WWE Raw Results and Highlights 09th February 2021

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Tonight’s RAW is set to feature a lot of the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, as he will confront Sheamus about his attack last week, and then face his former foe Randy Orton in a non-title match. It’s unclear why the Orton match is happening but it’s highly likely either Sheamus or Alexa Bliss get involved to further the respective storylines.

We also have the added spanner in the works of the Royal Rumble winner, Edge, who still hasn’t chosen his WrestleMania opponent. Edge has stated he wants to be on WWE TV every week, so we expect to see him tonight and possible even in a match. Also, Bianca Belair has yet to officially choose an opponent for WrestleMania either, so perhaps we see her an Asuka in a segment together.

Beyond the title picture, Charlotte will finally get a face-to-face with her father and Lacey Evans tonight, which should lead to a match between the two at the Elimination Chamber PPV. That’s all WWE has announced so far, but we expect more between Retribution and New Day, Riddle and The Hurt Business, and more. So follow along by hitting the refresh button below and enjoy!


This week’s WWE RAW opens with a tribute screen for the late Butch Reed, who passed away just a few days ago. A video airs highlighting the long friendship between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, and then the Celtic Warrior’s attack on the Champion last week.

We go live to the ThunderDome and Adam Pearce is in the ring to introduce Shane McMahon!

Shane says it’s great to be back in the ThunderDome and he loves being in WWE during the WrestleMania season. Adam Pearce confirms that Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber at the upcoming PPV. Shane asks who else will be in the match and Pearce says they will all be former Champions in the form of Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz, and Sheamus. Shane says that’s a blockbuster match and Adam Pearce is doing a brilliant job and leaves.

Pearce looks baffled as Shane leaves and AJ Stylse’ music hits. Styles and Shane stare at each other on the ramp before Shane heads to the back. AJ says Shane is right, Pearce is doing a great job. AJ loves the idea that Drew has to defend the WWE Championship against five other guys inside the Chamber. His chances of losing are phenomenal. It’s the perfect time for him to become a 3X WWE Champion, so he’s going to give a little sneak peak of what he’s going to do inside the Chamber. Jeff Hardy makes his entrance and he’ll be facing AJ after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Shane is getting into a car backstage. Drew McIntyre stops him and says he would have appreciated a heads-up before that announcement. And he would have preferred a one-on-one match with Sheamus. Shane says, with all due respect, they need a big main event and nothing is bigger than McIntyre defending his title inside the Chamber. And if Drew is the fighting Champion he claims to be, he won’t mind.


The match gets underway and they lock-up and struggle for control. Jeff takes AJ down with a headlock but Styles fights free and knocks Jeff into the corner and punches him. Hardy hits a snapmare and a dropkick to the back for a quick two-count. Jeff whips AJ to the ropes and catches him with a back body drop. Hardy beats AJ into each corner around the ring and hits a leg-drop for a two-count.

Jeff lands awkwardly and has tweaked his knee, so he rolls out to regroup. Styles offers no such reprieve and chases after Jeff to hit a chop block to the knee. Styles assaults the knee and lifts Jeff to throw him knee-first into the ring post as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find AJ still attacking the knee in the ring. Styles takes Jeff down and applies the Calf Crusher. Hardy yells in pain as AJ cranks the leg but Jeff manages to grab the rope. Hardy starts to punch back and AJ Irish whips him but Jeff collapses. A cocky AJ goes to the apron and jumps for a Phenomenal Forearm but Jeff throws himself onto the top rope to trip Styles.

Jeff lifts AJ for an atomic drop, then a dropkick and a leg drop for a two-count. Hardy slams AJ for another two-count, then wants a Twist of Fate but AJ kicks the leg. AJ looks for a Styles Clash but Jeff counters with a Twist of Fate! Jeff scales the ropes with difficulty and jumps for a Swanton but AJ rolls out of the way. Styles goes back to the Calf Crusher and Jeff taps.


Later tonight, Riddle will face Keith Lee for the first time evr in WWE! We see a replay of last week when Lashley got disqualified against Riddle in a United States Championship match.

Keith Lee is backstage and Riddle approaches him. Lee remarks a big black eye that Riddle has and he says Lashley got him good last week. But he went home, got a little toasty, watched all the Air Bud movies and he feels great. Lee says Lashley might have knocked a screw loose. He asks Riddle if he should keep chasing the US Championship even though he gets beaten down each week. Riddle says people said Air Bud couldn’t play basketball but he did, and all he wants to do is win the US Title. Lee says it might be time for someone else to step up and challenge for the US Title. He has what it takes to win the belt, and he has what it takes to beat Riddle tonight. Riddle slaps him on the back and says “may the best man win.”

*Commercial Break*

Sheamus confronts Adam Pearce backstage and he is furious. He says they promised him a one-on-one title match but now he has to share it with four other men. Pearce says they just wanted to book the biggest main event and Sheamus asks if he thinks he isn’t a draw. Sheamus says he’s seen suits like Pearce come and go, they never last. He says this is all Pearce’s fault and what he does at Elimination Chamber lies on his shoulders.


Slapjack and T-Bar are representing Retribution tonight, while Ali has joined the commentary team. Slapjack takes Woods down with a waistlock but Xavier transitions to a headlock. Woods gets shot off but drops Slapjack with a shoulder tackle and takes a headlock of his own. Slapjack fights up and chops Woods, but Kofi tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count.

Kofi chops Slapjack but gets caught with a European uppercut. T-Bar tags in and runs over Kofi with a shoulder. Kofi looks to hit him with a monkey flip but the big man doesn’t go over, instead he grabs Kofi by the mouth. T-Bar lifts Kofi onto his shoulders but Kingston jumps off and dodges him a few times before attempting a roll-up but gets lifted and slammed. T-Bar gets tossed out, then Slapjack as well, and Kofi dives over the ropes onto both of them while Woods plays trombone.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and T-Bar is in control of Woods. T-Bar steps on Woods before tagging Slapjack. A body slam from T-Bar is followed by a jumping stomp by Slapjack. Woods fights back with wild punches but Slapjack beats him down and goes back to a headlock. Woods knocks Slapjack back and looks to tag Kofi but T-Bar tags in and knocks Kofi off the apron.

T-Bar chokes Woods, then tags Slapjack so they can hit a double-team chokeslam for a near-fall. Kingston does get the tag and runs over Slapjack with axe handles and a dropkick, then knocks T-Bar off the apron. Kofi hits a running clothesline and the Boom Drop, then teases Mustafa on commentary. T-Bar runs at Kofi on the apron but gets hit with Trouble In Paradise. Woods tags back in and New Day hit Daybreak for the win!


As soon as the bell rings, Ali loses it while T-Bar and Mace run into the ring but New Day are long gone.

Bianca Belair will be on RAW tonight and she may or may not make her decision about her WrestleMania opponent.

Ric Flair comes to the ring with Lacey Evans at his side. They’ll be confronted by Charlotte Flair after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Damian Priest is backstage with Bad Bunny and they’re speaking Spanish and joking around.

Ric Flair is in the ring and he says it seems to him that some people want an explanation as to why he wants to be mainlining. He says he doesn’t take orders from any woman, check his records. He isn’t staying home and he’s sick of hearing about Charlotte when he should be hearing about Tom Brady. He’s met someone with all the looks, talent, and style to be a star and all she needs is a little coaching.

So he’s serving notice to Asuka that Lacey Evans will be the next Women’s Champion. Lacey says nobody knows what’s going on. She thinks Ric Flair is cute but their relationship is platonic and she respects him for what he is, a legend. She says Charlotte is great, we all know that, but she would never speak to her father the way Charlotte does. Charlotte comes to the ring looking miffed.

Charlotte says if Lacey wanted to learn something she’d go to Orlando and train in the Performance Centre. But instead she took her dad, and she’s seen this a million times. Lacey makes to speak but Charlotte shuts her up. Charlotte says for the last seven years she’s been trying to protect and add to the Flair legacy. She says he has no idea how he looks from the outside, so she’s telling him. Lacey says they shouldn’t be fighting, that they’d make great partners and Ric loves the idea.

Charlotte says hasn’t come this far to need her daddy’s help, and she hopes Ric and Lacey are happy together. Evans says it just so happens that if she beats Charlotte in a match, she’d next in line to face Asuka for the Women’s Championship. Charlotte says that’s just fine, they can go right now. Ric protests but Lacey floors Charlotte with the microphone. Flair rolls out and Lacey chases after, slamming her into the steel steps before saying she accepts the match.

*Commercial Break*


The bell rings and Charlotte rushes Lacey, backing her into the corner and drilling her with shoulder tackles. Lacey kicks Flair and takes a wristlock but Charlotte cartwheels out and holds Lacey down. Charlotte goes to the apron and hits a diving roll-up through the ropes but Evans kicks out. Evans hits an arm-drag but Charlotte comes right back with a dropkick. Lacey rolls to the apron and yanks Charlotte down on the top rope, then sweeps her legs. Lacey dives over the ropes onto Flair and unloads some ground-and-pound.

Charlotte counters Lacey and grabs her for a Figure Four but Evans crawls to the ropes before she can get it. Evans kicks Charlotte’s knee and takes a wristlock, then slams her down but Charlotte kips-up. Charlotte knocks Lacey back to the ropes and Evans does the Flair strut for no reason. Charlotte follows-up with a splash and hits an exploder suplex. Lacey rolls outside and Charlotte looks to dive onto her but Lacey pulls Ric in the way and Charlotte stops herself on the apron. Lacey takes advantage and slams Charlotte on the apron.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Evans is choking Charlotte in the corner with her boot. Evans attempts a drop toe-hold but Charlotte prevents it and punches her. Evans grabs Charlotte’s wrist and kick her face a few times. Evans targets the arm and drops a knee onto the elbow, then connects with a clothesline. Lacey goes up top and attempts a moonsault but Charlotte gets her knees up. Charlotte starts hitting chops to the chest and Ric looks angry. Charlotte runs at Lacey but stops dead for no reason and Lacey slaps her.

Charlotte connects with a big boot and scores a two-count but Lacey rolls outside. Charlotte gets out of the ring and Ric tries to tell her to back off. Lacey quickly grabs Charlotte’s wrist and slams her down before getting her back in the ring for a two-count. Charlotte fights back and hits a huge Spear. Charlotte loses it and beats Lacey down in the corner. The referee tells her stop but she doesn’t and Ric comes into the ring to stop her. Charlotte berates him before leaving.


After the break, Edge will join us to possibly make his WrestleMania opponent decision.

*Commercial Break*

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, comes to the ring. Edge says last week was a helluva long one but a fun one. It left him with a conundrum in who he wants to face at WrestleMania. It might seem like an easy decision on the face of it but he needed to get a lay of the land. That’s why he went to RAW, NXT, and SmackDown. He came face-to-face with all three WWE Champions. And he was ready to make a choice but now there’s a spanner in the works. Elimination Chamber is coming up and he has no idea who is walking out as the Champion. No offence to any guy in the match but he fancies his chances against all of them. He doesn’t fancy Drew’s chances. So it doesn’t make sense for him to make a decision until the dust settles from Elimination Chamber.

The Miz, John Morrison, and Angel Garza come down to the ring and Miz mocks Edge. Miz says he knows Edge is merely waiting for the ultimate opportunity to strike. Whereas he has always been more of a strategist. Miz says it doesn’t matter who Edge faces because he will be there with the Money In The Bank contract, and he will leave WrestleMania as WWE Champion. Edge asks if Miz knows who he is? He put the Money In The Bank on the map. He knows the second he lifts the title at WrestleMania, he will have to have eyes in the back of his head. But Miz came out here and just told him exactly what he plans to do? Edge says he’s thinking on a different level, operating on a different level, and he’s not content being awesome. He did that twenty years ago and Miz wants to be Champion, well he needs it.

After the break Angel Garza will be in action against Damian Priest with Bad Bunny on hand.

*Commercial Break*


The match gets underway and Priest just kicks Garza square in the chest, sending him flying. Priest backs Garza into the corner and pounds him. Garza counters a back drop attempt with a kick but gets dropkicked. Miz and Morrison get on the apron to distract Priest, allowing Garza to chop him in the throat. Garza hits a clothesline and tries to keep Priest down.

Bunny gets on the apron after Garza tosses his jacket at him. Garza attempts a surfboard stretch but Priest fights him off. Priest kicks the leg of Garza, then lands a few big right hands and a clothesline. Priest goes to the corner and stomps, then fires an arrow and runs at Garza for a running back elbow. Again Miz and Morrison get on the apron and Garza uses the distraction to clothesline him over the ropes.

Garza distracts the referee, allowing Miz and Morrison to beat Priest down. Bad Bunny then takes the Money In The Bank briefcase and throws it into the ring. Miz and Morrison run in to get it and the referee ejects them from ringside! Garza is mad and shouts at Bunny from the ring but Damian grabs him and hits the Reckoning for the win!


Charly Caruso is backstage and she interviews Drew McIntyre, asking how he feels about the Elimination Chamber. Drew says it’s WrestleMania season, so you expect the unexpected. Just like what Sheamus did last week. He says he doesn’t get it because Sheamus could have just asked for a title match. But tonight he has to focus on Randy Orton, who might try and tear a muscle, break his jaw, who knows. Then there’s Miz with his briefcase, Edge with his Royal Rumble win, Sheamus attacking him, and people like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles on his peripheral. You might think he would crack under the pressure but he welcomes to challenge.

*Commercial Break*

Biance Belair is interviewed backstage and she says she is the smartest, so she isn’t making her decision hastily. Belair says she might pick Sasha, and she might pick Asuka. If she wants to put the Est. in WrestleMania she needs to choose carefully. Asuka appears and congratulates Bianca, but says winning the Rumble does not mean she’s ready for Asuka. Belair says she is definitely ready but Lacey Evans is not, and they dance together. Bianca then says if Asuka handles her business at Elimination Chamber she might be seeing a lot more of her.


MVP is on commentary for this one, scouting the potential opponents of Lashley. The match gets underway and Riddle takes the arm of Lee in an armbar but Lee curls him off the mat and shakes his head. Riddle jumps off and backs up to the corner. Lee grabs Riddle by the waist and throws him across the ring. Riddle regroups before jumping onto Lee’s back and applying a sleeper. Lee eventually slings Riddle off and the MMA star rolls out of the ring.

Riddle gets back in and they lock hands. Lee swings a punch but Riddle ducks it and unloads some punches and kicks. Riddle backs Lee to the corner and hits a forearm, then tries it again but gets grabbed. Riddle breaks away and kicks Lee in the chest over and over, then runs at Lee but gets pounced into oblivion! Lee scores a two-count, then puts Riddle in the corner and lands some measured right hands. Lee chops Riddle, dropping him, then whips him hard into the opposite corner.

Riddle fires off some right and left hands but Lee grabs him and floors him with a forearm. Riddle chops and kicks Lee but the big man attempts a German suplex and Riddle lands on his feet and hits a Pele kick. Riddle hits a few running forearms in the corner and looks for an exploder suplex but Lee chops him in the chest. Lee lifts Riddle for the Spirit Bomb but Riddle jumps off and drops Lee for a one-count! Riddle can’t believe it but he quickly follows-up with a running kick to the chest, then goes up top for a Floating Bro for a near-fall.

Riddle hits three Brotons in a row, then attempts a Final Flash but Lee catches his knee. Lee attempts a Spirit Bomb again but Riddle counters with an armbar! Lee tries to curl him again but Riddle cranks it in and Lee falls to a knee. Lee lifts and slams Riddle but he holds on, so Lee lifts him up again and powerbombs him into the buckles. Riddle runs and connects with the Final Flash, and attempts for another but gets caught with the Spirit Bomb and that’s that!


After the match Lee lifts Riddle to his feet and they shake hands. Suddenly Bobby Lashley slams into Lee from behind, knocking Riddle down as well. Lee turns around and stares at Lashley, then runs but gets caught with a one-handed spinebuster! Lashley grabs Riddle in the Hurt Lock and shakes him senseless. Lashley turns to see Lee on the apron and he spears him off. Lashley goes out and slams Lee into the steps, then the ring post. Lashley grabs the steel steps and hits Lee in the face, sending him crashing over the announce desk. Lashley poses with the United States Championship on the announce table.

*Commercial Break*

We see a video of the Randy Orton/Drew McIntyre feud. The two will square-off in tonight’s main event. Randy Orton is backstage and he says he has unfinished business with Drew. It’s a fact that Drew took the title from him but it’s also a fact that he will be taking it back at Elimination Chamber. It’s no secret he will do whatever it takes to get the title, and this time is no different. He will kick any legend or set anyone on fire, whatever it takes. Tonight Drew gets re-introduced to the Legend Killer.

Up next we have a tables match, and out comes Nia Jax with Shayna Baszler.

*Commercial Break*

Tables Match


The bell rings and Lana charges Nia but gets thrown down. Nia decks Lana and kicks her in the back and Lana is already almost crying. Nia grabs Lana and lands a choke-powerbomb. Jax lifts Lana and hits the powerbomb again and Lana cries out in agony. Nia lifts Lana and applies a stretch muffle. Nia carrie her to the corner and whips her face-first into the buckles. Jax tries to throw Lana over the ropes through a table but Lana wriggles free.

Lana then dodges Jax in the corner and kicks her in the face. Lana attempts to Hulk up but runs into a big shove from Jax. Lana begs for mercy but Nia pulls her hair and looks for another powerbomb but Lana elbows her. They tumble over the ropes onto the apron and Lana kicks her in the face as Nia teeters over a table. Nia headbutts Lana and stands on her throat. Nia attempts a leg drop but Lana moves and Jax screams “my hole!” Lana gets out and shoves Nia through a table propped up against the barricade.


After the match Baszler comes in and punches Lana but Naomi hits her with a springboard kick and Shayna retreats.

*Commercial Break*


This impromptu match begins at Naomi dodges Shayna and dropkicks her, but Baszler then catches Naomi with a swift kick to the elbow. Baszler then props-up Naomi’s arm and stomps on it. Baszler applies a submission to Naomi’s arm and keeps her grounded. Naomi fires off a few kicks, then avoids Baszler in the corner before hitting a couple of flying kicks. Naomi hits a hurricanrana, followed by a facebuster. Naomi attempts a wheelbarrow but Baszler counters into the Kirifuda Clutch but Naomi rolls to the rope. Shayna gets out of the ring and attacks Lana for no reason, slamming her into the barricade. Baszler gets back inside and Naomi rolls her up for the win.


We see a hype video for the Elimination Chamber match, with highlights from previous years.

*Commercial Break*


Our main event gets underway and they lock-up, with Drew forcing Orton to the ropes but Randy then pushing the Champion to the corner. Orton shoves Drew back and thinks about an RKO but Drew shoves him off and looks for a Claymore but Orton rolls outside to regroup. Orton tries to rush inside but Drew drills him with a knee. Drew then drags Orton over the ropes, thinking about a draping DDT but Orton counters it.

McIntyre hits Orton with a shoulder tackle and out comes Sheamus to cause a distraction. Orton capitalises and knocks Drew to the apron. Randy runs the Champion into the ring post, then the other ring post and McIntyre is down as we head to the final commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Drew chops Orton while Sheamus watches on from the announce desk. Orton backs Drew into the corner, then dumps him out of the ring. Orton slams McIntyre into the announce table, then hits a back suplex onto it. Orton gets McIntyre back inside for a two-count, then goes to a rear chinlock and holds the Champion down. McIntyre fights up but Orton connects with a European uppercut.

McIntyre gets kicked in the face but ducks a clothesline and catches The Viper with a belly-to-belly, then another. McIntyre kips-up and stares at the camera before kicking Orton and looking for a Future Shock but Orton counters with a roll-up for two. McIntyre hits a neckbreaker, then big spinebuster into a jacknife pin for a near-fall. Drew goes to the top rope but Orton punches him and climbs up to land a superplex for two.

Orton drags Drew through the ropes and hits the draping DDT, then slithers around, readying himself. Orton looks for the RKO but McIntyre catches him with the Future Shock DDT! McIntyre looks annoyed, and he lines-up a Claymore but Sheamus runs in and inadvertently hits Orton with a Brogue Kick. Drew quickly follows-up with a Claymore to Sheamus!


The show comes to a close with Drew staring down Sheamus, then lifting his WWE Championship and holding it above both men.

That’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for all your wrestling news. Until then, stay safe!


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