WWE Backstage Rumors: Karrion Kross Challenges Edge, Rey Mysterio Signs New Contract, Rhea Ripley To Main Roster, And Many More

WWE Backstage Rumors: Here are some of the latest WWE rumors that are floating around.

5) WWE’s Plan For Bad Bunny

According to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, Bad Bunny was recently spotted training at the WWE Performance Center.

This provides fuel to the rumor that Bad Bunny will be wrestling a match for WWE:

Bad Bunny was in the ring working out and preparing for a proposed future WWE PPV bout that would take place against The Miz and/or John Morrison later this year.

Bad Bunny has been great so far in his appearances. He seems like a genuine fan and we think it is smart for WWE to use his popularity. Him vs The Miz could be fun.

4) Update On Rhea Ripley

According to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, Rhea Ripley is now considered to be a part of the WWE main roster.

While saying that, WWE has still not decided which brand that she will be on. Here is what Johnson wrote:

As PWInsider.com has previously reported, the Royal Rumble was considered Rhea Ripley’s official WWE main roster debut.  Ripley was not at last night’s Raw and as of today, she is not scheduled for Smackdown.  PWInsider.com is told that the final determination as to what main roster brand the Australian star will be assigned to has not yet been made.

We think that Rhea will move to RAW. Either way though, we are just happy to see her moving up to the main roster, as she is more than ready.

3) New WWE Signing

Booker T was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald. During this, he confirmed that WWE has signed one of his students, AQA (Angela “Queen” Arnold.

Here is what he said (via Fightful):

“I love still being a part of the company, watching the growth, watching the young guys still do their thing. Still being relevant and giving back with my school. One of my students, AQA, Angela, just got signed with WWE. For me to still talking about it on WWE Backstage and giving certain guys the rub and boosting their career, it’s really cool.”

We don’t know much about her but we are excited to learn more.

2) Rey Mysterio Signs A New WWE Contract

Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. During this, Rey confirmed that he recently signed a new contract with WWE.

Here is what he said:

“We never made the signing of my new deal public, but there is definitely going to be more time to see Rey Mysterio in WWE. I’m going to keep wrestling, at least until Father Time catches up and says, ‘It’s time to go.’”

Rey has proven that he can still go in the ring and is not slowing down. We are fine with him sticking around. We would also love to see him win the Tag Team Titles with Dominik at some point.

1) Backstage News On Lars Sullivan’s WWE Release

On Fightful Select (subscribe here), Sean Ross Sapp spoke with Lars Sullivan. This comes after the news that Lars was quietly released by WWE this week.

Lars praised WWE for how they handled his departure from the company. He also spoke about the issues that he faced while working for WWE:

Sullivan informed us that he told WWE he was done with wrestling after battling crippling anxiety issues to the point of struggling to eat during days of TV filming, and was having trouble sleeping. He also lost his father last year, which compounded a rollercoaster year for him. Sullivan called himself his own worst enemy, and owned up to multiple issues that prevented him from gaining traction in what he called his dream job.

Sullivan told us that he’s likely done with wrestling, and again took responsibility for the issues that led to that, calling some actions “idiocy” and “his own selfish behavior.”

It was also made clear that Sullivan was treated well by WWE management and by those in the WWE locker room:

A point that was hammered home was that he was treated well by both the WWE office and a locker room, and it wasn’t a case of bullying.

Nice to see Lars owning up to some of his mistakes. We wish him the best of luck and it will be interesting to see if he comes back to wrestling in the future.


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