WWE News: Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens rivalry ain’t going to end soon

During the last edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, journalist Dave Meltzer explained why WWE continues with Kevin Owen’s rivalry against Roman Reigns. Meltzer simply stated that they don’t have any more babyface superstars on Smackdown right now.

They’re trying to push some superstar. They have Big E, but he’s Intercontinental Champion and I don’t think he’s fighting Roman Reigns at least right now. Actually, I don’t even think they gave Owens a push, they just used it because they didn’t have anyone else stated Dave Meltzer.

Everything indicates that Kevin Owens will be Roman Reign’s rival in Elimination Chamber 2021, with whom he could have an individual match with stipulation again or a match within the Elimination Chamber where the Universal Championship is at stake. In the coming weeks on Smackdown we will know more details about it.

Edge is the winner of the Royal Rumble 2021 and all the rumors indicate that he will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Until that match is made official, the Tribal Chief needs someone to face in the PPVs leading up to the company’s great show.


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