cup champions over the years.

The MLS Cup is the league’s yearly championship game and the end of the MLS Cup Playoffs. This game pits the victor of the Eastern Conference Final against.

The winner of the Western Conference Final.The winner of the MLS Cup determines the league champion. Every other major North American sports league holds.

A playoff tournament following the regular season to determine the league champion. In contrast, several soccer leagues worldwide award.

The Supporters’ Shield to the team with the most points at the end of the season. The winner of the MLS Cup receives one of the country’s.

Four seats in the CONCACAF Champions League the following season. Suppose one of the three MLS Canadian clubs wins the MLS Cup in that case.

The Champions League spot is granted to the highest-placed U.S.-based team in the overall regular-season standings that did not previously qualify.

The winner of the MLS Cup, which is the last match of the MLS Cup Playoffs, is crowned league champion for that season.

Like other North American professional sports leagues, the league stages a postseason event at the end of the standard season.

L.A. Galaxy Holds the Most Titles

The tournament was available to the top seven clubs from the Eastern and Western Conferences. The inaugural MLS Cup final was contested on 20 October 1996.

D.C. United defeated the Los Angeles Galaxy to win the trophy.The Galaxy currently holds the record for most titles with five. The most successful team.

MLS Cup history is L.A. Galaxy, which has won the trophy five times. Four of those victories (2005, 2011, 2012, and 2014) occurred during the club’s long.

Fruitful relationship with Landon Donovan, the USMNT’s joint top-scorer and second most-capped player. He also won two MLS Cups while on loan.

From Bayer Leverkusen (2001, 2003). Donovan’s haul turns him the most successful player in league history regarding MLS Cup titles.

He also owns the record for most goals scored in MLS Playoffs, with 25 in all. D.C. United is the second most thriving team.

MLS Cup history, having won the trophy four times in five MLS Cup appearances (1996, 1997, 1999, 2004). No team had more.

MLS Playoff appearances than the New York Red Bulls. The latter had entered the postseason 22 times but had only reached the MLS Cup once, in 2008.

Then they were defeated 3-1 by Barros Schelotto and the Columbus Crew. The Sounders had entered the playoffs every year since.

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Their beginning in 2009 (13 straight playoff appearances). It won the MLS Cup in 2016 and 2019 but fell to the Columbus Crew in the championship game last season.

MLS CUP Winners Over the Years

The 2022 MLS CUP is set for 5 November 2022 this year. Meanwhile, The following teams are the winners of the MLS Cup.

  • 2021 MLS CUP: Portland Timber 1, New York City F.C. 1 (O.T.; NYCFC 4-2 pen)
  • 2020 MLS CUP: Columbus Crew SC 3, Seattle Sounders F.C. 0
  • 2019 MLS CUP: Seattle Sounders F.C. 3, Toronto F.C. 1
  • 2018 MLS CUP: Atlanta United 2, Portland Timbers 0
  • 2017 MLS CUP: Toronto FC 2, Seattle Sounders FC 0
  • 2016 MLS CUP: Seattle Sounders FC 0, Toronto FC 0 (OT; Sounders FC 5-4 pen)
  • MLS CUP 2015: Portland Timbers 2, Columbus Crew SC 1
  • MLS CUP 2014: LA Galaxy 2, New England Revolution 1 (O.T.)
  • MLS CUP 2013: Sporting Kansas City 1, Real Salt Lake 1 (O.T.; Sporting 7-6 pen)
  • MLS CUP 2012: LA Galaxy 3, Houston Dynamo 1
  • MLS CUP 2011: LA Galaxy 1, Houston Dynamo 0
  • MLS CUP 2010: Colorado Rapids 2, FC Dallas 1 (OT)
  • MLS CUP 2009: Real Salt Lake 1, LA Galaxy 1 (O.T.; Real 5-4 pen)
  • MLS CUP 2008: Columbus Crew 3, New York Red Bulls 1
  • MLS CUP 2007: Houston Dynamo 2, New England Revolution 1
  • MLS CUP 2006: Houston Dynamo 1, New England Revolution 1 (OT, Houston 4-3 pen)
  • MLS CUP 2005: Los Angeles Galaxy 1, New England Revolution 0 (O.T.)
  • MLS CUP 2004: D.C. United 3, Kansas City Wizards 2
  • MLS CUP 2003: San Jose Earthquakes 4, Chicago Fire 2
  • MLS CUP 2002: Los Angeles Galaxy 1, New England Revolution 0 (O.T.)
  • MLS CUP 2001: San Jose Earthquakes 2, Los Angeles Galaxy 1 (O.T.)
  • MLS CUP 2000: Kansas City Wizards 1, Chicago Fire 0
  • MLS CUP 1999: D.C. United 2, Los Angeles Galaxy 0
  • MLS CUP 1998: Chicago Fire 2, D.C. United 0
  • MLS CUP 1997: D.C. United 2, Colorado Rapids 1
  • MLS CUP 1996: D.C. United 3, Los Angeles Galaxy 2 (O.T.)

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