WWE – Stone Cold Steve Austin highly praise Randy Orton: “He is doing best right now, Orton is a guy that he would love to talk with

WWE News: Randy Orton was active on social media this past Monday night following his match on Raw against Edge.

One of the tweets was about how he wanted to wrestle a top NXT star and the second message was about wanting to be on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show on the WWE Network.

The WWE Hall of Famer made an appearance on today’s episode of The Bump and gave praise to Orton for the work that he has done over the last year.

“No, maybe one of these days. I look at what Randy Orton is doing right now, he’s putting out the best work of his career. Specifically, from a character standpoint and a promo standpoint. The guy is completely on fire and he’s really riveting to watch. His in-ring work has always been spectacular and the standard. The way he’s operating right now is amazing and as I watched the Royal Rumble, I was thinking, ‘hey man, is this going to be the guy that ties me with three Royal Rumble wins.’ Sure enough, Edge eliminated him.” He added that Orton is a guy that he would love to talk with.


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