WWE News: Heat & Words Exchange between Randy Orton & AEW wrestler

WWE News: Heat & Words Exchange between Randy Orton & AEW wrestler. 

WWE News: Surreal exchange on Twitter between AEW wrestler Trent and WWE
Legend Randy Orton.

The former WWE has posted a photo of his new tech acquisition. A beautiful controller for the X Box Series X, the same color as his wrestling outfit.

An inviting offer

The wrestler posted a photo of his new controller writing: “I bought an X Box controller in the same color as my ring gear, someone please shit in my bag, I deserve it .

” Anyone who has been following wrestling for a few years will know that Randy Orton is famous for this joke of very bad taste. trimmed to some colleagues in the past. The legend killer did not take the provocation and published a thoughtful face, as if it were an interesting invitation for him.

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Trent and Randy Orton were colleagues for a few years in WWE. But faced each other only on one occasion, when The Viper won a 41-man battle royal in SmackDown on 11 October 2011. On that occasion it was Orton and Trent who prevailed.

Barreta was just one of the many wrestlers who enriched the contest. Trent’s experience in WWE lasted until 2013, with no particular occasion to shine.


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