WWE News: This superstar has impressed Brock Lesnar after their first encounter at Survivor Series

WWE News: It has been revealed that Brock Lesnar was impressed with a current WWE wrestler after their Survivor Series interaction.

Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019. Although Mysterio was eventually defeated in less than 10 minutes, the build to their match featured an entertaining angle involving his son, Dominik Mysterio.

Now a full-time member of the SmackDown roster, Dominik has revealed that Lesnar was really impressed with his work. Speaking on the Start Today Podcast, Dominik noted that when he went to thank Lesnar backstage, Lesnar admitted he was surprised with how much Dominik knew about wrestling.

Here is the full quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“After I got my ass beat, I went to say thank you to everyone. I remember Brock telling me that he was surprised because I knew more than he thought I was going to. With how I placed myself and things I would do to feed into things. I don’t think they were expecting me to know what I was doing. That was really cool right off the bat.”

Dominik has been around wrestling his whole life, so it’s no surprise he developed a passion for the sport that his father dominated.

Competing in his debut match at SummerSlam, Dominik earned the appreciation of everyone backstage, including Vince McMahon himself.

Since then, the Mysterios have became fully fledged members of the SmackDown roster, becoming the first legit father-son duo to compete in the same Royal Rumble match.


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