WWE News: Road Dogg thinks Roman Reigns is better at telling stories than The Rock

WWE News: Road Dogg thinks Roman Reigns is better at telling stories than The Rock

Roman Reigns is the current WWE megastar. Thanks to his records as a champion and his role in the history of The Bloodline.

He has managed to captivate a large part of WWE fans, although he also has his detractors, in the same way that his cousin, the Hollywood star Dwayne.

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“The Rock” Johnson. One of the people who works with WWE’s production and travel team, Road Dogg, recently pointed out on his Oh…

You Didn’t Know podcast that Roman Reigns is a better story-telling wrestler than The Rock. The WWE Hall of Famer believes that both Reigns and.

Rock are very different entities as performers, but believes that because of Reigns’ performance he has the upper hand over “The People’s Champ”.

WWE Road Dogg Latest News: 

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Especially as a result of his more recent history with The Bloodline and the impact it has had.”I see the storytelling that Roman does visually with.

The facials,” Dogg stated. “Roman makes me react sometimes like I want to slap him, you know what I mean? I just want to slap him and say.

‘You’re not as cool as you think,’ you know what I mean? That works, and I think that’s why he’s doing a amazing job right now.” “Don’t get me wrong.

Rock is a great actor. Look, one of my favorite movies is ‘Central Intelligence’ (‘A Spy and a Half’ in Spain).” Speculation about a fight between.

Roman Reigns and The Rock is still in the air. Several experts have indicated that WWE’s plan for.

WrestleMania XL remains the same as this year: wait for The Rock and a plan B facing Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes.