WWE News: 3 Possible Hall Of Fame Inductees who can join this legendary race in 2021, check out

Rob Van Dam

The Former WWE Champion, the high flyer and the fan favourite Rob Van Dam can be another possible candidate who could appear for the Hall Of Fame ceremony this year. He once mentioned that he hasn’t been contacted by WWE to appear for the Hall Of Fame but considers it to be a future possibility and aspires to join the ceremony as one of the inductees.


Another possible inductee could be Victoria, a former 2 time WWE Women’s Championship Title holder. Following is a statement made by Victoria in response to her being in the Hall of Fame:

“It’s not my decision to be inducted into the Hall of Fame; we don’t call and say, ‘hey, it’s my turn.’ It’s not something we do. Or it’s ‘well, why don’t you go back?’ You don’t understand—we don’t pick up the phone and say we want to come back, you have to be invited. When that next time comes, it will be amazing, but when I hear it from the fans it’s enough right now.”

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston is the music composer for WWE who produced the entrance theme songs for superstars like The Undertaker, Steve Austin, The Rock etc. WWE not only honours the on Television stars but also those who appear backstage.

Will these 3 stars appear at the Hall of Fame this time?


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