WWE SmackDown: WWE suddenly drops down love angle of Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio

WWE dropped the SmackDown romance storyline between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy for absolutely no reason.

This is the word of Dave Meltzer, who writes in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there’s no behind-the-scenes story on why the promotion did this. They just dropped it without any real thought.

Meltzer reported last week that Murphy was removed from WWE television in December as a knock-on effect of Steve Cutler’s positive COVID-19 test. With Cutler taken off television, a planned feud pitting Murphy, Rey Mysterio, and Dominik Mysterio against Cutler, Wesley Blake, and Baron Corbin was scrapped. WWE had no other ideas for Murphy, so he fell out of the TV rotation.

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The former Cruiserweight Champion last wrestled for WWE on SmackDown’s 4 December episode. He returned to our screens as one of the wrestlers surrounding ringside for Seth Rollins’ return promo last week, though his presence was never mentioned.

Murphy and Aalyah started interacting with each other in September, eventually kissing on SmackDown the following month. Murphy turned babyface on Rollins, his former ‘Messiah’, as part of this, defeating Seth to bring their storyline to an end in late November.


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