WWE News: Edge is happy to see Christian: great to see him back at Royal Rumble, that was quite happy moment

WWE News: Royal Rumble 2021 winner Edge recently sat down with CBS Sports, where he discussed Christian’s surprising comeback, his career, and much more. You can check out some of the highlights below:

On Christian’s comeback:

The Rumble was one of those instances where, when Christian was coming down the ramp, I was so happy for him. I was so proud of him and proud of the work he put in and the grind and struggle to get cleared and be able to do this again. Similar to me, he can end it on his terms and not just have it taken away when you don’t expect it. That’s a hard thing to swallow, and now we have a chance to have that not be the case, and that’s just really special.

On how he feels following the Royal Rumble:

I will not tell a lie, I have felt better, I feel like I got tossed around in a hurricane a little bit. I feel like I should feel worse, at the same time. If that makes sense. After being off for seven months with a torn triceps and the long break that I had before that, there’s no way to fully prepare for this other than to get in and do it. I was in there for a long time and scuffled with a lot of people, so I didn’t necessarily know how I was going to feel. Once the adrenaline started to wear off, I was like, ‘Oh, ok, I’m feeling this.’ I’ve felt worse though. I’ll take it.

On facing off against some superstars he’s never had the chance to wrestle:

I’ve never laid hands on so many of these guys, I scratched the surface with AJ Styles and Seth Rollins just because of Rumbles. To me, both of those matches have to happen. They just have to. Last night, for the first time, I felt what Cesaro brings, and Matt Riddle. You go up and down the roster and think, ‘Oh man, what I could do with that guy.’ Ricochet and [Mustafa] Ali and Sami [Zayn] and all of these guys I’ve never had a chance to get in there with. That’s really exciting for me. That almost makes me feel young — maybe not after the match, but before and during. It’s just super exciting. It really is, and it’s all stuff that isn’t supposed to be happening. I am going to enjoy all of this.

In a perfect world, I can get in with every single one of them. It’s a little out of my control. But if I can get in with at least some of them and try to have some amazing stories in there, that’s part of why I came back, to just get in there and try to tell stories with new talent. Let me get in there with some people. Let me get in with Cesaro. I’d love to do an Ironman with Daniel Bryan. There’s just so much talent I would love to get in with. I got a sample of Damien Priest, and that was exciting. It’s just really fun for me because I see them get wide-eyed because we’re having this cool, special moment, and I want more of those.


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