WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 14th August 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 14th August 2023

USA Network will broadcast WWE Monday Night Raw episode 1,577 live tonight from the Canadian Life Center in Winnipeg, MB. The show will feature.

The long-awaited rematch between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus. In addition, Shinsuke Nakamura will explain the reasons behind his attack on Seth Rollins last week.

Summary WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2023

Sami Zayn interrupted a Judgment Day promo

Sami Zayn defeated JD McDonagh.

Piper Niven became the new partner of Chelsea Green and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

The members of Alpha Academy confronted Imperium.

Chad Gable defeated Giovanni Vinci.

Gunther beat Otis.

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle defeated The Viking Raiders in a tag team match.

Rhea Ripley defeated Indi Hartwell.

The match between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus ended in a double disqualification.

Cody Rhodes defeated Finn Bálor in the stellar event of the night: The Judgment Day finished off Rhodes and Sami Zayn to put an end to the show.

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Live Reporting WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2023

The Judgment Day opens tonight’s show. Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio head to the ring. Rhea welcomes the public to Monday Night Raw.

“the place that rules The Judgment Day”. Ripley acknowledges that things are not going as planned. Priest points out that Finn Bálor should have won.

The Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam and that they shouldn’t have lost their tag team match last week. The Puerto Rican attributes

It to a lack of communication. However, he doesn’t think anything will happen, as he is still in possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

However, Damian is upset by Bálor’s absence in the ring. Rhea asks him not to bring it up in public, but Priest asks her and Dominik to wrap him up.

Like the family they are to her. At that moment, JD McDonagh appears. JD has a message for them from Finn, adding that last week he already took.

It upon himself to eliminate Sami Zayn by attacking him backstage. Rhea interrupts him, assuring him that they don’t take orders from anyone.

Least of all from someone who isn’t part of the team. Dominik tries to speak, but the audience boos loudly, forcing him to raise his pitch. Rhea asks JD.

To leave, but not before giving him a message for Finn to demand his presence. Suddenly, Sami Zayn appears on the entrance ramp and lunges.

At McDonagh. Zayn attacks the Irishman while The Judgment Day watches impassively. Sami gets on the apron and faces them, but decides.

To back down due to superior numbers. Meanwhile, JD has recovered and launches a counterattack against Sami, punishing him for last week’s damaged arm against the post.

Sammy Zayn vs. JD McDonagh

Combat agreed by Adam Pearce during the advertising paua. Sami lunges at JD with his bandaged arm. Even so, he manages to dominate the first.

Phase of the fight. McDonagh quickly recovers by attacking his opponent’s damaged arm directly. The Irishman punished the arm with.

The help of the ropes before removing the bandage, showing a bulge, to later continue hitting the area.Sami manages to recover and expels McDonagh.

From the ring. Zayn goes after him, but JD grabs his arm again to punish him against the crowd barrier before kneeing him on the announce table.

Sami writhes on the floor in pain as the broadcast hits a new ad break.Back, we see JD being taken down from a corner. Sami launches at him.

But JD receives him with a dropkick. 1..2..NO. JD kicks Zayn’s arm and Zayn responds with a clothesline. Zayn continues to punch with one arm.

Executing a not-too-orthodox Blue Thunder Bomb. McDonagh manages to catch the Canadian with a crossface, but Sami manages to reach the ropes.

A frustrated JD kicks Zayn, who responds with an exploder suplex directly into the cornerback. At that moment, Finn Bálor appears on the entrance ramp.

Threatening to enter the ring. McDonagh tries to surprise him with a roll-up, but Zzayn avoids him. McDonagh headbutts Sami and executes a moonsault.

But Zayn stops him with his knees. JD is totally at the mercy of a definitive Helluva Kick.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Finn bursts into the ring to attack Sami, but he quickly runs away.

Backstage, Adam Pearce page tries to explain to Chelsea Green that she needs to do something about the tag team titles. Chelsea refuses to give them up.

As she has worked so hard to get them. Pearce reminds her that her partner, Sony Deville, is injured and she won’t be back for months. So, if she doesn’t.

Want to give up the championships, he admits to being open to hearing proposals. Green proposes a series of interviews to choose a new partner.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance offer to do it, but the latter receives a powerful punch from Piper Niven, who takes one of the championships that.

Chelsea carries on her shoulders, and proclaims herself her new partner and, therefore, Women’s Tag Team Champion from WWE.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Cody Rhodes, who tonight will face Finn Bálor. Rhodes praises the Irishman’s career in and out of WWE, but.

Remembers that he is not the only leader of The Judgment Day. All of them are dangerous and have put some superstars out of business.

However, he assures that tonight he will be ready to face Bálor and be victorious.The entire Imperium makes its entrance. Gunther goes up to the commentary table and, microphone in hand.

Addresses the public. The Austrian reminds them that he continues to build his legacy as the greatest Intercontinental champion in history.

As a European, he is always grateful to come to Canada, although walking through the streets of the city of Winnipeg, he understands why they call it the “armpit of Canada.” The public boo him.

Gunther then focuses on Chad Gable, his next opponent for the championship. The Austrian mocks him, pointing out that there is not the slightest.

Possibility that he can dethrone him. “SHOOOOOOOOSHHH!” Gable interrupts. He reminds Gunther that two weeks ago he thought he could beat him in less than five minutes, and he didn’t.

Chad assures that he has worked hard to become the talent he is today, vowing that Gunther will lose the title as soon as the two meet.

Meanwhile, tonight he will face Giovanni Vinci. Ludwig Kaiser interrupts him and goes up to the ring with Vinci to face the members of Alpha Academy.

Ludwig promises Gable that Vinci will humiliate him the same way he humiliated Otis last week. Saying this, he goes directly to Maxxine Dupri.

Recommending that she stop mixing with the “absolute shame” that are his companions and offering her his hand. Maxxine slaps him for the.

Second week in a row and Chad steps between them to end the segment with his classic “THANK YOUUUU!”.

Chad Gable vs. Giovanni Vinci

Vinci and Chad begin a first trial and error phase. Meanwhile, at ringside, Ludwig focuses his interest on Maxxine and not his partner’s fight.

Gable tries to take the lead, but receives a bodyslam from the Italian. Giovanni hits his rival in one of the corners and applies a new slam. Vinci throws his.

Rival against the cornerback before executing a straight punch to the back of the head.Giovanni lands a backbreaker before taking Chad once.

More to the corner, where he delivers a powerful chop. Gable responds by trapping the European’s arm with the help of the ropes to later apply an.

Inverted suplex. They both exchange attacks. Gable manages to knock Vinci down with a neckbreaker, but he dodges a moonsault. Giovanni responds.

With a rolling suplex before launching himself at his opponent from the corner. Gable avoids the defeat just before applying a final German suplex with a bridge.

Winner: Chad Gable

Gunther steps back up to the announce table and once again taunts the city of Winnipeg before challenging Otis, whom he calls the “armpit of Alpha Academy”, to a match here and now. Otis delightedly accepts with his classic “Uh-yeaaah!”

gunther vs. otis

Gunther attacks Otis, but he doesn’t seem to flinch. However, a bog boot ended Otis on the canvas. Gunther dismissively kicks his rival. Otis responds.

With several chops, but one from the champion is enough to knock Otis down, who ends up between the ropes. Otis reacts, but Gunther catches.

Him before elbowing him over the head. Gunther smashes Otis’s head in as he snaps at Gable. Gunther leads Otis to one of the corners, where.

He applies several chops. This angers Otis, who launches several attacks on the champion until he manages to knock him down. They both try to.

Knock each other down with clotheslines, but Otis is the one who gets it with a suplex. Otus takes off his shirt and prepares to apply the Worm.

But the Austrian interrupts him with a big boot. Yet another leaves Ootis at the mercy of an ultimate powerbomb. 1..2..3.

Winner: Gunther

Chad Gable immediately bursts into the ring, catching Gunther by surprise, who receives a german suplex. The champion falls back with his teammates on the entrance ramp.

Backstage, Damian Priest rebukes Finn Bálor for sending JD McDonagh in the opening segment of the night. They both argue until Rhea Ripley.

Interrupts them, one more week, to ask them to calm down. Ripley points out that they all hope the team will end up fractured, but they can’t give.

Them that satisfaction. They have worked very hard to achieve this, and now it seems that they have lost some of their killer instinct.

JD appears on the scene and Priest is upset. Finn tells McDonagh to leave before going directly to Priest, assuring him that JD had nothing to do with.

Any of this. This is about Judgment Day and tonight they have a chance to put everything right. Bálor’s words reassure Damian. The entire Judgment Day conspires to fulfill its objective.

We see a summary of the final segment of the last SmackDown show, which ended with Jey Uso resigning from WWE.

Previously, backstage, Jackie Redmond interviewed Drew McIntyre, whom he asked about his next plans in WWE. However, before he could respond.

Matt Riddle interrupted to inform the Scotsman that he had booked a tag team match for tonight. Riddle proposed to form a team, since he is looking.

For a partner. Drew replied that if he hasn’t found anyone by then, he’ll consider joining him, but just for tonight.We see a promotional video starring.

Indi Hartwell, who recalls her Australian origins. Indi points out that she left her homeland to come here and fulfill her dreams.

The Viking Raiders vs. Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre

Matt makes his entrance, followed by Erik and Ivar. Meanwhile, no sign of Riddle’s partner. Matt prepares to fight alone, but the sound of a sword echoes.

Through the room. Drew McIntyre makes his entrance to Matt’s colossal joy.Matt and Ivar start the fight. The Viking soon takes him down before.

Taking him to his corner, where he alternates with Erik to punish his opponent. Riddle escapes from them with several kicks and punches.

Matt executes a suplex on Erik before hitting Ivar with a knee. The Vikings end up at ringside. Riddle jumps onto the apron, where he tries to kick Erik.

But Erik catches his opponent’s leg before knocking him down. Erik throws Matt at his partner, who is waiting for him at the audience barrier, to knock him down and crush him with his body.

Matt clutches his chest as Valhalla screams just before another commercial break. Back, we see Erik knocking Matt down on the ring. Erik tags in Ivar, who unleashes a series of elbows.

On Matt in one of the corners. Ivar drags Riddle by the hair when he tries to reach Drew. Ivar comes into play and kicks Riddle in the face. 1..2..NO.

Ivar tries to apply a suplex, but finally it is Riddle who executes the movement. Riddle takes over from McIntyre, who enters with everything.

Drew gets rid of his two rivals as if nothing had happened. Ivar recovers and tries to hit Drew, but Drew stops him with a Michinoku Driver. McIntyre tries to land.

A claymore on Erik, but Ivar distracts him from the apron, allowing Erik to kick the Scotsman in the face. Drew takes over from Riddle, but he falls.

To the combined attack of The Viking Raiders. Drew gets back into action, executing a Glasgow Kiss on Ivar, who falls to ringside. Erik attacks McIntyre.

With a suplex. Erik tries to throw Matt out of the ring, but Matt throws him into the air. Riddle launches into.

His opponents at ringside with a floating bro and brings Erik back to the ring, where he falls victim to a Claymore ult. 1..2..3.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre

Backstage, Indi Hartwell prepares for her match tonight. She is accompanied by Candice Le Rae. Raquel Rodriguez approaches them to thank

Them for her help last week. Candice asks him to be patient and recover from her injury, because she will have her chance to exact her revenge on Rhea Ripley.

Raquel agrees, adding that tonight is Indi’s turn. Rodriguez encourages her, urging her to show everyone what she’s made of. Matt and Drew walk backstage.

WWE Monday Night Raw Latest News:

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An excited Riddle believes that they can win the Tag Team Championships. The New Day interrupt them, pointing out that that won’t happen.

Since they’re not even friends. Matt congratulates Kofi Kingston on his birthday. He, for his part, challenges Matt and Drew to a tag team match.

Next week to see which team is closest to achieving their goal. Matt accepts without consulting his partner, and he leaves the place.

Rhea Ripley vs. Indi Hartwell

Rhea makes her entrance, as usual, along with Dominik Mysterio, with whom she jokes as they head towards the ring. Iindi is the next to make her entrance, accompanied by LeRae.

The bell rings and Rhea immediately charges at Indi, launching an assault on her. Ripley hits Hartwell with everything, who receives a charge.

In one of the cornerbacks. However, she manages to dodge a second charge. Rhea hits the post and Indi launches a counteroffensive.

Hartwell executes a spinebuster. Rhea escapes to ringside. Indi goes after her, but the champion surprises her.

Rhea attacks Hartwell, throwing her against the post. Ripley takes her back to the ring, but before she returns, she attacks Candice. Once in the ring, she kicks Indi before executing a final The Riptide. 1..2..3.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Candice enters the ring and throws herself at Rhea. She manages to counterattack, but Indi joins her partner. The two combine, with Hartell taking.

Ripley down before Candice lands a senton on her back. Candice and Indi head backstage as Dominik helps an enraged Rhea Ripley up.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance. Dressed in black, and accompanied by his song “The Rising Sun”, the Japanese climbs into the ring.

Michael Cole welcomes him before asking why he attacked Seth Rollins last week. However, Nakamura answers in Japanese. “I want the world title,” says the Japanese.

Cole asks why he kicked Rollins in the head. Nakamura replies again in Japanese before pointing out that he will win the world championship.

At that moment, the Seth Rollins theme song resounds in the venue. Dressed in white, Rollins heads towards the ring. Seth asks Cole to leave.

Since he will replace him. After welcoming the public to “Monday Night Rollins” before addressing Shinsuke.

Seth admits that last week he fell into the trap of the Japanese. However, Rollins reminds him that he didn’t need to carry out that plan if he wanted.

A starting opportunity. He just had to ask for it. But, after kicking him in the face, what everyone wonders is why. Seth points out that if last week was a.

Challenge for his title, he can accept it. Seth asks him to pick a place and a time. Shinsuke approaches Rollins and says something in his ear before

Heading out of the ring. Seth is surprised, at which point the Japanese surprises him with a kinshasa. Backstage, Byron Saxton questions The Miz about.

His altercation with the LA Knight last week. The Miz assures that he humiliated him with his promo, in addition to denying him his hand, since.

LA does not deserve to shake it. Miz gets upset with Saxton, accusing him of being a Knight fan. Miz announces that next week he will face someone very big, adding that he could even be seen on SmackDown.

Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus (Zoey Stark will not be able to be at ringside)

Trish makes his entrance wearing a face shield. Stratus sits on one of the corners as he awaits the arrival of his opponent.

The bell rings and Becky smiles before launching herself at Trish. Lynch takes Stratus against several cornerbacks to hit her. Stratus counterattacks.

Executing several chops. Becky manages to stop her before executing a suplex. Stratus falls to ringside. Becky hits her with a double kick before launching.

In with a punch. At ringside, Trish manages to surprise her with a clothesline. Becky regains control, kicking the Canadian back over the ring.

The action moves to one of the cornerbacks, where Stratus manages to take down his opponent with a hurricanrana.

Trish takes Becky to ringside, where he throws her against the metal stairs. He then takes her back to the ring. A smiling Stratus removes the protector.

From her, revealing a face free of any kind of injury. Lynch approaches her from the ring and catches her by her hair, but the Canadian hits her with.

Her protector. Trish returns to the ring and goes up to one of the corners to taunt the fans just before a new commercial break.

Back, we see Becky kicking Stratus before dropping her with two clotheslines and a dropkick, finishing with a diving legdrop off the top rope. 1..2..NO.

Becky goes back for her, but Trish manages to execute a spear. 1..2..NO. Stratus launches a new wave of attacks, but Lynch avoids being.

Hit with a DDT tornado. The action moves to the top of one of the cornerbacks, where the Irish manages to execute a superplex. 1..2..NO.

Trish tries to run through the crowd, but Becky stops her. Both start a fight near the stairs of the enclosure and the referee’s count reaches 10.

double disqualification

The referee approaches them, but they continue to hit each other as they go up the stairs. The fight reaches the entrance of the enclosure.

Becky throws Trish against a merchandising table. Stratus throws merchandise at her, but Becky manages to catch it. On the table.

Lynchs prepares to execute a new attack, but Zoey Stark appears to help her mentor. Between the two they get rid of Becky, who ends up lying on the ground.

Backstage, Gunther scolds his teammates. He points out that Vinci hasn’t stood out since his arrival on Raw. Meanwhile, Kaiser seems distracted by.

Maxxine Dupri. Vinci is silent, while Ludwig promises that things will get better. An enraged Gunther assures that he will put an end to this story.

He’ll talk to Adam Pearce about making his starting defense against Chad Gable next week.

In backstage, Adam Pearce rebukes Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark for what happened tonight. Pearce announces to Stratus that he will face Becky Lynch again, and this time it will be in a Steel Cage.

Cody Rhodes vs. Finn Bálor

Cody Rhodes makes his entrance into the ring before a great ovation from the public. For his part, Finn Bálor heads to the ring alone. With both on the canvas.

The referee rings the bell. Cody and Finn begin a first trial and error phase. Bálor drops Rhodes with an armdrag before focusing on his opponent’s left arm.

Cody reverses it before applying a standing suplex. Bálor tries to throw Codt out of the ring, but Codt holds on to the ropes before coming back and throwing a punch at the Irishman’s nica.

The action continues. Bálor knocks Rhodes down before executing a dropkick. Finn hits his opponent with several chops before executing a new dropkick.

Bálor catches Cody with a headlock flush with the canvas. Cody gets to his feet, but is kicked by the Irishman. Cody manages to counterattack,.

At which point Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio appear on the scene. Rhodes awaits Mysterio’s arrival at ringside, kicking him before setting him.

Up to execute a suplex, but Finn hits him with a double kick. Bálor sits on the apron and caresses Dom’s head. Rhea approaches them with a big smile while Rhodes remains lying on the ground.

Back from advertising, we see Bálor kicking Cody with the help of the ropes. Finn elbows his rival’s head before catching him in a headlock.

Rhodes breaks free and throws a series of punches at his rival. Rhodes Disaster Kick. 1..2..NO. Damian Priest appears on the entrance ramp.

Cody prepares for the Ccross Rhodes, but Finn responds with a slingblade. Cody hits with a superkick before Bálor drops him with a reverse DDT. 1..2..NO.

Finn executes a shotgun dropkick that sends Cody into the corner. The Irishman goes up to it and launches with a Cup de Grace, but Cody dodges it.

Rhodes counterattacks with a Cody Cutter, but Bálor manages to drag himself to ringside to avoid defeat. Cozy prepares to execute a suicide dive

At which point Priest catches his leg. Bálor returns to the ring and charges Rhodes, but he dodges him, causing the Irishman to fall on his companion.

Now yes, Rhodes executes a suicide dive on both. Cody takes Bálor back over the ring and goes up to one of the cornerbacks.

Rhea Ripley goes up to the apron and distracts the referee while Dominik makes Cody fall over the ropes. Finn goes after him and executes a superplex.

1..2..NO. Dominik introduces a metal chair into the ring, which passes to Finn, but when he reaches for it, the referee steps on it and takes it.

The officer tries to get out of the chair when Ripley again calls her attention from the apron. From the opposite side, Priest passes his briefcase to Bálor.

But it slips under his legs and reaches Cody’s hands, who does not hesitate to use it to hit the Irishman before executing a definitive Cross Rhodes. 1..2..3.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Dominik and Priest do not allow Rhodes to celebrate the victory, launching themselves at him as soon as the bell rings. Sami Zayn appears running down.

The entrance ramp. Chair in hand, he disposes of Priest on the ramp before entering the ring, where he attacks Bálor and Dominik. Damian returns.

But also falls victim to the Canadian’s chair. At that moment, Zayn collapses. JD McDonagh had hit him from behind. Finn and Priest watch him.

Before resuming their assault, this time on Sami. JD does not lose detail of the moment leaning on the ropes of the ring. Priest catches Rhodes.

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And executes a South of Heaven. Bálor ends the punishment with a Cup de Grace. Turn for Sami Zayn. The Judgment Day takes him to ringside

Where he takes several attacks before Finn executes a Cup de Grace from the metal stairs. However, the punishment has not yet come to an end.

Finn punches Sami repeatedly as he reminds her what happens when you mess with the faction. Finn orders Priest to set up the announce table.

The Puerto Rican cleans the table and executes a Razor’s Edge on Sami. The Canadian’s body destroys the table. Bálor returns to the ring and.

Places Rhodes, who receives one last Cup from Grace. Finn ends up sitting on Cody’s chest while taunting him. The rest of the members of Judgment Day.

Go up to the ring. There, everyone hugs, sending a message of unity as this week’s red brand show comes to a close.